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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 016 - Fake Neat Goddess

Author note: Short death.



The moment Iori fought against the high goblin――― 

"Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Just a minute bitch!! Bitch-tebaa!!” (TL note: teba is used by someone who is annoying) 

While shouting so with her full voice, Rifia changed the image in her eyes to the black haired beauty who was wearing shrine maiden clothes. 

“Aren't you noisy, you overly neat goddess. Do you not understand that you need sleep for your beauty? The lack of sleep is a powerful enemy for your skin. So say good night” 

The blond Bitch goddess who put her body down on the desk and was sleeping raised her body and answered, before she has begun to put her face down and sleep again immediately. 

“I don´t need to sleep!! Iori was transferred to the remote continent!? He will die just like that.....How was it done......What should I do?......Till then because I should be able to go out of here, when one month no no, because it would be too late, when one month passed!! Uwaaa, let me go......” 

The moment when Rifia mentioned the words remote continent, the bitch who put her face down on the desk and was sleeping again stood up suddenly and holds her head with both hands "What should I do......What should I do......” Like cursing Rifia, she goes around and steps up  to her while murmuring repeatedly. 

"Ah, well......the remote continent......depending on the remote continent, Iori was transferred to the worst place. Rifia, because you don't seem to know, I'll tell you. Carve my words in your insufficient head. We can’t approach the remote continent. Even if one month has passed" 

The bitch goddess issued words with a ridiculous tone. She opened her mouth while Rifia heard it and strongly catched both shoulders of the bitch with both hands and was shaking her. 

"Why can't I go!? Hey, bitch!! Why!! Tell me!" 

“A-, don’t shake me, don’t shake me. We can only go to the place where the goddess is at least believed in. Didn’t you know this? That, there is no person in the remote continent. Hey, do you understand it with this? Iori is so unfortunate that he dies gracefully by giving up" 

When the bitch goddess says so, Rifas hands that had shaken the shoulder of the bitch goddess stopped. Anyway she began to talk while showing a hateful glance to the Bitch goddess who took the worst future that was possible. 

“......Bitch you're a heartless person!! If you die, do you give up nobly? Cruel!! I misjudged you, Bitch!! Although I thought that you can do something about it, it is impossible for Bitch who is flattered by men and waves her hips!! It has been assumed that it was on a remoteness continent and gave it up how!! Because you give up in such easiness, you’re still a film tensioned woman!! You fickle virgin Bitch!!" 

Rifia put out her pent-up anger and gave an angry voice towards the bitch goddess who told her to give up. 

“......Hey, you fake neat goddess. Don't you also judge the case that you may say a bad thing? .....Shall I make another hole in your body!? Aaaah!” 

The moment when Rifia said virgin, the expression of the bitch changes into the look of an ogre and she gave an angry voice. Rifia who heard it raises a frightened cry and shrinks back perfectly. 

"Well, it is certain that the inside of your head was confused because your dear man almost died this time. There is no next time. Well, it is to wear the clothes of the medium with much effort though we cannot do it directly and, wish for safety at most" 

Although the bitch goddess stares at Rifia with sharp eyes, she gave a warning that there was nothing next. 

“......Uh, I'll do that......Is it with that? Bitch, even if Iori was transferred to the remote continent, you said, that two people were transferred" 

Rifia actually......has the feeling, that the thing that hadn't been told yet was told. 

"Hee......It's not good. The possibility of survival became only a little higher" 

"However, the one transferred with a woman” 

"A woman" the moment she hears it, the air near Rifia and Bitch froze. 

Being wrapped up in silence, it was the words of the false milk goddess and the heavy make up goddess that broke the silence. 

""My, my condolences......"" 

Rifia who heard the words of these two goddesses 

"Uwaaaaaaah!! No waaaaaay!” 

bursted into tears......