Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 015 - Hero Side 3

Let’s go back to the  time when we left the room used for summoning――

In the room used for summoning.............

“.........Haa......you should get rid of that princess's freewheeling character...” 

The moment when Dijea left the room, with a big sigh the man called knight leader turns his eyes down to the floor and murmur so. The several knights who are near the knight leader hear these words of the knight leader and answer aloud together "It's impossible, please give up". 

"Aー, because the princess went somewhere, I will explain it instead. You will meet each other at the time of training again, I´m Roy, knight leader of the knight chivalry of Ragiasu kingdom. I´m not an aristocrat, so there is no family name.......Well, rely on me" 

Roy introduces himself while scratching his head. Only a noble can usually become knight leader, while Dijea is leaving achievements one after another, her influential voice in Ragiasu kingdom becomes considerably strong and Roy who excelled most from the common people in the chivalry became the knight leader recently. 

"That princess with silver hair was talking about it, too, but what will be the training?" 

To the words of training in response to move a little, there was a person who looked dubious and asked a question with a careful tone unlike a while ago. 

It was Minase-sensei. 

After whether there is also the case that the age hardly changed between his students and Dijea, Minase-sensei changed his tone into a polite tone, because he was the same age as that man called Roy. 

He didn't like Minase-sensei talking in a polite tone to him, so Roy opened his mouth towards Minase-sensei while showing a hateful look. 

“Aー......emm......first of all, will you stop that tone? I may be a commoner, but I don't like to use a polite tone either. That´s a warning. In the future, you will go out of this castle. You are seen with strange eyes from neighboring humans when you use an polite tone towards commoners just because of an elder when you went out of this castle" 

"So, sorry, it is common in my world to contact an elder with respect......emm......is such a tone okay?" 

When Minase-sensei understood the reason why Roy looked so hateful, he changed his tone in a hurry. As soon as it was changed to a broken tone, Roy´s face changed from a hateful to a lazy face. 

"Sorry to trouble you. Well, about training. .....Oh right, probably you are able to use weapons such as swords and spears well, you will do a mock battle with the knight chivalry and those who have the aptitude for magic get a special training in order to use magic for example how it feels like. On the way, although the thing like actual combat will also be done as it takes notice of demons, you may be injured a little, but please pardon it" 

Most students who heard the story of Roy in response to words like sword and magic, they were willingly when they changed to a happy expression, However Minase-sensei spoke loudly suddenly while looking sour unlike his students and he was fierce and began protest. 

"It's not good, not good!! They are still children!! I can't let children use dangerous weapons!! A bamboo sword like kendo is no problem. However something like that one on your waist, I guess, we will use real swords? I can't possibly permit such a thing that a child will swing it around!!" 

His anger is exposed and Minase-sensei gave an angry voice. Looking at Minase-sensei who has begun to be angry suddenly, the students who looked joyful until a while ago changed completely and changed to a dark expression. 

To quiet the anger of Minase-sensei down, Roy changed from a lazy face to a serious face and began to talk. 

“......You were called Minase-sensei. Before saying that a knife is dangerous if you are a teacher, please advise your students to participate in that training aggressively......You don't want to let your students die or? Then, let them act to acquire power so as to be able to protect themselves to a minimum......As for having you summoned on account of this world, I´m really sorry.

Ragiasu kingdom promises to let you live without any inconvenience as our responsibility......However, when the demon tribe attacks us, powerless human would be involved and die certainly. I don't say that it's absolute when being attacked, but the human side will be defeated in a high rate. Because the beast tribe and the demon tribe are considerably dangerous, they won't attack yet for now. We don't want to see humans die anymore. Therefore, we did the hero summoning on account of this without permission. Please......lend your power to us......If I say that you receive a reward, when all this is over and receive it without any limit......therefore......please” 

Roy lowered his head at the same time as he finished talking. As for the knights whom are around, they followed Roy all too soon and put their swords which hung on their waists on the floor and lowered their heads. 

To see such knights, Minase-sensei who got angry changed completely and began to panic uneasily. Minase-sensei who is bowed down by a large number of people, was completely at a loss of words and tries to give a head somehow, but,  “Aー......emm......its......” he can give only such words and couldn't control this situation well. 

As for the students, most of them flinched at the state that all knights bowed down, but, in the meanwhile, there was one student who had raised his voice. 

It was Midou Kouki. 

"Ro, Roy-san!! And others please raise your heads!" 

He says so and the knights raise their heads, before he turns toward the other students and begin to talk. 

“......Everyone I think we shall do the training and become strong to be able to fight. The reason isn't only because I'm a hero. It's because the people of this world are nearly eliminated by the threat of the demon tribe. These humans are in a predicament that they need to rely on us so much as the last hope. I can't leave such people alone!! Therefore I decided to fight......We were summoned to save these humans and we may return to earth automatically if we save these humans......” 

Kouki declares so, while clenching his fist tightly. Sometimes in the middle of his declaration, he confirms the state of Kaede, who looks down and mutters “Io-kimi is late......Why haven´t he come yet......Why haven´t he come yet......”. Soon after Kouki saw Kaede who didn´t look at his majestic figure at all, his expression seemed to cry for an instant. 

When Kouki finished his declaration, tears have fallen from his eyes and might have hung to his teeth although his teeth shone uselessly. 

“Hmmーー, spending every day lazily in a castle, it is difficult and with great pains to live in a different world, but I want to poke my head inside it, so I agree to Kouki´s opinion" 

Haru Hito who is also a third year student council member as Kouki is about 170 cm tall and has semi-long brown hair which she bound to a ponytail and who says that and agreed to Kouki´s opinion. 

"Ha, Haru-chan, I will do my best, too......what?”

As soon as Haru approved, one! The one who approved is Yuka Saijo also a student council member who has a small stature approximately 150 cm and having a bob cut hairstyle. She is often mistaken for a first grader because of the small height, but she is a third grader. Haru is her childhood friend, so they often act together since the past. And because whether it's her character to be influenced by a person's opinion, she agreed by the feeling that had been said to person's opinion somehow this time. 

"Aa, me too! me too!" 

Yuki Sagara raised his hands and approved forcefully, too. 

In Kouki's viewpoint as the student council president and a useless good-looking guy, his figure was good and after Kouki's declaration, when some girls and the student council except Kaede approved Kouki´s opinion, it was the start of the remaining students approving it too. 

Thus, the life for Kouki and the others in this different world started.