Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 014 - In the Rocky Cavern

Tifal sat next to me on the ground in the rocky cavern and I started to speak.

“Tifa, how will we spend time at this remote continent from tomorrow onwards" 

I still have a headache, so I spoke while holding my head with my right hand. 

“Oh well......I personally don't want to let Iori fight, but now since it is necessary to live here, I will rely on Iori whose level rose dramatically in the battle a while ago and can cope with the demons here for the time being...... I am miserably weak......I obstruct you and I´m the cause that you were transferred here......” 

Tifal answered, while looking down. She most likely feels responsible for the current state, so her tone is cruel and weak. 

"I don't have any problem with fighting and I'm rather thankful, because we can't stay the whole time in this rocky cavern, so we can disguise ourselves as heroes to go out. Ah, don't worry about the heroes, it is our side of the story. And why do you say that I came here without permission? Don't worry about it. Please, even if I say it may be impossible, but don't blame yourself so much ok ? Tifa” 

The conversation with Davis who I met before recalled a little and I issued these words while smiling wryly. Tifal gave off "Hero?" from her mouth and looked puzzled and when I tell her not to be worried she answers "......I get it" and withdrew plainly. 

I think that Tifal who doesn´t hear impudently and steadily is a really good woman. She is too good for me. Well, I won't let her go!! 

"Hey Iori, although I was anxious for a long time, why didn't you tell a lie when I was caught by that princess? I wanted to do the ceremony only of your shape tentatively and both the bond from old days and the favor have nothing to do between the two of us? Besides Iori is a human. What reason would you have that you would come and protect me from those demons several hours go? Why didn't Iori get rid of me? Do you like my appearance so much? Do you want my body so much? Hey Iori, will you tell me the reason why you didn't cut me off? As it is, I am interested and can’t help but being interested" 

Tifal’s eyes which stared at me and had the strength that nobody knew. 

"Mmm......Reason......kaa......well, in fact, there is no particular reason particularly. Oh, because it was warm if I can say it so forcibly......?” 

I look up to the ceiling of this ordinary rocky cavern, before I answer with a small laugh. 

“......Because it was warm? What do you mean? Are you talking about the cold blood that is dripping down in demons? I don't understand the meaning of Iori´s answer at all" 

While having an expression that the bottom of her heart is wondering, Tifa crimped the middle of her forehead and asked again. 

“Aー、blood is cold and warm, but it's not like that. When you pulled my hand for the first time, like this......How shall I say it!  My chest was really warm......Or something like that? ......Aーー! I don't know how to express it well in words! ......However, love isn't such a thing......umm, I love your skin......no, it's different" 

I, umm, umm, although I make a face which seems difficult while growling, I'm expressing what I think in words one after another and putting it out of my mouth. 

“......That´s a strange reason......I don't understand it" 

Tifal is vomiting a small sigh and turns her eyes to the bottom.

"I guess, I who has such feelings don't understand it well, either" 

After she says so, kukuku I have answered back while laughing. I came up with something and moved my eyes at the same time I greatly open them. 

“Aー, possibly these feelings may not be peculiar for a loner" 

"Loner? Was Iori lonely? However, that is......okay, although your relation with the girl called Kaede is really good" 

After she makes a dubious face, she asks this while leaning her head to one side. 

"10/10 people would classify me as a loner? However Kaede is different, she is my childhood friend. This world might also have that, but that´s a thing suitable for school in the world I was. Children of the same age gather and study together there. It was a place which deepens the relationship, and while other humans are on good terms at such a place and are talking with various people, I do nothing but only read books alone. I´m a real loner" 

There are no cases that I have pride at all and I declared the fact which should be more shameful while throwing out my chest. 

"Are there also schools in this world? ......Nevertheless, Iori isn't bad at all......no, because of your considerably regular figure certainly as a girl, I thought you were spoiled" 

Tifal doesn´t take notice of Iori and she spoke frankly with a voice that is mixed with a slightly surprised feeling. 

"Even if the universe overturns, such a thing is impossible. Well, such loneliness is not the only thing. I also don’t have any body to talk to. Kaede is an old friend who is one year older than me. But I who was a loner was also the case that malicious gossip about me was spread a little variously. There is such a thing, too, the idea becomes crooked for a moment and does Kaede think of me who is a loner pitifully and doesn't mind it? Because she is an old friend, don't you mind it inevitably? Just like how you think, from then unconsciously I closed my space with Kaede......”

My expression gradually turned into a lonely face as I talked. 

“.....................Do you think that I never thought of such a thing? That child, if possible, she prefered getting married to Iori, I think so, doesn’t it ? I think that she has goodwill towards Iori but......” 

Tifal showed a different face that blamed me with an amazed tone. 

"Kaede? There is absolutely not such a thing. Kaede isn't such a person, I can say it with confidence? She didn't call me ordinary or loner" 

Moving my hand down, while shaking it right and left, it was denied while using a no no gesture. 

"In the figure can be subservient to it, on the contrary, it may not be great......” 

After having seen Tifal slowly and carefully licking my face as if confirming it again, she gave a slight smile while being amazed.

“Well, like how we talked about the cause of this and that......No, Tifa being able to talk about it is healing for me. I overcome, and you should be able to think.......Please be convinced with that now......For me, even if it's warm, my feeling can't be explained well" 

Although a carefree smile floats on my face, I have begun to laugh in a loud voice unnaturally. 

"Healing......hey......well, I understand it now......I may be able to understand it by living here with Iori and even if you hurry, it's worthless" 

After Tifal was tortured a little while having a difficult face, whether it's inevitable while having an expression such as reluctances on my face, I feel satisfied. 

"When this feeling can be expressed well, let's speak once more at that time. Is that alright?" 

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Even so Iori, I think that the life here becomes somewhat comfortable if we just use summoning magic" 

I talk to Tifal about when I become able to express my feelings to her and while her cheeks melt a little, when she hears these words, she smiles lightly, before she changes the topic. 

"Art of summoning? I don´t have such a skill you know ? Besides, what about you?" 

It was a faint memory, but I opened my mouth once while remembering Tifal´s skill which I saw. 

"You don't need to worry, everyone can use it, because the art of summoning isn't a skill. The art of summoning is possible when you beat up a demon who you want to make your summon beast to a critical state and give it your blood. It has two choices to die or to drink your blood” 

“Hey......by the way, how do you make a fine demon who runs wild drink your blood?" 

I asked Tifal while having a smile that seemed to be slightly bad in a way that it was interesting. 

"The contractor attacks without allowing them to surrender when making it his summoning beast. There seems to have been a person who used it on a dragon before, but he was attacked as soon as he summoned it and he seemed to die" 

Tifal said that towards me while suppressing a smile.  


I who heard it bursted into laughter. 

"Oh well, huhuu......if you can go out of this remote continent, what would Iori like to do?"

Tifal has asked such a question while narrowing her eyes a little. 

“Me? ......I don't have something in particular......I longed for a harem in the past, but as long as I have Tifal it's enough”

"Harem? Is it good particularly? Well they do say “Great men have great fondness for sensual pleasures”, if it’s Iori then you would get one or two women instantly "

The words she said are too small-scale, fufufuu-,Tifal begins to laugh. 

"Doesn´t Tifa dislike it? Will the number of wives beside Tifa increase, because of me?" 

After seeing Tifal´s reaction, I ask with an unexpected look. 

"I don’t hate it in particularly you know? In this world everyone has many wives" 

"What, really......well, if it is so here......the talk is finished" 

Although I'm astonished, I show a slight self-mockery and begin to laugh. 

"I suppose not. Fufu-"

The first day on the remote continent passed while having such a talk......