Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 013 - The Price of the Spirit Possession

About 20 minutes later. After Tifal who is carrying the high goblin corpses left the place with me, we kept on walking for a place where we are able to take a rest. Wasteful consumption of physical strength was avoided, also Tifal and I didn’t talk at all to prevent us from being found by demons and we kept on advancing on foot.

Fortunately, there was no other attacks by demons except the high goblins from a while ago. Perhaps, we smell like the blood of the high goblins which flowed from their bodies.

Tifal opens her mouth after an interval of about 20 minutes, and we exchange a few words. 

"Iori when I said that you shall put the equipment on, why didn't you do it......” 

Without stopping, Tifal mutters so and looks at my bloody school uniform while walking. 

“...Ah, one day didn't pass yet since I come to this world. There was no time to get and to buy equipment. You should know it, because you were always together with me. Besides, aren’t these clothes enough for me?" 

After having seen Tifal checking my bloody school uniform, she leaked a sigh probably because she was too disgusted.

Because the shirt of the uniform was torn, I might wear it and I don´t need extra clothes. Tifal twiddles in the pocket of her maid clothes and takes a gray overcoat out of her maid clothes. 

"Please put this on. These are my spare clothes, but it should be better than to wear nothing" 

"Hmm? Does Tifa not need to wear it? Would I be even able to put on an overcoat from the top of a maid cloth?" 

I'm not sure about putting on that overcoat which Tifal is holding in her hands now and which she took out from the pocket of her maid cloth, I also had doubts why she doesn't wear it, so I stopped my feet and asked Tifal, when she tried to pass it to me. 

“Th, this maid cloth has considerably high durability, therefore I don´t need to wear an overcoat!! This maid cloth becomes the substitution for the item box and when I take something out when I wear an overcoat, I may be disturbed!! Hey, put it on put it on quickly" 

Tifal forces the overcoat on me while rushing a little. How is it, even if I decline, she make me to receive it. So I took it from Tifal and said thank you and we begun to walk for a place to rest again after I wore it on the spot. 

After I received the overcoat and several minutes passed, it was about time to move again. Tifal seemed to have found a rocky cavern somehow and we started to face it. 

Since I said something like "I protect you" to Tifal, the remaining time of the spirit possession is dangerous. It can't be said very much and I was considerably in a hurry secretly. When Tifal found the rocky cavern, I was considerably relieved in my heart. 

At the same time, I decided to tell Tifal everything about the spirit possession skill when we take a rest in the rocky cavern, because she haven't heard it yet. 

The moment we arrived in front of the rocky cavern, I led and was going to set foot in the rocky cavern......

".........Really... " 

―――――――The rocky cavern that we found, was the nest of wolves which are approximately 2m tall and settled down here. 

"Tifaa!! There are demons inside!! Wait for a moment here, Tifa!!" 

I shout this loudly with force to Tifal. 

“......I understand. I will only be a burden in that place where you go because I can't even beat a goblin, I will wait quietly this time..." 

Let's be useful this time, that was what Tifal thought and judged herself to become a drag instantly. Although she had a reluctant expression on her face, she was convinced. Listening to her I stepped into the rocky cavern without Tifa, while feeling relieved. 

Before entering the rocky cavern, the wolves have noticed my existence and  gave a big threatening groan at the same time I moved inside. As there were a lot of 2m wolves, it was considerably wide in the rocky cavern. 

To the threatening groans of the wolves, I don't mind them at all and issue words after turning the palm of my right hand to the wolves. 

"Excuse me wolves, it is true, that I just obtained it and wanted to know the sharpness of this sword, but I have no time. Please die of my magic quietly!!" 

Flashing a double sword that I have in my left hand, although I understood that I didn't speak the same language, I began to talk to the wolves. And that double sword was dropped into the ground, as I begin to chant magic. 

“『Prosperity, Decline, Confusion, Chaos......what is in the end of the phenomenon? The answer is nothing. The whole creation results in nothing as well as a phenomenon without an exception!! 《Nothingness Nada》!!』” 

At the same time I finished chanting magic, the wolves are disappearing one after another. In the place where dozens of wolves were there some seconds ago, as if nothing existed at all, they vanished completely. 

“......Haa, haa. This magic is broken, I understand the performance, but the cost is such a bad joke......the MP compared with the spirit possession skill is about 1 million times ......I shouldn’t use this skill often......Now, I have to call Tifa" 

While being able to be out of breath, I mutter as if I confirm it small, I move forward to leave the rocky cavern once I called Tifal who is waiting outside. 

“......Tifa, there are no more demons anymore. It's already okay, let's take a rest first in the inside " 

Being out of breath, the limit of the spirit possession skill has been near, too and at first I conveyed only a necessary part to the minimum. 

"You were really quick.........Iori!? Your face is really pale!? What is with you!?" 

Tifal rushes up in a hurry to my side and after looking into my face, she touched my cheeks. 

Touching my cheeks with her hands, is her way to confirm my physical condition. 

“......You say that my face is really pale......because I couldn't confirm my face by myself, I didn't notice. I have an idea......perhaps, it is from overusing magic. That was a great fuel consumption magic...” 

Sweat was dripping down from my fronthead a little. I didn't want to trouble her, so I scratched my cheek. Ahaha and made a forced smile. I was smiling a bitter smile. 

“......It is a typical Mana deficiency. Then, we are safe for the time being, because if time passes, it should be cured" 

I kept changing my mind a little and made Tifal enter the rocky cavern first and I didn’t let her realize that my physical condition is the worst as much as possible, so I acted. 

“......Iori? What about the corpses of the demons?" 

I said that demons are in the rocky cavern, so Tifal waited on the outside of the rocky cavern, but there are no corpses of the demons in the rocky cavern at all and she doubts whether demons really existed, because there are no traces, Tifal asked Iori with an lost expression. 

“......Aa, I made them vanish using space magic. Therefore, there is no corpses at all or ing there being a trace or a sign? For now, I will block the entrance"

For Tifal it is an illogical skill. Although I made my cheeks twitch a little, I murmured so and without paying attention to her I used ice magic and my disguise skill to block up the entrance of the rocky cavern. 

“Ee!? Iori what are you doing. We can't go out.....” 

Tifal asks it, because she can't understand my intention of this sudden action and she thinks to be it with the eccentric conduct at all in a hurry while looking wondering. 

"Ah, that is. I just, although I got white hair and blue eyes and a large amount of power was gained. I must cancel it soon. I seem to be attacked by an acute pain as soon as I canceled it, so when being attacked by this pain, would you be able to deal with demons? Therefore  please  block up the entrance" 

Having thought about the acute pain that will attack me. Haa, a sigh is vomited during the conversation. I answered while letting Tifal look depressed.

“......Okay......I get it. I'm sorry, I´m not useful.......although the reason why you were transferred is me, I'm only a burden...” 

Looking down, Tifal expresses a cruel and weak opinion while having a tearful look at any moment. 

"Why are you so depressed? I have only taken sides with the flown reason without permission. It is possible that there may be pain. Well, that's why I will remove the skill" 

To take the guilt away a little from Tifa, I change to a slightly playful tone and push forward my foot toward the depths of the rocky cavern and I remove the spirit possession. 

“『Spirit, get away from my body!《Spirit possession release》!!』” 

The moment I have finished saying it, I have bloodshot eyes rather than blue eyes and a part of my hair didn't turn back into black and was still white......


An extreme headache attacks with the fact that a great load fell on my brain through the spirit possession skill. I glare unintentionally and raise a cry, but it doesn’t soften and the acute pain increase. 

"Gaa......Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!!" 

I am attacked by an acute pain while holding my head with both hands. It is painful and I keep on crying out the same word earnestly like a broken machine. 

I am enduring the acute pain, but there were various changes because of the pain. I vomited blood and spit out puke from my stomach and foam leaks out from my tightened mouth. 

After 30 minutes. 

The headache went away suddenly, but at last it was over. When I thought so, the tone of a thick wooden branch breaking resounds through my whole body. 

"Haaa, haaa, haaa, did it end finally?.........Mistake!! Jo, Joke...guaa...too, ...aaaaaaaaaa---tss!!” 

Again an acute pain attacks my whole body after the headache that lasted approximately 30 minutes―――――

Tifal hopelessly kept looking so that I might be watched while squating and sobbing, without averting her eyes. 

After I was attacked for approximately one hour by that acute pain, I who lost consciousness at the same time as the acute pain stopped, rested until I regained my conscious. 

Dozens of minutes passed, until I woke up. Tifal notices that I have woken up and talked to me. Seeing Tifal´s red and swollen eyes,  I have troubled her, so I blamed myself.

"I'm here, Iori!! ...You're alive..., Iori is breathe, I was worried that you might not wake up anymore......when I think so......I......” 

Probably because I was going to say, "it's all right", but have cried too much when I was attacked by that acute pain, my throat is destroyed all too soon, and a cry couldn't be raised. So instead, I drew Tifal close with my right hand. 

Tifal has begun to cry for a long time while burying her face in my chest and sniffing again. At the time when Tifal has stopped crying a little, a voice could be raised, so when I think of talking about our future, I began to talk.