Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 012 - Vs High Goblin

I who left the complete black room noticed, that I returned to the state of when I was kicked by the high goblin and had flown away.


I looked up at the sky and the color of the evening is gentle to my eyes. I breathe out once, and I try to grasp the situation after I got my beating.


"Did I ......I expected that my left shoulder should have been cut off......Why is there a right arm......Is this the reproduction ability of a vampire? ......Well, it is fine. Other than that I need to kill all those goblins.Tifa may be injured by these goblins now at this moment.........about Tifa...she can't protect herself neatly"


Although I'm surprised by drawing my eyebrows to the fact that my left arm which should have been chopped off has been reproduced and after confirming that my left hand moves when I strongly grasp my fist and loosen it, I bend my neck to the wrong way and a cracking sound is heard, before I stand up.


“......By the way, do I use the power of the hero......『Spirit dwelling in my body!! Before becoming my power show me your former power once again!! The name of the hero dwelling in me is Davis!!《Spirit possession》!!』”


I close my eyes and issue the words that appeared in my head carefully to spin a thread. Being wrapped up in something transparent at the same time as using a skill, both my eyes which should have red from vampire-ization discolor, changed to the same green eyes Davis has. And, my peculiar japanese raven-black hair was dyed pure white and I got white hair now.


“『All ice, be the blade of which that cuts everything down and makes a blood flower dance!!《Ice sword death flower》!!』......This weapon feels good. Let's kill those goblins together quickly"


The sword of ice from which flower patterns are drawn on the belly of the handle is made momentarily and I have it in my left hand. And my expression tightened. I change it to the look of sharp knives and pretend not to see, before I glare at close range with my murderous eyes at the high goblin holding two swords. The moment when I took aim, I kicked the ground and accelerated fiercely.


With spirit possession, my physical ability has risen compared with my real self and I run up to the high goblin at a stretch and when the distance is stuffed, I aim at the neck of the high goblin and the ice sword in my left hand is used immediately.


Without the high goblin raising a cry of death and without reacting to my ice sword approaching its neck, its neck makes a heavy noise and bloods spreads out when my weapon drops down.


Soon after the head of a corpse who didn´t talk rolled, a one-sided killing started.


After killing that high goblin, the distance is stuffed in a moment to kill a new high goblin without having room to act. I mow down to create an arc. I repeat the act that I merely cut the neck badly with my sword that is earnestly ferocious so it falls down many times.


For the high goblins whose distance with me was cut down in an instant, when they recognized that my blade has approached their necks, it was already too late and the high goblins turned into corpses one after another without getting a chance to give a cut first.


While killing high goblins, I feel uneasy whether Tifal is safe, but she glanced at me and seemed to feel fear and she stared at my battle while being astonished.


Fortunately, she hasn't been attacked by a high goblin yet. When the safety of Tifal is confirmed, I smile broadly a little. I continued the one-sided killing without stopping while minding the distance with her to cope with an unexpected situation.


The ice sword which has a flower pattern which is shown while being tainted with red blood from the high goblins can be described as beautiful. It was like a petal which flees to dance and to dance it thus.


Since the one-sided killing started, approximately ten minutes passed and all high goblins become corpses who don´t talk and fall down on the ground and the smell of unique iron and blood drifted in the area.


The sound stops in the dull air. I called out to Tifal who was still dumbfounded.


“......Tifa, are you injured? All right, I will protect Tifa"


As soon as I took words while lifting the edges of my lips, Tifal bathes in large quantities of blood of the high goblin. Because I approach her without taking notice of my figure becoming bloody and she bursts into tears while burying her face into my chest and she is sniffing.


“......Iori......I thought and was quite afraid, that maybe Iori has died because of me.......Although it is said that vampires are immortal, my heart would be crushed, when you would please worry about you first.......and please don't leave me and die before me!! I......please don't leave me alone!! I´m afraid!!"


Tifa beats my chest with both of her hands of which she made into fists, while crying.


“......H, aa, I understand. I am sorry to worry you. I won´t leave Tifa and I won´t die, besides I'm still a next we should...oops I mean. there is that certain ambition  you know, I can´t die yet"


While laughing at myself thinly, I pat the head of Tifal.


“......Since we're here forever, it will dangerous. Because of that, I will collect the weapons of these goblins. Let's leave here quickly. If there is a weapon Iori seems able to use for himself, too, shall I pick it up? Because it is a waste of magical power to make a weapon with magic......”


While Tifal wipes her tears of which are drained by the sleeve of her clothes, she stores the weapons the high goblins carried with them inside her maid clothes which she wore one after another.


Now, probably the maid clothes of Tifal have the same role like an item box.


I picked two one-handed swords which fell around here up for myself. Afterwards, the weapons which fell in the vicinity are picked up.


We who have finished picking up all weapons after approximately three minutes leave this place where the smell of choked blood drifts in the area in a hurry and have begun to advance forward.



Saginomiya Iori 17 years old

Level 87

Race: Human

HP: 6236/6236

MP: 9264/9264

Strength: 2600

Defense: 1356

Agility: 2154

Magic: 2721

Magic Defense: 1159

Luck: 50


Skill: Sword Art, Spirits of possession(At the time of use, the whole status is approximately 1 million), Body strengthening, Alchemy, Space magic, Ice magic, Seeking life in death(In the case of less than 1% HP, automatic motion agility improves greatly), Vampire-ization, Cooking, All language comprehensions, Appraisal, Camouflage

Title: Person who is summoned in a different world, Person who has a goddess as wife, Person who is loved by spirits