Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 011 - Forgotten Hero

Author note: New character appearance


I was kicked by a high goblin and flew away. While I, who lost my consciousness, noticed, that I stood still in a place similar to the black room where I met the goddess for the first time. 

Without resembling the place where I have been before, or me being upset particularly once, I was very calm. 

For a moment, Rifia who is a goddess did she help me who was half-dead or did she invite me to this place to meet her? Although such an idea occurred, the idea disappeared immediately. 

Someone continues to just stare at me silently while sitting cross-legged in front. It was a grey-haired man with blue eyes who seems ordinary. He was wearing a black shirt and black pants and should be around 20. 

"You are fragile and weak. You´re too weak, spirit-possession-san. Even I was able to dwell in this way better than you...I wonder?” 

When I noticed the existence of the man in front, he begins to speak suddenly like waiting to be noticed.  

"Spirit-dwelling object? Dwell? What are you talking about? I mean, who are you?" 

I talked about the incomprehensible thing while creasing the middle of my forehead and asked the man in front. 

"Eh? Do you not know me? Spirit-dwelling-kun, it’s bad if you don’t grasp your skill neatly you know? Well, the fact that the skills you are holding now can only handle low level goblin doesn’t change anyway !!  Ahahahahaha!!" 

The man who was in front of me holds his belly while knocking on the floor straight and roars with laughter. I who see such a scene swear to complain about the thought of myself in my heart. 

............This fellow. I mean I was summoned only some hours ago, so I can't grasp the skill yet. That's a goblin and in the same time not. An adventurer of level 1 goes mostly monster hunting in the beginners town. if I compared it to a game and I would level up with three defeated goblins!! By the current state. I want him to tell me if there is a person who can hunt it as an inexperienced adventurer. 

"You, a high goblin isn't a goblin. Or that´s what you think right? Regrettable!! That is obviously a goblin! You were beaten up one-sidedly by a goblin whom you called a small fish. This is reality. Will you accept reality neatly? You are totally a loser to make such an excuse!! Are you a loser? Ahahahahahaha!!”  

Tears were flowing out from him having a big laugh a short while ago. He rubs his eyes with his hand, before he begins to laugh again. 

“......Don't read my mind......I mean it is high tension......” 

I opened my mouth while thinking of an expression as if I chewed an insect or worm which would likely taste bitter. 

“Huuh......I can’t read your mind? Then will I see your memories instead. It is the thing that is considerably interesting when I read minds. If it is no use, then I have you to offer reasonable entertainment. So let’s peep at your memories~" 

The man in front of me, who should at least be older than me,turned his palm here while floating an innocent smile that which doesn’t suit his age

My memory is being seen...Is that the case!? No matter how excellent the magic is, it is impossible to see my memory. It is a bluff. No way, my memory is being seen. I might say and advance things to be convenient inside me. Well do you only say that it seems to apply to anyone like the barnum effect that is used by fortune-telling? Say it, say it, ahahahaha. 

"Emm...oo! This is good. This is interesting. I understood well that you are stupid" 

I looked at the man who still murmurs these words such as the farce in front and was disgusted inwardly. 

Did he provoke me, because he really saw my memory? Such an obvious bluff isn't scary at all!! He would like to trick me. Bringing even a crystal, it is visible!! It is visible!! Like that he tries to say it. 

“Eh? May I say it? Then, without reserve. This seemed to be an event that happened at 10:00pm on March 15 last year" 

Ee? ......March of last year? Aa, that's possibly......no, by chance. It is impossible by chance. I should have been dealing with the aftermath properly. 

“On that day, while in the middle of masturbation induced by the P.E. (physical education) teaching materials acquired yesterday, the door..."Uwaaaaaaaa!!" “ 

While being upset, I interrupted the words of the man in front of me in a hurry. 

"Can you say that with confidence spirit-san. Even if you said it, it wasn't okay!" 

"I'm sorry, I didn't wanted to reopen an old scar......It is my fault.....really, I'm serious" 

He changes completely from a little while ago. He apologized as well as making a sudden change to a more modest attitude suddenly. 

......Taking back what he just said. This person is a genius. He is already a god. And this person, told me about the limited edition of teaching material of health and physical education. He minded simply and he became even sadder. 

"Is that so. I found more interesting memory just some time ago......Oops, the talk was derailed a little. First of all, let's answer your question. My name is Davis. I´m a genius who has been called a hero before!" 

While Davis sat cross-legged, he finished speaking with full confidence while putting both of his hands on his waist and was sticking out his chest. 

More interesting memory!? ......No, I shouldn't think about it. Because my life is almost 0 already. 

"I helped defeating the demons. Although I defeated a lot of demons and was called a hero several hundred years ago, when there were a few demons left 『The hero has too much power. At this rate some time, for the hero, every country......no, this world might be ruled by him!? 』 someone said that. The Kings of each country which took it seriously invited me to a party under the pretense of celebration and forcibly transferred me on this remote continent. Well, in fact, I who was a genius was able to get out of that remote continent! ......However when the voices of those kings who were delighted were heard and their eyes which shut themselves off with awe were remembered just after my compulsion made a change. The intention of me returning had vanished.......It was something I understood later and although I should have left a great achievement. Those Kings completely erased everything about me......Cruel......Those foolish kings!! I seriously intended to do even a transsexual surgery directly!! Well, just before that I stopped, because it became troublesome to leave this remote continent~” 

Davis was angry, but he calmed down and continued talking while changing his expression around when he grieves. 

"Emm well, the hero forgotten by such feelings was born!! Intended to be like this and to bury my bone on this remote continent, just before dying for some reason, I wanted to live as an ordinary person after what happened. You have to believe me. Although I didn't think that I would observe such a person who was like this and also have the spirit possession skill and spirit possessed an ordinary man, who lived as an ordinary man and when I try to possess a person, that person will be disabled for life and won´t say anything, but it didn't go well at all......well, it went well when you were going to do spirit possession to me. Because you were beaten up by a goblin although I thought to talk to you after you became stronger, but I appeared in this way expressly. Did you understand me?" 

When having finished speaking, the expression of Davis was frivolously and I returned a smile that made a fool out of a person. 

"Hey, Davis was it, there were some words inexcusable on the way. When failing spirit possession I become disabled or die......” 

I fearfully ask about the fact which Davis spoke about until now, but was it my mishearing or my uneasiness, that I didn't hear it clearly. 

“Aa, after all did you hear it? It is all right. Do you not know the meaning of my words? Well, it is fine. You can use my power for the time being and I can observe the life of an ordinary man which is a Win-Win situation!!" 

Davis with both hands raises only his forefingers and the middle fingers, before he bends and stretches them out and makes a pew pew sound and saying Win-Win situation, I couldn't help but to question it. 

Why does that Davis know it. 

"I can use Davis´s power? What kind of thing is that?" 

It is mysterious from the bottom of my heart, but although I made an expression almost saying sit, I asked Davis. 

"What do you mean by that? According to your words even if I told you......In a word, only the time when I possessed you by spirit possession is the fact that my power can be used by you. Even if I say possession, the fact that my power and feelings, it is the feeling such as lending you something like experience. You seem to hear only a merit of the spirit possession skill, but an disadvantage exists neatly, too.  It is a high-risk for a high return♪” 

While Davis has a smile on his face, I narrow my eyes and tilt my head to one side. 

Hey hey, an old bird doesn't show such a cute thing at all even if he does it. 

"I see, I see. I can use Davis´s power who is a self-styled hero. Well, what is the risk? Please tell me quickly" 

I intend to end this conversation quickly, but my tone is rushed. 

"I will tell you even if you don´t hurry so. Two reasons. The enormous power and experience that you will have when you use spirit possession, will pour my feelings into your head. That means, probably......no, you will be attacked surely by an acute pain without your brain being able to handle the amount of information I have. Ah, is it after the spirit possession is solved that you are attacked by acute pain? Because I possess you for the time being the possession will be all right. Well, combat is impossible, when you are attacked by acute pain!! The other reason is the time limit of spirit possession. Although I want to observe the life of an ordinary man, will it be too illogical by my power? Therefore it is only for one hour a day. You can't use it more than that" 

"One hour......It is more than enough" 

I smile wryly for feeling unwillingly. 

“Huhuu, when you say so, I'm thankful. Finally, when spirit possession is used many times, maybe your hair will look like mine and it becomes snow-white by the influence. Although I said that back, that I am observing your life, I intend to leave, when I´m satisfied. Am I a guy who is entering nirvana? I will observe you and even if I'd like to make love with my wife it isn't possible because I know it, but wouldn't it be possible for you?" 

I'm certain! As if to say it, my body is moved. Davis who sees it held his sides and roared with laughter again. 

"Tell me about this. When I disappear suddenly, you may cry and when the time comes and I seem to enter Nirvana, I will call you here again. At least don't forget my name? Spirit-possession-san" 

"It isn´t spirit-possession-san, it is Saginomiya Iori......I will remember it tentatively. Self-styled hero Davis" 

After I mix with this self-styled hero that was forgotten, I emphasize with Davis. 

“Huhuu, when you call my name, you will be able to knock down at least a middle boss. Spirit-possession-san who was beaten down by a goblin♪” 

Commonly it was his revenge. 

"Till when will I be drawn oooouutt!!" 

In this way I left the black room. 


In the black room Davis was alone now 

“Ahahahahahahaha!! I talked with a person after hundreds of years, but it's fascinating to talk with a person as expected.......Well. The rest of my life is running out, let's spend it fully for the observation of this boy without reserve.........for him, the revival of a lost body is a good-bye gift from me. Well, please amuse me!!"