Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 010 - At the Transition Point

Wrapped up in light, I who was transferred forcibly noticed a deep forest before me――――

My sight which spreads through the area saw a tree which grew in a strange direction, really large rocks and the ground which became hollow.
When looking up at the sky, many dragons are flying there and I hear a demon's cry and rumble of the ground's was such a forest.

And it was already dusk, so the vicinity is wrapped in dark red.

Tifal who was restricted by the shining chains until a while ago was also transferred here and Dijea´s magic also disappeared, so she regained the freedom of her body. It was fortunate that she was transferred to a place close to me. But she isn't happy about it, because she bit her underlip while having a steep expression and she scowls at the green goblins who are surrounding us.

There is no relief or spare time to rest at all, Tifal and I were quickly surrounded by multiple goblins just after we were transferred here.



The demon who surrounded us were goblins. But, the goblins who surrounded us are goblins ….or not.

Usually it is said a goblin is around 1m tall. A small fish, not worth enough to get a lot of money from and only attacks with a club.

Although it is likely to imagine, but the goblins surrounding us are about 2m tall. And their atmosphere and the countless cuts which are to the extent that make me think they are veteran fighters in the form with trained thick muscles. There are great numbers of traces left on their bodies from countless battles.

As for the goblins, they have 2m long swords and sharp spears in their hands and without any gaps, I couldn't help but to shudder.

However, such strong goblins haven't seen humans, because they are moving their eyes from the bottom to the top to despise us and watched our state.

Even now, I who sensed that there were no signs that the goblins will attack us used appraisal on a goblin with a large sword.



High goblin

Level 137 
Race: Goblin
HP: 12056/12056
MP: 0/0
Strength: 4780
Defense: 3200
Agility: 1032
Magic: 0
Magic Defense: 603
Luck: 47

Skill: Swordplay, Taijutsu, All abnormal state resistance 

Title: High-rank Goblin

"......T, Tifal, are the goblins in this world really so strong? and aren't they small fishes of around 1m......?"

After having confirmed the status of the goblin, I swallow my saliva hard and ask Tifal a question, but there is no answer coming out from her mouth instead an angry voice like a scream is shouted.

"Use your skills quickly, Iori!! If you are careless even for one second here, you will die in a cave of monster!! Iori, do you want to die!?"

While Tifal drips sweat from a sum, she looks sour and shouted.

This situation is really desperate situation where we are surrounded by goblins who are stronger than us. Tifal wasn’t enough at all and her gentle atmosphere when we were in the castle completely disappears as if she is another person.

"Shi, 《Body strengthening》!! 《Vampire-ization》!! 『Ice, become my blade!《Ice sword》!!』『Ice, become my shield!!《Ice armor》!!』”

Just after I used my skills, which is necessary to guard myself, I changed myself and aimed at one high goblin who held two swords in its hands as my killing target, but the goblin acts quickly.

The high goblin kicks the ground and begins to run to my bottom. The High goblin uses the skill 《Phantom step》 and the suitable interval between us is is shortened in a moment and also the sword it had in its right hand is raised.

"Ha!? Is it a lie!? Hey!!"

I strengthened my physical grace, but I barely see the movement of the high goblin and I succeed in evading its first attack by slightly moving my body in a hair's breadth at once to the right.

But the attack doesn't end with a blow, the high goblin takes aim at my head next and swings down the sword which it raised up immediately.

I who judged that it is impossible to avoid moved my ice sword which I had in my left hand at once and the blade outwardly is supported by my right hand, while I took a posture as if I made an attack with my sword.

However, the moment when my ice sword caught the sword of the high goblin and probably because the difference was too big, the received part breaks off like a tree branch.

Luckily, the path of the sword from the high goblin turned aside as momentary action and my neck didn't fall. However it cut the whole ice armor which I made as protection for my body from the root of my left shoulder.


Whether because of the cut on my left shoulder or because of the pain, I kneeled on the ground. Even when I kneeled down, the high goblin doesn't stop attacking, that's why the high goblin kneels down and kicks up the area of my chest with the left foot with all its might.

The power of the kick from the high goblin was high or was I too light, because after it kicked me, I flew away until I hit a big tree approximately 20m away.

At the moment of the impact, while affecting the vicinity with a roaring sound like a big earth tremor, my consciousness faded and vanished into the darkness.