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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 009 - IGE chapter 9

Immortal God Emperor chapter 9

However many years of tradition have passed until the rank [God] was said to be only a legend and myth.

In the mind of the students, the rank of [God] seems like unattainable. After all, it has been a long time since a person was given the title. For the students, even just entering the club premises has become a status symbol.

Tonight, the [God] club base was extraordinarily lively. The last fourth years students are leaving and the previous third grade students now become the senior in the academy. [God] club is allowing three most outstanding fourth grade students to be the club president.

Dinner was extravagantly served.

It was an isolated waterside garden, with a view of the shining starry nights which radiates glory and beauty. If a regular student passed by hear by chance, they will admire the scene immediately. Unfortunately, the entry requirements are too high. Even your background from an aristocratic family won’t help you if you don’t have the strength.

In the same night, Jian Xiaohan is in a good mood. Today she finally walked into the club area. From the moment she enter the White Deer School, it have been one of her goal. To be able to enter the [God] club and rank as top student even in the circle of the club member.

In which she has paid the price before for numerous times being rejected and ridiculed.

Sometimes she hate why she was not a noble birth, why her parents wasn’t rich. Obviously her talents also just like any other else which she had to pay for hundred thousand times more efforts than the other.

But today, she wasn’t come here to be accepted into the club. She received a dinner invitation ticket from Han Xiaofei.

This is the reality. Nobles can easily hand you tickets like this as gifts meanwhile poor people can’t even get it even if they bleed in the process.

Jian Xiaohan feel sorrow inside her heart but tonight is not the time. She wear the most beautiful dress she have and makes her look vibrant and radiant, her face showing a sincere and captivating smile. She walked to the club area while holding Han Xiaofei arm.

She took a quick glance to anyone who attended the party and even the noble female students the male students brought, no one can match her.

“Xiaofei, you are late! Oh, look who we have here…” a tall aristocrat students come and say hello to Han Xiaofei. Naturally his gaze fell on Jiang Xiaohan and said: “very beautiful partner you bring. She even makes me thinking of her as a noble.”

After that, some people also come to greet them.

“Let me introduce her, this is Jiang Xiaohan a junior sister apprentice which rank in top twenty.” Hang Xiaofei show a gentle smile while introducing her.

“Jiang Xiaohan? Oh, I’ve heard of her…” the tall aristocrat then frowned trying to remember something.

Jiang Xiaohan however being brought by Han Xiaofei to the club area seems like does not comply with the rules. The only thing makes this possible is that the current president of [God] club is Han Xiaofei cousin, Han Shuang Hu. In less than a minutes, people have gathered around them.

Jian Xiaohan is one of the main reason they come. Everyone admitted that this woman have a superior charm that draw them in.

“I heard from someone that Xiao Han sister comes to the freshman admission exam. Did you find anything interesting?”

Under the influence of the alcohol, the tall aristocrat weakly asked.

Han Xiaofei smiled: “nothing interesting, but there is someone that Xiaohan seems to have a former enemy…”

“oh? Someone dare to offend you?” the voice was echoed trough the room.

Jiang Xiaohan then put down her glass, smile charmingly: “yes, a former friend when I was young tried to attend the college. Long time ago he was called a genius but after hitting the wall he seemed to go insane and… I tried to persuade him today to back down however…”

“Ah, Xiaohan sister really are a good person. To taking charge of a trash, you don’t have to bother about him anymore.” A noble young girl with big eyes come and talk.

“But I just could not bear it….” Jiang Xiaohan then sigh with a compassionate demeanor.

“XIaohan junior sister apprentice playmate? If he is 14 years old and just finally enter the college, he must be an idiot…” the tall aristocrat laugh.

Then someone from the room asked: “So, who is the name of the idiot? Let everyone hear it.”

“Yes, this is really interesting.” Hang Xiaofei smiled and said: “What is the name of the loser?”

Jiang Xiaohan heard then laughing at her childhood friend and speak while laugh: “to be honest, my friend is known as a failure every year in the test. So you might know his name already… his name is Ye Qingyu the idiot.”

Silence fill the place.

The tall noble and several other people smile immediately froze.

“Y-Ye Qingyu?” the tall noble asked with a little difference in his tone. “That guy is your old playmate?”

Jiang Xiaohan not the only one noticed the changes in their look and laugh: “Yes, indeed he is the one. I really hope the old grandmaster talk about he is a genius was a joke and he is indeed a true pathetic.”

Today, after the blood examination of the first test, Jiang Xiaohan leaves the test area with Han Xiaofei to prepare for the dinner so she doesn’t know what happened after that.

The reason she go to tonight dinner is the girl who obsessed with fame and fortune wants to be happy and simply forget all about Ye Qingyu and her gloomy past. Han Xiaofei also naturally did not know of what happened.

But the tall aristocrat students and the other are very well aware of Ye Qingyu performance that is full of terror.

Even though he only completed five out of six test, he reached the top score in everything. For Jiang Xiaohan to badmouth him as an idiot, how can this be?

It couldn’t be counted how many people mocked Ye Qingyu in the morning and walk in the evening with fear in their face after mocked him.

“Uh, Han brother, about Ye Qingyu… do you also think that he is an idiot?” the tall noble named Gao Sheng Han want to confirm it. he coughed twice to make sure that he didn’t hear the wrong thing.

Han Xiaofei didn’t think too much and casually laughed: “What’s wrong with the idiot? He was one called a genius but it must make his eyes clouded and fall into the doom.”

Jiang Xiaohan also followed with a smile: “Yes, Ye Qingyu is insane. He has failed four times in a row and this is his fifth time attending the test. Even the first test instructor didn’t let him to participate. Who knows how badly people will ridicule him after he failed today.”

“Hypocrite! Idiots! Pathetic! Ignorance!”

Those words were spoken so clear with a superior undisguised disdain and contempt. It was obviously directed to Jiang Xiaohan and Hang Xiaofei.

Han Xiaofei face also changed. Who dare to be so arrogant speak like that to them. He looked around and see a student dressed in snow white robe leisurely walking. In the next instance his sullen face has changed.

The woman who walked is extremely beautiful. Her walking posture is so graceful. Slim waist, thick silky straight black hair and white skin as the crystal. Although she wears a normal robes but as if it was perfectly fitted her to show the slender leg and enchanting curves.

She was illuminated under the moonlight as if she was a goddess.

“Senior apprentice!”

“Seen senior sister apprentice!”

“No wonder even Han Xiaofei didn’t dare to get angry. She is now the first rank holder of the white deer school. Qing, she even one of the three [God] club current presidents.”

“If it wasn’t Han.”

For the time being, all people stood up and give a salute to her. She is an amazingly beautiful woman, one of aristocracy with high status identity and true strength.

Hang stand up and give a big salute.

(tl note: this salute is the Chinese salute with both hand placed on top of each other and then brought to the forehead while lowering the head a little.)

Jiang Xiaohan also slightly bowed, she knew that this woman just before directed those words at her but she couldn’t reveal the slightest dissatisfaction.

This is Qing; sometimes she was called white due to the color of her robe. She has status and power, someone that Jiang Xiaohan envy the most.

(TL note about the [God] club. It is an old club that is founded by legendary figures, only top rank student can enter and three top student can be the club president. So the club has three presidents which is one Han Shuang Hu, Qing, and one more haven’t been mentioned. The club has a honorable title called the [God] rank which is given to people with the most outstanding achievements but it have been a long time since the title was granted to anyone else.)