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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 008 - Immortal God Emperor chapter 8

Immortal God Emperor chapter 8

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“This is… ” Liu Heng mind is blank. His leg gone soft and fall on the ground kneeling.

Ye Qingyu however didn’t pay any attention to him.

” Ye brother, please help me out. You put me in a difficult position. ”

Liu Heng expression is almost cried while holding onto Ye Qingyu knees.

Ye Qingyu remained silent. He only turned his body to look at the Ashura statue. The God of War won’t show any mercy. Liu Heng should already realized the outcome if he examined Ye Qingyu mental reflection as the Ashura.

“Ye brother, if you are willing to forgive me, your four years of practicing resources and costs, I’ll cover all of it. ” Liu Heng the out a crazy condition.

Ye Qing you who heard that only shook his head.” I will not accept your terms. I will not forgive myself if I trained retorted to some dirty money like that. ”

Liu Heng is shocked. How can Ye Qing you act like this?

” If only you offer me a sincere apologies . ” Ye Qing you then smiled at Liu Heng.

Liu Heng legs then trembled. He seemed to be making a move but before he is able to do anything Qingyu speak again.

” However even if you are down on your knees, I won’t go to the first test area and do that. To think that someone like you is a teacher on White Deer School, there maybe more victim like me. ”

Liu Heng face, suddenly froze, there’s a trace of blue and red bursting vein. He know that whatever he do, this boy won’t forgive him.

” There is no other way. ” Liu Heng lowered his head and said:” I am after all come from the Liu family. Won’t you reconsider this for future sake? ”

” I won’t change my mind. ” Ye Qingyu said that with confidence.

Meanwhile on the other side of the test area, the spectator mouth are wide open. They are curious at what’s going to happen.

The sixth test instructor then like brandishing a sword to Liu Heng gives his verdict.

” As an instructor of the admission test, what have you done is unforgivable. Our school may have missed such a talented person and no one knows how many else we have missed. I will give you an opportunity to resign by your own will. ”

Like a lightning struck in the middle of the day and hit Liu Heng, he shivers and said:” Kong elder, I have been serving for thirty years in this school. How can this.. ”

” Go now! ” Kong elder words is so loud and no one could’ve missed that.

Liu Heng succumbed into the ground. His fate has been decided.

Kong elder eyes then fall into Ye Qingyu it was sharp and serious for a moment before turned into a warm smile.

” You did a good job. If you accepted his term just now, I will look at you lowly. Warrior heart must be firm, control your mind and determination. If you forgive him just now, you will bring shame to the Ashura statue behind you. ”

Ye Qingyu know that Kong elder is one of those people who will judge people justified without prejudice. He feel grateful, bowed and give a salute.” Thank you senior instructor for the guidance. ”

White deer school has been standing for decades of course there are still some instructor with noble character like Kong elder.

” Your other test result is enough to prove that you are worthy to join our school. As for that blood test, it wasn’t that important. You can just come back tomorrow to confirm your admittance. ”

Kong elder words finalized the conclusion. Ye Qingyu is admitted and Liu Heng is dismissed.

At the same time the surrounding crowd exploded. He entered the school while only finishing five test. This it the first time in the history. Just from that fact alone where he score top result on all five, he can believe that he is famous already.

As for the crowd, no one can stop them from telling everyone about what happened today.

Ye Qingyu four years of suffering is changed in one day. Will he continue to soar to the top? His four years of failure, did anyone dare to mention it now?


The nights come and the lights dimly lit the road. On the way out of the town, a boy can be seen.

“It is strange why I didn’t have to take the first blood test. ” Ye Qingyu with a grass leaf on his mouth and his hand behind his head idly stroll.

He already sold his ancestral home and belongings so actually he don’t have anything to pack up or prepare for tomorrow.

He participated in 5 out of 6 test. Actually he wanted to participate in all of the test to take the top place. Maybe top twenty in the school ranking. Although there is no reward but it was a proof of strength.

“Maybe the head instructor afraid that my first test result won’t be as good as the other ND it will be my windfall. ”

In other words it’s Kong elder way of showing his care. He must be concerned about Ye Qingyu. However this is the first time he saw Kong elder.

Unconsciously his feet bring him to his parents grave.

For four years in this small cemetery Ye Qingyu stayed still. Casually he lying down in front of the grave where a stack of hey lies. He smelled the faint aroma of grass. He feel so calm. This is Ye Qingyu home.

“Father, mother, your son will enter the white deer school tomorrow. As the grandmaster said, I maybe a true genius. One say I’ll shake the world. ” with a proud smile Ye Qingyu closed his eyes.

” Father, Mother, in the shortest possible time, I will complete my study at the white deer school. Get out of here and seek the truth behind this medallion. If what you said is true then the Snow country royal family has something that should belong to me. ”

” Nothing can stop me. ”

” I’ll unveiled the secret behind the medallion. ”

” Of course you died while a war occurred but I didn’t believe that it was that simple. Your death, I will find out the truth behind it. ”

Facing the night sky, Ye Qingyu mind is full of thoughts.

He continued to ramble as if his parents are still alive, listened closely at his side.

Night grew darker however Ye Qingyu couldn’t sleep.

He sat cross legged and his hand on top of his lap. His breathing, heart, blog flows, it’s all flowing making a wonderful rhythm.

At first nothing is strange but if you look closely. Ye Qingyu gentle breath didn’t cause any disturbance in the air. However within ten feet around his body, the grass as if alive is neatly waving up and down as if worshipping him.

Waves of warm feeling surging into his limbs.

Ye Qingyu in his mind, with each breath continue to inhale fresh air into the body and exhaling impurities as he breathe.

This is the last thing his father teach him, a nameless breathing methods.

Ye Qingyu followed his father last wish. To practice like this everyday. When his father still alive, he always ask him to practice this breathing method for at least an hour each day and under no circumstances it can be interrupted. When his father passed away, he keep his promise.

This breathing method however doesn’t seemed to forging his body or enhancing it. No strength gained. However Ye Qingyu after practicing for so many years noticed something. Although there is nothing special, nothing harm is done to him. He never feel I’ll or sick all along his training. Maybe this is a kind of practice for the body health.

But one day, the old headmaster of white deer school saw him practicing the breathing method. Suddenly he exclaimed that Ye Qingyu is a peerless genius.

Though the old headmaster said that because of the slif of tongue but the words is spread out. So that’s what lead to his admittance four years ago. However that was a thing of a past.

Under the night sky, one hour have passed. Ye Qingyu stopped and the fell into the bushes in a deep sleep.


In other place, a small dinner is attended by senior from white deer school. It was held in the hall of honour.

The appearance alone was majestic. This whole area is belong to the most prestigious and famous club, the God’s domain.

The God’s domain is founded by several former white deer school legend. It was founded to absorb and develop the most outstanding student. They even taught them social and Noble manner.

They have a special ranking called [God] that can only be given to the brightest student. Many legendary figures is born from this place.