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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 016 - Immortal God Emperor chapter 16

IGE chapter 16

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Ye Qingyu is surprised. He doesn’t know what to say.

In fact, he is also confused at why he didn’t make it to the ten names list. However he didn’t want to cause more problem on that matter.

In his own talent, Ye Qingyu has a strong self-confidence. He believes, his strength surpassed those on the list. Even if his oppontents is from the Qin warrior family, Yan Xing.

However he also has wasted four years of time while the others do it to practice and improve their martial arts foundation.

To caught up to this four years, Ye Qingyu is willing to dedicate a year time. He need to do that and caught up in no longer time.

“In fact, among the ten people in the beginning your name has been chosen. The head instructor at the admission test highly recommended you. Other teacher who saw your admission test also all recommended you. Among all of our new students, definitely you are the best choice Ye Qingyu.”

Wang Yan sighed as she said that.

“Thank you.”

For someone to recognize his strength, he returned with a smile.

“However, just before I want to announce your name, the head master called for me and said that your name shall be removed from the ten names.”

Wang Yan observed Ye Qingyu expression closely. She knew, when she tell him the reason, his face isn’t even affected. No anger, excitement, can be seen. He looked calm as the silent sun and wind. At that moment she knew she underestimated the boy.

“As a compensation, I will give you something a little bit special.”

When Wang Yan said that, Ye Qingyu is shaking his head and smiled, wanted to refuse but she stopped him: “Don’t worry. This is nothing special. It is only a nameplate for the library. With this, you can enter the second and third grade region in the library. Of course you can borrow them too.”

Ye Qingyu is startled. It wasn’t because she refused his refusal but this is something that he need right now.

“Thank you head instructor.”

he respectfully salute to Wang Yan and took the nameplate.

She smiled and asked him.

“Do you know why to know why I am giving this to you?”

Ye Qingyu quickly nodded.

“You will know in the future.”

Wang Yan smiled as she silently watched Ye Qingyu. She then immediatelly disappear without warning.

After that, the solidified light in the surrounding becomes normal again. The leaves that is floating in the air resumed their fall.

“The head instructor especially come and visit me? And this strong innate power, it even able to hold the space in time within a hundred meters in radius.” Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

Seeing Wang Yan strength, Ye Qingyu heart is burning with passion and desire. He need to reach her level as fast as he can. Only by mastering his power, he is able to create his own destiny, un-wavered by others and solve the puzzle left by his parents.



in the afternoon, class started at the Yan Wu field.

“This is your beginning foundation practice. Practicing swords, skill, it has to be learn by mastering the weapon. There is no shortcut and all relying on your own effort and tenacity. Only hard work will bear fruit.”

The instructor for this class has a burly and muscular physique. He is keep saying something that usually be said in the military camp.

White Deer school have a high efficiency. As Wang Yan explained in the morning, the class is divided into separate level based on the students strength.

Ye Qingyu and more than 80 other students are grouped as those who need the most basic martial arts teaching.

These children like Ye Qingyu, almost all of them come from a poor family. They got no one to teach them and each one of them are eager to change their destiny.

Of course, those like Yan Wu that already have solid foundation isn’t joining this group.

The burly teacher then start to instruct martial arts. The way he speak, as if thunder roaring.

“The six realm of training has to be done in order but muscle and bone development can be practiced and developed any time. However when you are moving to the blood training, that is when you will be called true martial arts practitioner. Now, what I’m going to teach you is the fundamental for practicing muscle and bones. Just follow me closely and memorize it. If after three or five days you still doesn’t understand, you can come to me and ask for an advice. Understand?”

The burly instructors shouted.


the students answered in unison.

“Alright, listen to me. The key to be strong is only one word, practice! The basic is more important. Like this, you cross your arms together, gather your elbows and knees. The heart need to keep the foot strong together and using your internal power, gathered the energy from outside. Collect the power in the dantian and feel the flow of energy.”

the burly teacher explained the practice method and the students followed with a loud roar.

Body enhancement relying on the power energy is the key of practice. Feeling the flow of the energy from outside is the key to cultivation process. When they first experiencing the feeling, some students roared showing their excitement.

Ye Qingyu is one of them.

Although he is confident with his own talent but he understand that he is a step behind from those that is raised in powerful family. No matter how talented he is, he should train hard and not being lazy in the slightest. He also need to practice harder than everyone to make up for the lost time.

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“Another basic practice method that I’m going to teach you is one of eight serpentine tactics. This is developed by one of the former God club member. This is the best practice to cultivate one body. Called the crystal esoteric and extremely exquisite.”

the burly instructors after saying that immediately move to display the serpentine tactics.

“First form, Jin Yi, the land.”

The burly instructor robust body turned soft as if it was boneless. Stepping forward, his hand acted like the snake head, with a flexible flip, his body glowed and his form is now like a golden huge python. Like the king of the ground, a faint ‘chi chi’ sound can be heard as if the python is searching for its prey.

“Second form, Teng snake, illusion fog.”

The instructor that is standing firm on the ground with a strange twist, he is roaming over the ground. His movement seemed to be slow but in reality it is very fast. There is a faint mist around the surface as he moved. This scene, Teng snake, illusion fog must come from the mysterious misty air around it.

Ye Qingyu observed thoughtfully.

The so called serpentine practice, is really suitable for body cultivation. Copying a serpent, walking on the ground, the friction with the rocks must be unbearable but as the body cultivation grow higher, there seems to be a layer of protective screen that protect the body.

“Third form, hunting snake.”

once again, the instructor body moved to imitate the snake and adjusting his form.

“Fourth form, mysterious snake rock!”

“Fifth form, white snake’s tongue!”

“Sixth form, wind serpent on top of the tree!”

“Seventh form, snake spitting poison.”

“Eight form, Snake God!”

The instructors body constantly changing to suit the snake he potrayed. Ye Qingyu don’t know how much time has passed but his eyes couldn’t be taken off from the instructor. It was as if there is really a living snake in front of him. Moving on the ground, climbing trees, on top of the rock, even when the snake spitting poison is being portrayed, there is a murderous smell in the air.

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“Well, that is all that I can teach you for today. Don’t underestimate this practice since there is even a boy that within half a month fully grasp the essence of the practice and reach the first body level!”

when he finished speaking, some of the students are already impatient to try out what they are told. He smiled and nodded. After all, training is the only way to go. Imitating without realizing the essence have no point.


The burly instructor eyes fell on Ye Qingyu. He is hesitated but exclaimed muffled. He saw Ye Qingyu body trying to practice.

Under the sun, Ye Qingyu stature stretch upwards. The first form, is like a snake standing on the ground. The nuances of every movement, showed that he has a thorough grasp of the essentials of the movement.

“To be able to mastered is so quickly… “

the burly instructors secretly approving him in his heart. Ye Qingyu may be one of the gem in this class.

This serpentine practice although seemed to be simple, but contains the most pure refining body energy. Some tried to imitate but nothing is on par with the genuine serpentine practice. The complex movement of each form are hard to remember.

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