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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 015 - Immortal God Emperor chapter 15

Volume – White Deer College

Chapter 15 – my temper isn’t very good.

Many eyes attention fall into Ye Qingyu again. Apparently, many people agreed at what White Qing said. (Ps: white qing name can be translated as Bai Yuqing. Do you think I should use that name instead)

Ye Qingyu talent is excellent but he has come too late. If only he enrolled four years early, for every year passed, it has ruined his chance.

Moreover Ye Qingyu foundation is too low. Poor family background, no practice resources, even if he wants to catch up, he has no hope. It is really a waste of such a good talent.

Actually one of his roommates recognized his identity on first sight. But looking at his poor clothing and appearance, his view on Ye Qingyu changed.

Ye Qingyu is a man that has wasted his talent and have no future. There is no need to waste time on him. It is exactly like what White Qing (Bai Yuqing) said.

She is actually one of the reasons why Ye Qingyu isn’t accepted into the ten person list. When the momentum is up, she scattered it to pieces. There is no doubt that this matter will soon be spread out among the students. After that, no one in the entire White Deer School wants to take Ye Qingyu side.

The morning class finally over. The crowd gradually dispersed.

Ye Qingyu on the other hand, act is nothing happened and be the last one to exit the class.

His face, there are no trace of decadence or sullen. It is as if nothing important happened.

Suddenly someone pulled the back of his clothes.

When he turn his body to look at the culprit, it was the lolita, Song Xiaojun. Her face is full of concern.

“Qingyu brother, please don’t feel sad. What the senior sister apprentice said doesn’t make sense. Let’s talk to the head instructor; I am willing to give my place…”

(Tl note: ooh, nice attitude she showed there. I might fall in love with her.)

Ye Qingyu Laughed. At this moment, Wu Xing Qiao passed by and heard it. He mocked at him: “lowly fool, even your laugh is crude.”

It wasn’t loud but the people around them could clearly hear it.

Song Xiaojun stared at him and said angrily: “What did you say?”

Ye Qingyu smiled, gently stroked her head and moved her to the side.

This scene looked as if Wu Xing Qiao humiliating Ye Qingyu which isn’t suitable for his background. It may not be a good idea to cause problem on the first day studying.

Wu Xing Qiao sneered and tries to leave with his companions.

However at this time, Ye Qingyu cleared his throat and called out to him. “Hey…”

Wu Xing Qiao turned his body but what he saw is a fist directed at him.

The fist belongs to Ye Qingyu.

No one could have imagined that Ye Qingyu dares to attack him.

It caught everyone by surprise including Wu Xing Qiao.

But it was only a moment.

Trained from when he is still a little boy, Wu Xing Qiao body responded. He raised his own fist. Although it was late but it caught Ye Qingyu fist before it hits him.

Sudden silence fills the air. Nobody else reacted to this.

Who would’ve thought that Ye Qingyu will retaliate? And in such a direct fight?

Ah, it was too reckless.

Wu Xing Qiao is ranked fifth in the admission ranking while Ye Qingyu never practice even the basic body foundation. Although his talent is good, there is simply too much gap between the two.

Wu Xing Qiao decided to mock him further.

“Oh, Ha ha ha…” Wu Xing Qiao laughed: “Why you suddenly attacked me?”

“Suddenly?” Ye Qingyu smiled too: “That is not a sneak attack. I already give a warning.”

Really, he could think of such excuse.

“A warning? When? This trash, dare to raise his hand against me?” Wu Xing Qiao eyes glared at Ye Qingyu again.

“Before you took any more of my time to have revenge later, I will say it now. My temper is not very good. If there’s someone that I don’t like, I better solve it on the spot and didn’t wait for the future.”

Ye Qingyu said.

“Ha ha ha…” Wu Xing Qiao laughed while gradually turned his expression to grim.

“Really, you are stupid, pathetic, how can a trash like you want to fight me?”

Then Wu Xing Qiao tries to crush Ye Qingyu palm that he holds.

This is Ye Qingyu fault in the first place to humiliate him.

Wu Xing Qiao skills is enough to beath him to pulp. He tried to unleash his true power. He could even make a block of iron becomes flat in one punch, how hard it is to crush a lump of flesh and bone?

Fighting against Ye Qingyu that has no martial background, it is an easy job.

Everyone expecting to hear the sound of broken bones and blood splattered from Ye Qingyu fist.


“Trash… What are you doing?”

Ye Qingyu gives a sharp look at him, take half a step backward and suddenly a stream of extremely powerful force comes.


An explosion sound can be heard.

It even caused the ears of crowds to go buzzing.

Wu Xing Qiao feels that his right palm as if being hit by a siege. Suddenly he was forced back because of unblock able energy. He flew through the hall and severely hit the wall on the other side. The crowds screamed.


The air grew colder as if a ghost is walking by.

The scene in front of them has been reversed too fast. No one can react at that.

“You… what did you do?”

Wu Xing Qiao impaled on the cold stone walls, said that with unbelievements.

Ye Qingyu pulled back his arm and said: “Sorry, I used too much force.”

The others are dumbfounded.

He used too much force?

Does he mean that he still could do things fiercer than that?

If it was a normal person he go against than it could be said but his opponent is ranked fifth.

Everyone looked at Ye Qingyu as if seeing a monster.

Everyone is silenced.

Ye Qingyu look at Song Xiaojun that is dumbfounded too and walked out. But suddenly he thought of something and looked back at the crowd with a gentle smile.

“For fellow students, I just want to give a reminder. My patience is not very good so I may be irritable and outrageous, I am also very vengeful. If you want to see the truth, feel free to come with your fist. So it is better if you are not messing with me in the future. If you really have to fight me, please think twice before you act. At least you should be stronger than me before doing anything.”

Then he walked away.

The rest of the people couldn’t recover until Ye Qingyu disappeared in the distance.

Wu Xing Qiao firmly clenched his lips as the blood inverse erupted from inside.

He lost from Ye Qingyu fist only and he could felt a great terror coming from the majestic power. Even his strength couldn’t do anything against him.

In the end, how strong is Ye Qingyu?

Wu Xing Qiao couldn’t even imagine about that.

Meanwhile the other students mind is having mixed feelings, ecited, nervous, frightened, and shocked.

In particular, Ye Qingyu three roommates also looked at each other. They didn’t imagine that he is so tyrannical. The three of them could enter the school only because their aristocratic background which makes them proud and arrogant. However their admission ranking isn’t even come to the top.

Ye Qingyu, with only one fist defeated the fifth rank of the admission ranking; even if the three of them gang up on him they couldn’t do anything. Thinking back, Ye Qingyu said that he has a bad temper, how should they interact with him in the future?


White Deer School canteen.

It was a public cafeteria, although the meals are not very tasty but after all it is free. So Ye Qingyu didn’t have to worry about it.

Nobility and wealthy family of course won’t eat in this place. Only poor students will eat here.

After Ye Qingyu finished four serving of meal, no one dares to look at him as he walked towards the dormitory. The next class is in the afternoon.

Ye Qingyu decided to return to his room and practice his breathing technique while waiting for the class to start.

In fight against Wu Xing Qiao, Ye Qingyu clearly doesn’t have any other cultivating technique other than this set of breathing technique. Perhaps, this technique somehow enhanced his strength and giving various other effects. However there is still a big gap in terms of body strength between his and real refining body technique. He must start building his foundation and begin real practice as soon as possible.

As for the conflict with Wu Xing Qiao , Ye Qingyu didn’t regretted it at all.

He knew that even if the situation now looked extremely calm in the surface but countless pairs of eyes is always examining their prey in the background. Fights for rank, position, power, in order to do that he acts like a hedgehog. Trying to warn anyone before they come at him. That was his plan from the start.

On the way to return to the dormitory, he walked pass by a quiet forest path. However Ye Qingyu noticed something is wrong.

The light that is seeping through the trees’ gap, the falling leaves, all is stopped in the middle of the air as if the time has been frozen.

Before he could react, a figure appeared in front of him. It is the head instructor Wang yan.

“Don’t you want to know, why among the list of ten people, your name is not there?”

Wang Yan said with a faint smile.