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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 014 - Immortal God Emperor Chapter 14

Immortal God Emperor Chapter 14

The next moment, a little girl stands up from the fourth row seats. She looks astonished and dazed, trying to confirm that it was her name called just now.

After confirming her name, the excited girl rushed to the podium, accidentally tripped herself because of the long robe and plop, fell to the ground.

It causes a burst of laughter in the crowd. After some moments she walked to the podium while carrying some parts of her long robe in her arms.

Ye Qingyu also smiled but for another reason. This little girl actually has such talents that makes Wang Yan selected her. But others may not think the same.

“How is it? Why is she selected?”

“Song Xiao Jun, anyone heard that name before?”

“No, her standing is over the top one hundred. Why did she get selected?”

“Ah, I remember. Song Xiao Jun is the child of the Chamber of Commerce head. Although the rumor is she is an illegitimate daughter, her entrance result is four hundred and sixteenth places.”

“Four hundred and sixteenth? How can she enter the ten lists?”

“It must be a mistake!”
The classroom instantly roared, feeling that Song Xiao Jun doesn’t deserve to be on the podium.

The girl is excited at first but after seeing the situation, she is scared. With some mist on her eyes, she lowered her head and her small hand holding her robe tightly.

Ye Qingyu frowned and were about to say something before…

“Be quiet!”

White Qing finally spoke. Her voice isn’t loud but like a rolling thunder, every student heard it clearly.

There are no more voice can be heard as the hubbub in the classroom disappeared. The first year students all didn’t dare to provoke the fair skinned girl in white clothes. They realized that she is one of the geniuses on the school.

“This is the head instructor decision. If you are not satisfied, you can go personally to complain.”

Just with a stare from her, everyone looked to the floor. Even Ye Qingyu lowered his head slightly lower.

In front of White Qing, regardless of temperament and strength, she is the holder of absolute presence in the classroom. Even among nobles she is still superior, which is the reason she held the title the White Deer School Goddess.

He didn’t know why but at this moment Ye Qingyu remembered Jiang Xiaohan. She is clearly talented but compared to White, Xiaohan is nothing but a speck of dust.

Ye Qingyu wear a faint smile and shaking his head gently. He is now in no place to think like that. Even in this ten list names, he didn’t have confidence to be called.

After that, White Qing continues to read out a few names.

However the class now noisy again. Because of the name called there are even 宋小君. Normal entrance scores, general status of birth and those who placed twenty and higher are angry at why they didn’t get selected.

In a blink of an eye, the ten person name has been called.

There is no Ye Qingyu in it.

A lanky teenager sitting in the front row then stood up. His face is full of resentment and anger: “This is not fair. I want to know what the criteria for those ten names are.”

“Wu Xing Qiao, come from the military family. He placed fourth in the entrance test but he didn’t get called. There is no question why he asked that.”

“Yeah, he must think that this isn’t fair.”

“I also want to ask. This is kind of weird that I didn’t get called.”

Ye Qingyu knew about him from his name. Wu Xing Qiao is from the military family. As the Snow country is divided into four major military garrison, he is the child of one governing family. There aren’t much people that have status higher than him; even most noble is under his.

Wu Xing Qiao stands up from his seat.

“Yeah, that is right. We want to know the selection criteria too.”

“I refused to accept this.”

White Qing turned serious again. She sends an icy glare as if a blizzard occurred inside the classroom. She stared at Wu Xing Qiao and asked: “You are not satisfied?”

While having a hard time breathing, Wu Xing Qiao replied: “Yes. I ranked fourth in the entrance exam however I am not called forward. How is that possible?”

Qing softly muttered: “This is the head instructor decision. You dare to protest?”

“I know that but I am a warrior. I can’t surrender seeing this unfairness. I refuse to accept this.” Wu Xing Qiao said while biting his lips.

White Qing sneered at him. Even if she is sneering, she looks stunningly beautiful. As if a flower bloomed in the winter, every eye is focused on her.

“I didn’t want to say it at first but since you asked me… You achieved the fourth place by relying on countless immortal treasures collected by your family. Is that what you called real strength? And if you can’t accept this decision, will you listen to the head instructor later on?”

Wu Xing Qiao angry face suddenly frozen in place. As if a snake is staring at him, he didn’t even dare to flinch. Indeed he was ranked fourth but if it wasn’t for his family background, will he ever achieved such feat?

On Wu Xing Qiao, blue vein can be seen as if it could burst out anytime. He suddenly remembered something. The next moment, he is pointing at Ye Qingyu.

“Since I, Wu Xing Qiao isn’t qualified. Then what about him? Ye Qingyu although he only took five test, he achieved the top score and placed twenty first. If he takes all six, he must be placed in the top five overall. He doesn’t have special family backing him so it was all pure his talent. Why isn’t he called?”

All eyes suddenly focused on Ye Qingyu while he can only frown. Obviously what Wu Xing Qiao said is true.

Just in case he took all six tests, he may even be placed first. Because of that, Qin warrior who placed at the top looked unhappy.

“If he took all six and has a possibility of placed first, it was weird that he isn’t included in the ten names.”

Wu Xing Qiao said that bluntly and White Qing eyes naturally fell on him too. The cold eyes only examined in silent.

In fact she thinks that it was a little strange. White remember that Ye Qingyu name is indeed included in the ten man squad but Wang Yang suddenly removed him in the last minutes.

Although last night at the [God]’s club she disdained him but Ye Qingyu talents is still sufficient to bring glory to the school name. Maybe there are some special circumstances behind it.

“Ye Qingyu is fourteen years old. He has no basic body training and no martial heritage. Although he is talented, his road to practice is long and narrow. Half of the foundation time has been spent for nothing and it is too late to catch up to the rest.”

White Qing can only say her opinion. However why did she feel agitated over this matter? Then she turned back and leaves the classroom immediately without even looking back at Ye Qingyu.

Before she leaves, she said her last sentence: “If you are not satisfied, you can go to the head instructor to complaint. This is not the final decision. However it will be easier if you take your place by force. At the end of each month there will be a tournament. If you can beat any of the ten, you will take their place immediately.”

Her last statement before leaving, cause the classroom to fell into deep thoughts.