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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 013 - IGE Chapter 13

Immortal God Emperor Chapter 13

Her gaze swept into the class, coughed and said: “Although the class is almost over, I forgot to tell everyone. My name is Wang Yan; I am the head instructor for the first year. I believe in the future we will meet more often.”

(TL note: I believe she has the most influence among the teacher for the first grade. So in the school there will be first year normal instructor and head instructor that acts as their leader)

It was as if a bomb has been dropped into the class.

Some of the sleepy students immediately stunned.

“What? The head instructor?”

“Gracious grace, this ordinary teacher turns out to be the head?”

“I’m dead; I actually fell asleep in her class.”

“Ah, what if she has a bad impression about me?”

“You should take your lesson seriously. If one day you met a king that disguised himself as a commoner and you act like this, you know what will happen to you.”

The students never imagined that this plain looking middle aged aunt turn out to be the strongest teacher for the first grade. Everyone suddenly felt extremely remorseful.

Ye Qingyu is the only who is confused. Her position seemed to be higher than the instructor he met at the fifth test area the day before. Just why did she teach such an ordinary lesson and so plain looking?

With her status and strength, her appearance really isn’t attractive. It is ordinary and different from the other instructor he has met.

With all attention is now on her, Wang Yan continues.

“You will stay with this class until next month. Next month you will gather in a big group and divided into smaller groups. After all you need different practice than the others and we will help you.”

The noise in the classroom instantly disappear. They all listened to Wang Yan speech carefully. No one dare to have a slightest intention to neglect it.

Separate groups, as expected, Ye Qingyu is different from others noble children that have start training their foundation long time ago. He didn’t know anything about the basic and hearing they will be separated depends on the training they need, he was relieved.

“Also, after a year, I will choose ten of you to fight for our school glory. “

Her eyes swept the crowd and revealed her true power as the head instructor.

“I already have the ten people in mind; however it can be changed as everyone performance improved. There is still time to make changes.”

After that, the classroom starts to make some noise again.

Troughout the snow country, there are nine other schools other than the white deer school. Every year they have a competition to find out who is the best. It is also determining the school rankings and allocation of resources from the country. Winning is also an important thing for individuals. The snow country general, Feng Ruo is one of the winners from this competition and his fame, power, and influence soared until he reached his current position.

These years, white deer school has a lot of talent but failed to bring good results in the competition.

Thus the white deer school also suffered criticism from the mass.

White Deer school this year show some promise. Warriors Qing, Yan Xing, and several other strong students. Therefore the head instructor have a high hopes.

Wang Yan as one of the six head instructor is the one responsible to choose the ten participants and guide them to bring glory in the competition. Because of that, the ten chosen individual will be very lucky. They will be supported fully by the school and their cultivation will be carefully guided. However not a small of students is crushed because of the pressure.

But if they can withstand it, their road in the future will be broad.

After hearing that, the students feel it is hard to breath. There is a sense where their destiny can be changed with this decision.

Numerous students looked helplessly on the table, while some eyes is filled with determination. If not for Wang Yan position as the head instructor, many boys and girls will be jumping while shouted: “Me, choose me!”

Only a few students sit with a confident smile without the slightest anxiety. They must believe they will be chosen.


Wang Yan said that and once again even a drop of a pin couldn’t be heard.

Wang Yan is about to announce the ten names but at this time a fluctuation in the air can be felt and passed her ear. Wang Yan face changed and the she look at the crowd: “It will be announced later.”

Wang Yan leaves the room in a hurry.

This scene makes everyone at a loss of words. What just happened?

After some time, another figure appeared on the podium.

White skirts fluttering on the podium. The girls who wear it seemed to be thirteen or fourteen. She wears white deer school fourth grade, swordsman skirts. The skin showed on her body is white as the moon. Her face reflected untouchable coldness.

Countless boys’ eyes are fixated on her. Ye Qingyu also included.

Even if she wears plain white skirts for girls, her beauty can’t be concealed. She must be among the top three beauties in the school.

However the cold air coming from her is magnanimous. Like eternal ice, just a glance and people can feel their soul frozen.

Arrogant to the point your bones can feel it.

“My name is Bai Qing, fourth grade student. Wang instructor has something to do so I will announce the ten chosen students on her behalf.” Bai Qing stands on the podium but her soft voice reached everyone ears. “The one being called please come forward.”

When she said that, the temperatures of the class seemed to fall four or five degrees.

“So, she is sister white.”

“White Deer school first goddess.”

“It is a well-deserved reputation!”

“It is said that her strength is also one of the strongest. If she doesn’t insisted to complete her four years study, she has been long recruited.”

“She is worthy of the rumor but she is too cold.”

Ye Qingyu knew from that chatter that this girl is famous.

“The first person is…” Bai Qing makes a slight pause to increase the tension: “Qin Warriors.”

From one of the front row seat, a handsome boy stood up and walk slowly to the podium. He held a smile on his face as if this outcome is expected. The others also didn’t show different reaction. This is as expected as he is ranked first in the admission test overall standings. If he can’t enter it then no other students is qualified.

The second students… Yan Xing.” When White announced that, a slim boy rose from his chair and walk slowly towards the podium.

Ye Qingyu eyes directed at him. He seemed to be like him, a child from a poor family but evaluated as a genius.

Yan Xing is around eleven to twelve years old. His angular face looks somewhat strange. His eyebrow is thin like a knife, wide shoulders and arms length that is longer than normal. Standing on the stage silently, the other students didn’t raise any objection.

However the third name called was beyond everyone expectation.

“Song Qing Luo!”

A girl with brunette waist length hair stands up. She walked fast paced to the podium, she is the daughter of the chamber of commerce merchants and ranked sixth in the admission test.

The classroom makes noises once again. Although she ranked sixth in the overall standings but she is the third one to be called. It seemed that the student chosen is not entirely based on the admission test rank.

The next name called makes everyone amazed even more.

“Song Xiaojun.”

Ye Qingyu mind suddenly bring forth the image of her. The cute little Lolita girl that he met this morning.