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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 012 - Immortal God Emperor chapter 12

Immortal God Emperor chapter 12

Entering his room, he also set the lock by encrypting it in a seal which can only be opened by him. In this world where strength mainly comes from cultivation, a private closed environment is provided. This place will be his most important place as student.

Ye Qingyu unload his belonging and stuff it inside a small locker. He put in a corner, a red pot filled with daisies. It was the only thing he brought from his parent’s grave. Once the flower in full bloom, it will be the time for him to visit his parent’s grave.

At the same time, in the living room Ye Qingyu three roommates discussing something.

They clearly come from a wealthy aristocratic family. They are wearing silk clothing that is decorated lavish in luxury. When they saw Ye Qingyu comes out from his room, they just glanced without an intention to say helo.

The three apparently didn’t know of Ye Qingyu scores in the entrance examination so they are confused. Why can this poor family scrubby and the three nobility can be put together at one of the best quarters on the entire floor?


Ye Qingyu back in his room read a book about ‘newcomer guide’. He learned various thing about the school then quietly sat by the window and began training his unnamed breathing.

Tomorrow he will attend his first class so he wanted to adjust his body to be in the best state.

Ye Qingyu have a bigger goal set in mind.


The second day of school began.

Ye Qingyu woke up and practice his breathing again. Wear the white school robe and let his long black hair hanging freely. Take some school supplies and ready to attend the lesson. When he come out of the room, he noticed that his three other roommates had left already.

While walking calmly, he breathes in fresh air heading to the classroom. Along the way he met boys and girls around his age with their eyes filed with dreams for the future.

Ye Qingyu himself is fourteen years old, naturally tall and straight, a head higher than the others look extremely compelling. It was because he is late to enter the school while failing four years. The other noticed his school robes from the same year and greeted him.

“Hey, you are Ye Qingyu that enters with only completed five test right?”

It was a small girl with big eyeball looked curiously at Ye Qingyu. Her clothes are too big for her as if she is wearing a long dress. She gingerly carrying the front robe in her hands and let the back side slide on the floor, it is a lovely sight.

Ye Qingyu smiled and nodded.

“You are amazing! By the way my name is Song Xiaojun.” The little Lolita gives a thumbs up then introduced herself while accidentally she stepped on her long robe garment and staggering almost fell.

She is naively said with a face full of anguish complaining: “This robe is too long; too long, really I hate it. If I have to always walk around in this, what will my future be? Ah…”

She naive, spit spit small pink tongue, face anguish complained: “This gown is too long too long, really hateful ah, yesterday asked around, do not fit my trumpet, how can the future do ah …… ”

Ye Qingyu amused by her and said: “You can always modify it, maybe cut it a little.”

The little girl blushing while said:”I will not modify it!”

Maybe it wasn’t because she won’t but she couldn’t. As her appearance indicating that she is an aristocratic child, she doesn’t have her maid or parents to help her.

Ye Qingyu smiled and said: “I can help you modify it. Building 5A room 303. You know where to find me.

He didn’t think about giving her a special favor but a little help won’t hurt.

“You will help me modify it?” Song Xiaojun stared with a look of worship then nodded: “Ah, I must go now.”

Just then, a distant voice shouted Song Xiaojun name aloud can be heard: “I’m looking for my sister, she wears a robe that is bigger than herself.”

Even before the class, Ye Qingyu has been in a good mood.

Entering the classroom, it was a huge hall filled with people. However everyone seat has been fixed because there is a name written in each seat. Ye Qingyu didn’t take long to find his seat which is in the middle side of the first row. Definitely it is one of the best locations; it must be his good luck.

Many eyes looked envy at Ye Qingyu seat. While the class uproar continue, a melodious bell sounded indicating the course finally begun.

Under the watchful eye of the crowd, a forty years old female instructors entered from the side door and the classroom gradually quieted down. The female instructors looks very ordinary, black curly hair bundle in the back and ordinary instructors robe, she didn’t emit a strong pressure.

In the eye of noble children, she is just like a regular maid in their house and become disappointed.

This it their first class, many people are expecting the headmaster or someone with young and radical personalities, maybe the head instructors. Nobody expecting such an ordinary instructors. After a quiet moment, the classroom buzzed in arguments.

“Hello everyone, I am the first year instructor of body training, Wang Yan. Now let us begin the class.” The middle aged woman said that. There is no welcome speech, no school touring, no high hopes and wishes, there is nothing indicating for a good future.

Some even didn’t bother to listen to her name. They didn’t know the name Wang Yan, her teaching method is the simplest and most direct but it is also the most brutal. She is the one who prepare the foundation for White Deer School genius.

Body training is martial arts basis. It is extremely important.

“The so called body training refers to refining the body, increasing body limits and since ancient times there are numerous bodies refining technique to make weak people flesh stronger, reaching the level where they can fight with monstrous animal or physically split open a boulder just by a fist.”

The middle aged female instructors swept a gaze to the crowd and continues. “however one day the body forging will reaches it’s limit. It was not enough nonetheless if you want to survive in this cruel world. So after forging the body, we want to reach the higher realm… those realms for you for now is too far away. So return to the topic, I will be the one who teach to body forging. Body forging itself is divided into six parts. Skin, flesh, bone, blood, marrow, and organs, and it can only be done step by step.”

“The first is skin. It can be trained to be as hard as steel and as sharp as a sword.”

“The second is flesh, strong muscles inside can make you invulnerable.”

“Thirds is the bone. You can make it strong and could even bash a bear without relying on any other strength.

“Fourth is the blood. Forcing the flow of your blood can removes impurity from inside your body.”

“Fifth is the marrow.”

“Sixth is the organ.”

The middle aged female instructors enunciate and pronounce each word very clear and it can be heard by everyone in the hall. Even the last row students are able to hear her words clearly.

But the problem is that most first year students that is admitted in the White Deer School has long known that body refining technique and some practiced way long before entering the school. For such group of students, the things spoken doesn’t have any meaning.

The noise in the classroom grow louder and louder. Many students grow sleepy, some whispering chatter, and didn’t pay any attention.

Admits of that, Ye Qingyu actually listened very carefully.

He had practiced nothing so his basic is almost zero. For Ye Qingyu who heard this for the first time, the class felt very exciting. It was different from people at his side that looked impatient.

As the class almost at the end.

“So, body forging reaching the limits is the requirements to enter the higher realm. The one who can perfectly control their strength is able to attain higher state…”

As the middle aged female instructors explained that, an hour has passed. The class is impatiently waiting for the bell. However by now the middle aged female instructors show a smile on her serious face. It was a smile with a hidden meaning.