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Immortal God Emperor

Chapter 011 - IGE chapter 11

Immortal God Emperor Chapter 11

(Tl note: I like how the author build some conflicts early on.. I love it.. wish I could do more than a chapter a week lol…)

The moon is hiding behind the dark clouds. The dimly moonlight can only illuminated lightly outside the [God]’s club building.

Han Xiaofei handsome face is covered with anger. They said the beast is more ferocious when wounded.

“Ye Qingyu… you have make me suffer in shame today. I swear, I will never forget this and make you pay the price!”

He whispered slowly but it is as if he is roaring.

On his side, Jiang Xiaohan hatred is boiling too.

White Qing, although Ye Qingyu is the real culprit but she is at fault too.


At the same time in different location.

It was Liu Ye kneeling infront of the door. On his side, it was the first test instructors, Liu Heng kneeling.

Liu family is the city’s fourth ranked major family. They run business for several decades of history, all of these years they are flourishing and become the one that make deal with most of aristocratic family. Their influence can’t be ignored.

“Grandpa, Ye children admitted the mistake.”

Liu Ye is begging for mercy. They have been kneeling for two hours. Although Liu Ye get some refining basic foundation but his leg is almost give out.


A commanding hoarse voice coming out from inside the room.

“It was my mistake, I shouldn’t have provoked Ye Qingyu…” Liu Ye voice is trembling.

“Idiot! Ye Qingyu is a nobody. You still don’t realize what you have done wrong!” that majestic hoarse voice roared up. Liu Ye didn’t dare to speak anymore because of fear.

“I, Liu, started to do business all these years facing the ups and downs. I have many friends and can’t fall that easily. I always trying to find a successor but you from younger generation have no hope.” The old commanding voice then sighed before continue: “ Mere Ye Qingyu, no matter how talented he is still young, he is not a threat. The reason I punish you is because you are stupid. Merchant always need to get profit. You stir up trouble and if your temper didn’t change, one day you will provoke the untouchables and at that time, even if I have to sacrifice you to quell the anger, I will do that. As long as the family is safe I am willing to give you to the enemy. Do you understand?”

“Grandson understand…” Liu Ye body is now trembling too.

“Get up.”

With difficulties, Liu Ye stood up leaning on the side pillar to help him stand.

Liu Heng on his side said: “Uncle, I…”

“Shut up!” another shout can be heard: “Over these years, I have spent countless financial and material resources for you to train at the White Deer school. Finally you become an instructor however I did not expect. You will lose it because of a small thing and waste all of my hard work!”

“Uncle please forgive me. Indulgences Uncle, this is an unforeseen occurrence.” Liu Heng quickly asking for mercy.

“Fortunately Ye is still a freshman. There is still time to try to fix your mistake. I will try to solve this, maybe I have to spend a fortune to do it however you are not allowed to tell anyone or else you are going to die without even a burial.”

“yes yes yes….” Liu Heng give a sigh of relief.

After a while, Liu Heng and Liu Ye walk out of the building.

“I can’t just let this go!” Liu Heng grit his teeth, he now hates Ye Qingyu.

Liu Ye did not speak, only an insidious hatred flashing in his eyes.



White Deer School.

Today is the first day of the admission.

Many freshmen come early in the morning and couldn’t wait to reconfirm their admission. In accordance with the academy, parents can only come until the gate and couldn’t enter. So the front gate are very crowded, full of parents earnestly asked their children to take care of themselves.

White Deer School opening day are a lively strange scene.

At both sides of the main entrance to the school, more than 10 meters tall stone mirror is placed.

Stone mirror is a rare material that is smooth as a mirror and under the sunlight exposure it will turn silver. Above the mirror there is one ink handwriting blinking.

Rank List!

This is the White Deer school entrance exams custom. Around the stone mirror full of people packed wanted to see.

“Ranked first in overall standings is the unparalleled Qin. Son of Santo, he was raised in the military environment and said to have the blood of the genius.”

“Qin Warriors after all are a distinguished lineage since their birth. Qin parents had paved the way for him with countless immortal treasures to eat. How can he not be a genius? The second rank was more surprising ah!”

“ah, yes. A child from poor family able to surpass Song Qing Luo, there is also a child from Liu family. Truly this list is a list of power and terror.”

“it was too bad that Yan Xing children placed second.”

“uh? Ye Qingyu didn’t make it to the top twenty? Even with his bright talents he is only ranked twenty one?”

“We hear that Ye Qingyu only going trough five test.”

“What? How is this possible? But still ranked twenty first?”

“that is true. I heard them saying he only going trough five test.”

“Ah heaven is playing on us.”

“If Ye Qingyu complete all six test then wouldn’t he easily overcome Qin and Yan Xing?”

People are talking around. Ye Qingyu overheard them and feel a little depressed. It was a good time to stole the limelight, if only he participate in the first test. Warriors Qin, Yan Xing days, Song Qing Luo, will have been trampled underfoot ……

But there are still other opportunities, as long as he is inside the school it will still come.

After that Ye Qingyu silently enter the White Deer school gate.

Some second year student look at Ye Qingyu, his tattered clothes and looked at him with vigilance and suspicion. Ye Qingyu just smiled and hand his tag.

That student took the tag and saw the name with the record and score. His face suddenly turned. With a little smile he handed the tag back and politely let him go.

One step into the future.

This is the first step Ye Qingyu take into entering the White Deer School.

It was white marble paved road that criss-crossed like web leading to different location. Large tracts of grassland, woods, and a water fountain in the middle. In one side, a majestic building stood, on the other side the beauty of nature laid out.

An extremely fresh air can be inhaled. If this, the White Deer School, even the air can make people relaxed and happy.

White Deer School is very big. Divided into six regions with each size is more than a full acre.

Ye Qingyu and the other freshmen are going to live in this place to practice. It was a majestic meandering, endless, and like a palace complex in general. The greatness of this place can’t even be compared to the gate.

Each roadside are marked with signs and second year students are there to help. Ye Qingyu and new students are going to report to the department with their name tag and be placed.

This time, there are a total of two thousand students and more than one hundred repeaters divided into twenty one classes.

Ye Qingyu class is the 21th, 100 people including 11 repeaters and will be placed in building 5A.

Because it was the first day, it was less hectic. Ye Qingyu received his uniform and asked around to find the building 5. His room is on the third floor and there have been three roommates being busy. Ye Qingyu smiled to give the other greetings.

But these three random only glanced at Ye Qingyu. They saw him wearing dowdy clothes and turn their gaze away. Ye Qingyu isn’t angry, just shook his head and try to find his place.

White Deer School student dormitory is also quite interesting. Building 5 have a total of three floors. Each floor has a total of ten big halls. Each hall connected to four small single rooms so each student can have their single room but a shared hall.

After practicing martial arts for many people, they want to do their own cultivation process so a single room is a must to do it without interference.

Gently closed his own door Ye Qingyu examined his room. It was a single room around 40m square. With a bed, table and chairs all made from stone. The room walls are white with an imprint of rune that can strengthen strength and defense.