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Chapter 010 - IGE chapter 10

Immortal God Emperor Chapter 10
Here is the long awaited reminisced everybody’s favorite story that will haunt you and asking you to read more and more of it after you read more and more of it.

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Jiang Xiaohan can be considered as one of the top goddess level female students on White Deer College. However if she was compared to Qing, they are like heaven and earth.

White Deer School White Qing!

That is the real name of a living angel.

“White senior sister, do you know that trash Ye Qingyu?” Han Xiaofei smiled without noticing the awkward atmosphere.

Qing like an ethereal, tranquil as frozen moonlight only casually glanced, did not speak.

Han Xiaofei can only guess what is the meaning of that look. It was a condescending disdain and contempt, so naturally being shown. He is one of the four handsomest male in White Deer School but in the eyes of White Deer Angel. There is no difference between him and a flea in her eyes.

This makes Han Xiaofei very angry.

But he couldn’t do anything.

“Oh, little Han may not know it, the one who you call trash with your mouth; in today test he achieved top score in five tests. His rank is already among the top 30. The head instructor admitting him already today and he is the first one who enters with only five tests done.”

An authentic smile is coming from White after she heard the tall noble saying that.

After the words went out Hang Xiaofei rage suddenly dissipate. His face changes into disbelievement.

“What did you say? How is this possible? Five test top score and become top 30 in freshmen overall standings, does it mean that…” Han Xiaofei is asking for an explanation.

“Yes.” The tall noble replied:”Ye Qingyu five test score is the top of the test…”

He paused a bit before continuing after feeling that the speech was not enough to send a shock: “There are even rumor that this result is still under graded. Because our test area have some limitations on the method used on the test. Otherwise Ye Qingyu performance may be more terrifying, enough to break our mind.”

Han Xiaofei froze hearing that.

“How is this possible?” Jiang Xiaohan shouted aloud: “That garbage, how could he reach this level? He was only a clown and failed four times before. He must have cheated!”

Suddenly many eyes fall on her body. The tall noble look at her with slight sarcasm now.

“Cheating? How could it was possible. Since the founding of White Deer School, the enrollment assessment matrix method and environment are personally made to grade each person talents. It never once made a mistake. Also, hundreds of people are watching. Did you think Ye Qingyu who comes from poor family could hide some tools or bribe the instructor?”

“Since Zhou Yu brothers concluded that he wasn’t cheating, it is naturally not cheating.” Han Xiaofei have recovered and looking embarrassed to admit it.

The tall noble name is Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu is a well born child. He never boast and have profound wisdom. He also trained in secret to increase his insight. Among the grade four students, Zhou Yu is able to enter the top five ranks and of course his status is higher than Han Xiao. What he said is naturally irrefutable too.

Han Xiaofei secretly winking to Jiang Xiaohan. He is signaling to drop the subject about Ye Qingyu. He don’t want to offended White and also ridiculed by Zhou. It was more harm than good right now. If they say something wrong, they could be the laughing stock.

Inside Jiang Xaohan heart, its as if the mountain are collapsing when she get Han Xiaofei secret message.

Among her mind that went blank, emotion that is not clear between remorse or anger or something else, in short, this explosion of emotions could ignore event Han Xiaofei warning.

It was wise to shut up but she has lost her sanity. She loudly said: “This is impossible. Absolutely impossible. If he isn’t cheating then how do you explain his four times failure?”

Zhou Yu as if he had been expecting this question answered with a laugh:”Fool, you know the king will always be able to see the truth and be wise. Ye Qingyu for four years , the reason his test is so bad only have one explanation. It wasn’t he can’t but he don’t want to show it.”

“He don’t want?” Jiang Xiaohan asked.

“I guess Ye Qingyu for some reason don’t want to enter the White Deer School. He deliberately did not pass the examination. He act like a fool in the four previous tests and this time he reveal his strength because his play time is over.”

Everyone who have heard that could not help but feel dumbfounded.

If so, then this Ye Qingyu really is a scary person.

A man, no matter in the end how much self-confidence they have, will they make such a crazy decision like this?

A man, in the end how much of their own self-confidence, will make such a crazy choice?

White Deer School entrance test is a long waited opportunity. To fail on purpose for four times.

All of a sudden the original merry and extremely lively dinner turn into a quietness.

Jiang Xiaohan this time entering the dream [God] area, is causing her mind to set off a monstrous waves.

So to say, a child that once have a hero which is the boy next door, she abandoned him and think of him as a joke. Once again the boy show up and prove his worth.

His way of thinking…

On this moment, Jiang Xiaohan hearts feel a deep sense of remorse. This remorse then turned into anger and resentment.

Ye Qingyu is doing this intentionally! He is acting like a fool on purpose.

He must have deliberately choose this time to enter the White Deer School. Since this time the [God] club is having a big banquet.

After a long while, the rare silence is broken by a voice.

“So what? Even if he have the confidence to miss four year times of practice, but he have a poor background. No one will support him when he wanted to buy some pills and talisman. Ye Qingyu have nothing to look forward in this school. You who have trained for a long time know this fact. It as if he is throwing his talent away.”

An angelic sound, the speaker is White Qing. The White Deer College goddess. She rarely openly evaluate other students. But this time she made an exception on Ye Qingyu case.

All of the sudden people don’t know where the goddess is standing, which sides she choose, but this evaluation is demeaning.

Don’t know why Jiang Xiaohan heart suddenly cheerful again. However like a thunder in the middle of the day, White next sentence makes Jian Xiaohan feel somebody is throwing an ice bucket on her.

“All that wasn’t qualified to attend to [God] club please leave.”

Qing White is looking at Jiang Xiaohan. She looked at her with lofty eyes as if a queen who is overlooking a humble servant, directly expelling her.

“But.. I received an invitation to come.”

Jiang Xiaohan can felt the humiliation aimed at her. She know she couldn’t fight back but right now she wasn’t in the right mood to think.

Qing White beckoned. With a strange force, Jiang Xiaohan couldn’t reacted and her invitations flew out of her arms and fell to White arms. They can’t see what she done.

“Now, you don’t have an invitation.” Qing said that while looking calm.




The goddess of White Deer School at this moment shows her strength and dominance.

“White senior sister apprentice, Xiaohan junior sister apprentice is invited by me to come here.” Han Xiaofei want to say something more but couldn’t.

Qing eyes than shifted her gaze to Han Xiaofei: “Oh, you also leave from this place. You are not allowed to enter the [God]’s club area for three months.”

When he hears that, Han Xiaofei face changed. This is a very severe punishment. It was as if not allowing him to met with fellow aristocratic students inside the circle.

He would go on to argue however, at this time, a faint male voice from behind called out: “Didn’t you hear her? Hurry leave this place.”

“Cousein?” Han Xiaofei surprised when he looked back.

Behind him was a man with Chinese angular face. His bronzed skin is giving a sense of full of energy outbreak. He was a head taller than the others and his flexed bulged muscle as if he is used to cut woods using axe. His tall body is towering as if he could covered the moon. A lot of people seemed to smothering when they saw him.

He is Han Shuang Hu!

One of the few people among the strongest fourth grade students that is in charge of [God] club.

“Cousin I…” Han Xiaofei want to say something.

“Hurry and go.” Han Shuang Hu didn’t give him a chance.

Han Xiaofei hesitated for a moment thinking that his cousin want to help him. Knowing that he won’t ask him to stay, he didn’t dare to say anything, turned and leave with Jiang Xiaohan. The two extremely embarrassed, leaved the [God]’s area.

The two people totally blundered tonight. Maybe when the morning comes, everyone know what happened there and they will become a joke.

“My cousin is not sensible, so white junior sister apprentice shouldn’t bother .” Han Shuang Hu said that while smiled submissively.

White Qing deadpanned: “There is no not sensible, in respect of good discipline.”