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I became a hero in a pandemic

Chapter 004 - She was able to notice it



I throw my bloody clothes away on the second floor, before Honjo-san came over when I put an arm through the black shirt which doesn't have any stain of blood. It seems to have been just in time. 


"Just right. This is a present"


The shopping basket which mowed down the cash register and I didn't let go even when the zombie bit off my shoulder is handed over  to her with the canned peaches on the top of the basket.


"You like them? Canned peaches"




She looked at the food which I held out, but Honjo-san didn´t take it. On the contrary, she fell one step behind.






"I'm Please believe it......just now, emm, the remnants......after I notice that there are remnants for one week, as for all the food that remained let's share it equally between you and me......"


Being moved to tears I shed tears that pile up.


She noticed. I truly distributed the same amount.


A leader gives the same amount of everything and the rest is taken for himself. In other words, she understands the consumption condition when she saw the leftovers. I didn´t treat the leftovers properly either, so it is likely for her to notice because I have thrown it away in the garbage box around here. 


Of course, it was foreseen and it wouldn't come out if I hide the leftovers or remaining ingredients better. If I take two similar things, she doesn't know it.


However Honjo, who is gentle since she was young doesn't seem to have been smart. No, I shouldn't say such a cruel thing.


"If you are hungry, your judgment becomes dull. There is no help for it"


There is a word that is the end of love and money, but the gap is considerably a burden mentally and that there is not a necessary article. The teenage girl who lived peacefully in front of me a little can't be changed so easily.




I was hugged suddenly.


Though I feel pain in my shoulder when I move it too much, she's showing her emphasis because she doesn't know it.


When I pat her head unwillingly, Honjo looked at me timidly.


"That, Matoba-san, why, at that time, didn't you deny it?"


Did she suspected it at that time?


"What, it was my intention from a beginning......”


“He? From the beginning, what do you mean? "


"No, come to think of it, because your childhood friend is excellent, even if he takes reinforcements and returns here, I think that it is impossible within a month. But when you can survive for nearly two months, the probability rises fairly"


We live together, of course, there is no alternative. The only method was to go underground to get food, but as a result my shoulder was bitten. 


By the way, it is around one week since I became a zombie. Because the bitten area is small, there might be a little delay for me. 


"That is......I noticed! I was able to notice!"


When she said so and let me wait for a moment she went up to the third floor.


Because I was just in the middle of changing clothes, the bloody blue jeans is changed slightly.


When I finished changing my clothes, Honjo-san came back.


"Please look!"


In her right hand which she raised so that I could see it, a can opener was hold. Using the can opener, she opens the canned peaches skillfully. She probably seems to have mastered how to use the can opener perfectly.


"Before I live alone, I'd rather die together!"


The content of the opened peach can is stuck with a fork and is brought to her mouth.


If I show her the wound on my shoulder, what kind of reaction does she show......I'm interested, however I swallow this dark feeling.


"Thank you......But I don't like peaches"


Ue, Honjo-san raised a wild voice.








"About Makoto......Matoba-san, do you hear it?"


"Ah, yes, I listen!"


Our whereabouts at the moment is the third floor, on beds in the furniture department. At a time of whether a day probably is straddled or isn't straddled Honjo sits down on the same bed as me.


The topic is Makoto who is her childhood friend. I don't know what to say, because I'm sleepy and I have no choice because it's the fact that I'm not interested in it clearly.


"It's bad, Honjo-san. I intend to sleep soon"


"Wa! It is already such time!"


"That's right, then good night"


"Yes, good night"


......But but Honjo-san didn't move away from my bed.


"Well, Honjo-san? I, I want to sleep? "


She didn't answer any more. In case of a zombie that is often seen, Honjo doesn't attacks me and she doesn't utter a word and has a serious expression on her face.


She seem to think about something. She is alive though it is natural. 


"Emm, Honjo-san? Do you hear me?"


I'm really sleepy and I worry about this dangerous situation.......instead of retreating and letting my son run out of control. I don't know whether this is the reproduction instinct of human and even if I was back in my teens, I don't remember such an excitement.


Exposed to the danger of life which means my decision to die, my instincts deal with the girl in front of me and start to appeal to leave a seed. 


Because water have been secured even without any regret, she can keep her body clean for the time being. It may be unsatisfactory for Honjo who is a girl of marriageable age, but in this situation with shampoo and hair conditioner it will be better than nothing. At least zombies are weather-beaten.


Oh, that's why, this present state of nasal cavity and the fragrance of this girl isn't very good.


To the effect that the distance shrinks unskillfully, Honjo-san comes to have a poor defense. Look at her nape her chest is exposed and my reason is shaved crunchily. She is wearing her sailor blouse, which is always worn, except when it is drying on the rooftop after washing it. Of course on the bottom she wears a skirt and her stocking less legs peeps out from the skirt that is slightly rolled up, therefore my son reacts twitchily.


This girl which is thought as the most brilliant existence under the sun let her thighs being lighted up by the fire of the candle and shined faintly filled with a mysterious elegance.




Without answering my question, she comes closer on the narrow bed.


"Wh-what is it?"


"For a man, do I have to do that thing?"


"That thing?"


My head turned around at once and I repeated Honjo-san words like a parrot.


“That, wh, wha......wh, wh......what, is that”


Suddenly my son jumped.