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Chapter 003 - chapter 3

The Future Demon Lord Is Working At The Convenience Store Chapter 3

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“Leah, this will work right?”

“Don’t worry Cecil. I have done the calculation countless time. It won’t fail.”

“Alright I believe in you.”


Cecil then walked into the middle of the room where a big complicated diagram was drawn on top of each other on the floor. Leah then looks at Cecil and nods.

“Aiz wen suf deigh zan wor…”

As Leah continues her chants, the diagram on the floor slowly is emitting bright light. Indicating that the spell is working.

“Zei fei dow can reis..”

As the spell is completed, Cecil gives a smile to Leah who is panicked.

(Is there something wrong?)

However it was too late, Cecil already enveloped with the light and soared to the sky.


Leah shouted out with all her might but it was too late.

“I forgot to tell you how to return!”


Leah can only look at the light that is becoming smaller in the sky with a worried face.

“I wonder what Leah is trying to tell me. Well, I guess it wasn’t something important.”

Cecil thought so as she is travelling in the open space.

“I wonder when I will arrive.”

It takes around one day for the light journey which is travelling 100000 times faster than lightning to arrive on earth. It was amazing how the light sphere could withstand the pressure and keep Cecil comfortable inside it.

When she arrived on planet earth, she landed in a small forest near the coast. She now has to find the next demon lord and bring him back. It wasn’t that hard to locate the next demon lord. As she closed her eyes, she couldn’t feel any mana flowing around her which means probably there are nobody that could use magic is around. She then increases the search location to all over planet earth. It was a simple task because the size of planet earth is only 1/1000th of the world she comes from and this  size of search can be considered as normal.

She found some entity that hold mana inside them. A weak mana fluctuation on Germany, North Pole, Indonesia, however it wasn’t what she is looking for. Finally she realized what is wrong. Just a few kilometers from her, there is an area that couldn’t be searched as if a barrier is protecting the area. Moreover it wasn’t a normal barrier, it was as if her mana search is afraid of something and decided to leave that area alone.

“Fufufufu. There you are my demon lord.”

Cecil at first amazed at the building in this world that seemed to be futuristic. It was because where she comes from the building is around at the middle age civilization. However she remembers that she is in another world and didn’t think much about it. She directly headed to the center of the black void in her mana search.

She found the source of that fearsome ability. It was inside a shabby looking convenience store. She stepped inside and found her target.

However for some reason she could only stand in front of him. It was because she couldn’t understand what he is speaking. Then she used the time being to cast a spell. It was a spell for her to understand and speak foreign language. It took some time for the spell itself to gather information about the language since the man is speaking something that could be originated from 700 different language. After some time finally the spell is completed. It was a convenient thing, the thing called ‘magic’. She can learn a foreign language in only a few minutes.


She couldn’t speak the proper word since the spell itself is adjusting the setting.


“Finally. Finally I have found you.”

“Do you have some business with me?”

Seeing the man replying without hesitation she decided that it is best to jump to the main problem.

“Please, be the next Mao.”

(Hehehe, he must be happy right? To be appointed to such great position.)

However the man didn’t answered back. Cecil then decided to kneel down on the ground.

(Ah, it is normal for me to lower myself before him.)

After a while, she is waiting for the reply she hoped for but the reality is different.

“Sorry but I have to return to my work.”

“Eh? Mao-sama, please.”

“If you aren’t going to buy anything then please leave the store.”

(Is it because he is bounded by some of contract with the store? Right now he seemed to be working here. The problem will be solved if he doesn’t have anything to sell anymore right?)

“If that so, I’m going to buy all of this. I’ll buy this store.”


(why is he surprised? Is the price of the store is really that much? Or is it the price of his contract ?)

“How much is your worth?”

“Of course I’m going to buy you too.”

(now, I hope I make myself clear. I’ll free him from the contract that bound him to this store.)

“Please stop your nonsense or I’ll call the police.”

(Eh? I don’t know what is the police but why is he saying that I’m spouting nonsense)

“Wait, why are you ignoring me? Hey, call the owner of this place, I want to buy it.”

“Listen girl, you keep talking big but do you have any money on you?”

“Money? What is that?”

“It is the thing used to purchase thing. Don’t you know that?”

(Ah, so after all he is afraid that I might not enough to free him for his contract.)

“So, money is the thing used to buy things right? Is this sufficient?”

Cecil takes out a ‘red diamond’ from her spatial item bag. This amount is enough to buy ten castles so it should be sufficient to buy the small shabby looking convenience store.

(He take the gem. It should be enough right?)


(I-I-I couldn’t believe it! he just bites it to pieces. He is clearly the man with bottomless power. He is the next demon lord.)


Cecil kneeled but the man that have enough power to be the future demon lord immediately grab her shoulder and makes her stand.

“Listen girl, I have job to do and got no time to play with you. Now leave me alone. By the way, don’t call me Mao, I hate it. You can just call me Sho. Now, don’t come back here even if you want to buy something. See ya!”

Her mind lost the ability to think. What is just happened? The future demon lord is able to crush a ‘red diamond’ easily, and for Cecil that is one of the demon generals, he easily lift her body up while it was done without her consent, it could even broke an arm of the strongest warrior if normally done. Also his last words to her aren’t normal sentence. It hold some power, it was more of an ‘order’ given by someone of higher position.

With a blank look on her face Cecil walks away. She decided to back off for to