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Chapter 002 - chapter 2

The Future Demon Lord Is Working At The Convenience Store Chapter 2

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The bell on top of the door of the convenience store is ringing.



With a lazy greeting, a man with a ruffled black hair is giving a small bow. His black eyes showing no anticipation about the future and the black mark under the eye indicate his deprive of sleep. He is in his late teens judging from his young face, although his eyes makes him look older by a couple of years. Wearing a green apron, white bluish shirt underneath, a small blue hat, and blue ragged jeans, the boy hardly stand straight. With a small nametag on his chest the name ‘Shorai Mao’ is written.

Usually the guests that visit the convenience store will head straight inside and looking for what they wanted to buy. Usually it was the seaweed produced locally or the well know and famous wasabi from Izu.

However the guest that comes inside is only standing in front of him. He noticed that once he lifts his head after that small bow.

His mouth isn’t giving any reaction but his eyes are wide open. It was a teenager girl with a long silky gray hair that fall straight down to her back. It wasn’t strange to see foreign tourist around here but her beauty exceed even the idols Sho usually saw on the TV. Her red eyes and lips are enchanting him and that tight leather bondage-like clothing on her dynamite body makes his eye fixated on her.

After some times, he finally realized that he was in an awkward position. Furthermore she is a guest of the store.

(Ah, it was rude of me to stare at her. However I couldn’t help it.)

“Ah, I’m sorry for my rude behavior.”

Sho gives another bow but the girl doesn’t seem to understand. Using his self taught English from the tourist, he tried to ask her.

“Hawe ecan ai helep yowu?” (How can I help you)

Maybe it was his bad pronunciation that the girl didn’t understand. However she just stands there looking deeply at him. This time Sho noticed the girl have some kind of bat like wing on her back and a tail. Is this the famous ‘cosplay’ done by foreigner? Ah, the girl should understand something more familiar.

“Erm, eksukariba?”

Sho tried it out by saying the word ‘eksukariba’ it was the name of the famous sword Excalibur and hoped she could understand it. However she didn’t react at all too.

“Hmm, gund*m, to love r*, magical princess m*e ?”

He is now doing some more absurd thing, trying to guess the guest cosplay anime. After some time trying to spit out all names of anime that he know of, he give up trying to converse with the girl who is just standing there.

(*sigh*, maybe she has a special kind of disorder. Let’s just leave her alone for now. Poor girl, even though she is a real beauty.)


The girl then suddenly said something.



The girl then speaks something that Sho could understand.

“Finally I have found you.”

Sho was surprised when he heard that. The girl is clearly directing those words for him.

“Do you have some business with me?”

“Please, be the next Mao.”

Sho eyebrow twitched when he heard that. What does it mean as the next Mao? His name is Shorai Mao, so is she asking to be the next himself? After thinking for a while he understand, the girl mean the next demon lord (Mao) At first he was happy that the girl talk to him but clearly the girl is delusional. It was weird enough to wear cosplay in a secluded vocational place like here and now she is asking him to join her in the cosplay. The girl even kneeled on the ground to add some dramatic effects.

“Sorry but I have to return to my work.”

Coldly Sho said that word. For him who could even leave his hometown without any lingering feelings left behind, it was easy to said so to the girl he just met.

“Eh? Mao-sama, please.”

“If you aren’t going to buy anything then please leave the store.”

“If that so, I’m going to buy all of this. I’ll buy this store.”


Sho is looking at the girl with some doubts. How can this girl pay the money? She doesn’t even look like she brings her purse.

“How much is your worth?”

The girl is pointing at him with her delicate finger.


“Of course I’m going to buy you too.”

“Please stop your nonsense or I’ll call the police.”

“Wait, why are you ignoring me? Hey, call the owner of this place, I want to buy it.”

Sho wanted to return to his job but the girl is keeping on pestering him.

“Listen girl, you keep talking big but do you have any money on you?”

“Money? What is that?”

“It is the thing used to purchase thing. Don’t you know that?”

Sho now can feel some aching feelings in his head.

“So, money is the thing used to buy things right? Is this sufficient?”

The girl then out of nowhere pull a fist sized ruby colored gem. It was a rare jewel called ‘red diamond’. The price is around 2-2.5 million $ / carat. Clearly the gem in the girl hand is sufficient to buy a small island based on the size alone. However Sho think differently. He think this girl is just performed a magic trick to make a ‘fake’ gem appeared. It was actually taken from the girl spatial item bag.

Sho then decided to play along. He took the gem and bites it with his teeth. Sho isn’t surprised when the ‘red diamond’ crumbled because of his bite but the girl is clearly shocked.

(As expected, this one is a fake glass)


‘Red diamond’ is quite rare even in the other world where the girl came from. There are rarer materials but ‘red diamond’ is one of the hardest materials to break. Seeing Sho easily break it with his teeth, how can she isn’t surprised.


The girl kneeled but Sho immediately grab her shoulder and makes her stand.

“Listen girl, I have job to do and got no time to play with you. Now leave me alone. By the way, don’t call me Mao, I hate it. You can just call me Sho. Now, don’t come back here even if you want to buy something. See ya!”

Sho pushed the girl outside of the store and sighed after he saw the girl walked with a blank stare.

“I wish I could just finish my shift and buy that almost expired katsu-don.”