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Chapter 001 - chapter 1

The day I was born was said to be the day of Calamity.

I was born at 7:06 , 5 – 8 – 1999.

there is nothing special right? however


I was born at the ‘unluckiest’ time in the world. born at 7:06 which is literally 6:66 if there is such a time of day.

the date was 5 of august. however if you count it, it was the 66th day from the 6th month.

the year I was born was said to be a bad omen. the year 1999 that is feared as the end of the world. and strangely enough I was born 666 years after the ‘Siege of Kamakura’ where the forces of Emperor Go-Daigo led by Nitta Yoshisada enter and destroy the city, breaking the power of the Hōjō clan over the Kamakura shogunate. The Kamakura period ends that day.

when I was born there is a huge eclipse,the gravity caused the sea near Ogasawara island where I was born to be roaring as if it wanted to devour the whole island.

my parents said that when I was born however I didn’t let out a cry. they are worried that something bad will happened to me but turned to be afraid at me after I was grinning like the devil incarnate right after I was born.

truthfully I didn’t remember any of that since at that time I was still a baby.

that day, was a series of serendipity I think. but my parent’s didn’t feel the same. they even give me a silly name for a boy. ‘shōrai’, another form of ‘mirai’ which means the future. it would be great if they hope that I could bring the future world peace or the future fate of humanity. however when they give me that name they thought of something else. ‘maō’, the demon lord. So, my name from that day is Shōrai Maō.

Have you ever think of a witch hunt? I was thinking that it was an amazing and impossible scene before it happened before my very own eyes. of course the target of the witch subjugation was myself. it is so strange seeing the whole population of the island which is roughly 2400 people gathered bringing a torch towards my house.

“Burn him to death!”

“Crucify him!”

“pierce a wooden stake straight into his heart.”

that was silly right? up to the point where my parent kicked me out of the house. the villager tied me to a pole, and wanted to make a roasted meal out of me. i was so scared.

“Let’s burn him!”

the moment the oil was poured into the pole and the torch is nearing it, the sky was clamoring. the thunder is raging as if it was angry. the villager paid no attention to that however the moment the pole was burned, heavy rain comes and put out the fire.

this must be another serendipity.

I stopped thinking that after the moment the villager throw me out to the sea, a whale come and brings me back to the shore. the moment they throw me off the cliff, I was saved by a tree branch and left hanging there. i was left to die without food from starvation but the tree branch that I was in bear fruits for me to eat.

can it get any more absurd than this?

the villager without any choice decided to sent me away from the village.

about time I think. actually I was thinking of leaving. since this small island doesn’t have anything that appealed in my eyes. and yeah, I was sent away in a wooden raft that is barely made out from two coconut trees. of course they are trying to send me away to another death but they failed again. a tsunami-like waves carried me to the main island of Japan.

I arrived at Izu peninsula which is still fairly a remote place.
the Izu peninsula is primarily known for onsen hot spring resorts and is a part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It is also popular for sea bathing, surfing, golfing and motorcycle touring. Aside from tourism, agriculture and fishing are the mainstays of the local economy. Izu is one of the biggest producers of wasabi in Japan, and the local cuisine offers dishes flavored with wasabi.

with that, it didn’t take long even for me who is just a highschool graduate to find a job. the people here are always recruiting. I didn’t work at the onsen since I can’t hold my self back if I see the slender and sexy nape of women wearing kimono everyday after coming out from the bath. Fishing and farming is also out of the question. so, my last destination is working at the convenience store which is selling some pre packaged product. of course it wasn’t a bad job since the pay is enough for me to rent a room and I could buy some near expired food from the store at the cheap price. the only thing that bothered me is, there are more wasabi in this store than the number of visitor count of the day.