Rebirth Online World

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Chapter 000 - prologue

I know today I’m supposed to take the day off.. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to write this..  Hahaha…  Just enjoy this one.. A story with cliche title…

The future demon lord is working at the convenience store


” Leah is that true? ”

A girl comes barging in into the room.

The room itself is dimly lighted. Only some book shelves lined up on the wall. In the middle of the small room, a round table with two chairs is located. In the middle of the table, a round crystal ball can be found. On one chair, a red robed girl sat down. Her face is covered by a layer of transparent fabric. You couldn’t see anything except her eyes because she also wear a scarlet coloured mask.

“Yes Cecil, I’ve found him. ”

The girl who is barging in is now sitting on the empty chair. The dim light from the torch is now revealing her figure. Long silky grayish hair fall straight down to her back. But it was disturbed by two bat-like wings that comes out from her back. Not to mention a tail with a pointy end coming from the area near her bottom. Her face is white like the procelain, red blood eyes gleaming and her lip is as bright as a rose. Her stature isn’t too tall but it was perfect to show curves. Her slender leg and voluptuous chest ensnared men’s eye. However her looks seemed like to be in fifteen years old.

“Leah.. Where is he? ”

” The reason it took a long time to find him is because he is in another world. ”

Leah replied in a casual tone but Cecil couldn’t hide her shock.

” Another world?! ”

She slammed her hands and shake the table.

” Yes.. He is in another world.. ”

” Then, can we summoned him here? Can we? ”

After a while Cecil regained her calmness but her voice is still enthusiastic.

” That is the problem. I have tried many times to contact him but it was futile. ”

” So, what should we do? ”

Leah didn’t change her eyes expression nor moved.

” The fastest way is to send one of us and awaken his power. However.. ”

Cecil then changed her complexion.

” Yeah I know. The gate to another world is full of uncertainty. ”

Then silence fill the place..

” Alright. I’ll do it. ”

” Cecil.. You? ”

Leah finally show a change of emotion. Her tone is raised and her eyes is showing disbelieve.

” You know that there is no other way. ”


” Please.. Let me do this.. ”

Cecil grabbed Leah hands. She hold it with her own hands and grip it firmly. She also shows a puppy eyes for pleading.

” If that’s your decision…. I’ll try my best to find out more about him.. ”

” Leah! Thank you! ”

Cecil hugged her tightly.

” Alright.. Let me go.. I couldn’t.. Breathe… ”

” Ah! Sorry.. ”

We can now see a smile coming from Cecil and Leah’s eyes.

” So, when can I leave? ”

” not so fast.. I need to make some preparation.. ”

” give me an estimation.. ”

” judging by the star formation, the moon mana density and the planet revolution, the best time is seventeen years from now. ”

This time Cecil couldn’t hide her impatience.

” Seventeen years? Couldn’t you make it shorter? ”

” Cecil, we have waited so long.. Another seventeen years won’t make a difference.. Also I have to make sure that it was safe. ”

” Seventeen years? Alright.. I will wait for seventeen years. I won’t accept it if we’re late even by a day.. ”

” Cecil… I understand.. I’ll do my best.. ”