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Chapter 026 - PTSD

“Marise!” I ran towards him at light speed, Hanako caught him before his body slammed onto the ground. As I approached, I glanced towards the crowd of black suits, all of theirs hands were reaching for their waist, lifting their jackets up at the side, revealing a pistol.


Then, I took a look at Marise’s aunt; her mouth was wide agap, her eyes filled with disbelieve.


Huh? Aren't you a sadist?


“Marise!” I stopped right in front of Marise’s body which laid in Hanako’s arms. A gush of wind blew from behind, causing many of those black suited people to sway and lose their balance. The floor beneath me cracked. But, none of it was of my concern, right now.


I placed my hands on his forehead and it was burning hot. I knew we had to cool him down, otherwise he will die.


“Get him to the infirmary!” I commanded my group as I turned towards the door.  Seeing that the black suits were cock blocking the door, I asked politely “Excuse me,” but none of them moved a muscle.


“I said move.” I bellowed, still trying to figure out why they won’t move.


“Why should we?” The one wearing a black fedora with white stripes asked. “You aren’t the king.”


Alright, that’s it.


I pulled my hands backwards and Kuro grew from my fist like a lightsaber. Then, I pushed forward, lifting Kuro with my body, bent low and sprinted forward, stopping right in front of the fedora hat guy, and stopped lifting Kuro. The blade extended from my right hand which was crossed to my left side and towards the man’s neck, the tip millimeters away from slicing his throat. All these happened in a fraction of a second.


I glared at the man, pushing the blade upward, closer to his chin. He lifted his head up to avoid being cut, cold sweat started to fall from his forehead as he gritted his teeth.


“You…….” The man groaned.


“You're big, now let’s see if you can move.”,.


“Grr..” He growled, then finally moved. The rest of the crowd followed suit and cleared a path for us. We ran out of the hall quickly and headed for the infirmary.  As we ran, a sudden thought hit me : The infirmary is on the fifth floor!


We arrived at the cafeteria which had an open space that connected every floor from the ground to the ceiling.   


“How?” I asked myself. Suddenly, Sagiri came from behind, grabbed my waist, and everyone else hung on to her. Hanako closed her eyes, kept holding on to Marise, while Akemi grabbed her waist. The air around us suddenly became light. Sagiri jumped, lifting us from the ground floor to the fifth.


“Woah!!!” Setsuko yelled, whereas I dove into the shame of being weaker than a loli.




“How is he?” I asked the nurse worriedly.


God damn you're HOT!


“He’s fine now, you all did a great job in bringing him here quickly, but his hair……” The nurse looked caringly at Marise's hair.


Well we brought him here so fast, there is bound to be some consequences, like the charred floors, disorganised cafeteria, and Marise’s ultra messy hair.


Right the moment we reach the infirmary, the nurse threw Marise into a ice bath. Then, we had to make sure he won’t get hypothermia by regulating the temperature constantly. After a gruelling 1 hour, his body finally cooled down and we could take him out of the bath.


“I didn’t expect him to react like this, Marise must be really scared of his aunt……”


“Argh……” Marise woke up from his sleep, moaning while trying to sitting up.


“Marise…….” I helped him sit up. He squinted his eyes and shook his head in head pain.


“Urgh, I feel disgusting.” Marise rubbed his chest. I looked at him worriedly while the nurse went to get a thermometer to check his temperature again.




“So, this aunt, is she really that bad?” I asked Marise, remembering how ‘shocked’ his aunt was when Marise fainted.


“She…… Well, it's just PTSD  (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and not a very severe one, but enough for me to faint every time I see her.” Marise replied while adjusting his body into a comfortable position on the bad.

“What did she do to you……”


“Well, basically she worked me to death. If I got something wrong, I’ll have to go through hell, then come back up……” Marise said, closing his eyes and covering his face with a white pillow.


“The physical scars can recover, but the ones in my heart……” Marise muffled under the pillow..


“Well, she does sound like a strict parent, but I still can’t see why you hate her so much.” I doubted Marise.


“You don’t understand! It’s pure torture!” Marise suddenly threw his pillow at me. I dodged it, only to see tears streaming down Marise’s face. He was frowning, gritting his teeth.


This can’t be right, Marise never gets so worked up.


He laid back down and faced the other way. The nurse came back and seeing this awkward situation, ushered me to ‘let Marise rest’.


I quietly left the room, glancing back at Marise before leaving, I saw him shuddered for a bit, followed by hugging himself tightly, sobbing.


Marise, don’t worry, your PTSD ends today!


I started walking back to the training room, hunting for his Aunt.