Rebirth Online World

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Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 008 - Pet and New Base

Aapshow and Fenlys, who came back to the inn, did each other for 2 days straight without stepping a single foot outside.


“….I’ve told you, you can do anything you want but….aren’t we going overboard….”


Fenlys pouted on top of the bed.


“If I did anything that you didn’t like, then I will apologize”


“…it’s not like that….”


Fenlys who blushed after hearing Aapshow, curled her hand around Aapshow’s neck before the two of them started their union again.


This time, Aapshow removed the magic which changed the way he looked and showed Fenlys his real appearance.


“You trust me so much that you showed your real appearance….”


Fenlys said so while looking really touched.


In the end, the two of them, other than eating their meals, never left the room and earnestly sought each other. [TL: Author seems to avoid using the word sex][ED: Gotta maintain that R-15 rating.]


Morning on the fifth day.


The couple finally left the room.


For both gathering information and searching for a job, they headed for the guild.


The guild was in an uproar as the couple entered inside.


No one was talking loudly but, the room was filled with rumors about the annihilation of the hero and his army.


It seems like the survivors who’ve participated in the march were ordered to keep quiet on the matter, but it’s hard to shut the information completely.


“…Oh well, it was a natural result for that blonde hero.”


“You think so too?”


“Hai. that hero had little power and he did not have the courage nor vigor a hero should have. All I can feel from him was things like vanity, fictitious, overconfidence and pride.”


Saying so Fenlys glanced at the Aapshow before looking to the side with red cheeks.


“….Nothing like my master’s appearance when you subjugated me.”  


Looking at the Fenlys like that, Aapshow smiled gently.


“I’m happy that you say such things about me. but, didn’t I ask you to call me Husband-sama?”


[Tl: actually in japanese Husband and Master has the same word]




Hearing Aapshow’s word, Fenlys nodded even though her face became as red as an apple.


They then decided to register Fenlys as Lys in the adventurer’s guild since if she if she were to use her real name, Fenlys, then maybe some of the humans might know of her name as one of the subordinates of the Demon lord and she might be found out.


For starters, they thought about getting some sort of job, so when they were about to head to the bulletin board.


“Emergency gathering!


In the south of the town, a large outbreak of the Frantic bear occurred, please subjugate them!


You will get three times the usual reward for a single bear!”


The girl behind the counter shouted really loudly.


the guild became loud with cheers for a while, but soon the voices died out.


…. Oi, isn’t this request was the one that annihilated the Hero and it’s army?


…I think so too….The reward is good and all but isn’t this too hard?


The guild was now filled with the sound of the adventurers talking amongst themselves.


As a matter of fact, the subjugation quest really was the one that was in the rumor which annihilated the hero and his army.


The Frantic bear, after annihilating the hero and his army, felt pride and became confident. Which lead to them attacking the farmland of the town in the south, and the damage was only increasing.


—–Isn’t the hero here for times like this


—–It seems like right after he went back to the castle, he left for traveling to the south


—–Won’t this mean that he ran away, not from the demon lord but from the beasts, Oi….


While listening to the discussions in the guild, Aapshow, together with Lys, left the building.


“Should we take this since the reward is plentiful?”


“For a mere Frantic bear, ma-…Hu, Hu, Hu, Husband does not have to dirty your hand with them. I will go hunt them myself.”


“I want to try out some of my magic and I will never allow my wife to fight alone.”




Aapshow felt the Lys’ body become hot after hearing the sudden exclamation.


“…Was it not good for me to call you my wife?”


“…N-…No…that…Yes….rather, I feel honored no, happy.”


lys became so red that she started to look like an octopus.


Later on, the two headed for the weapon shop.


Lys said that she can fight without any equipment, but she should at least look like a normal adventurer or the other adventurers might get suspicious.


lys chose some ranger type equipment and had a short sword for a weapon.


Aapshow changed his equipment, which was centered on a magician kind, to a magic swordsman one, shouldering a longsword in the back.


“And.. It’s not something amazing but.”


Saying so Aapshow slid the ring which was enchanted with the agility skill on to the ring finger of lys.


“This kind of enchantment is useless to me you know?”


With a dubious look, Lys looked at the ring which was on her ring finger.


“In human culture, there is a kind of tradition where the husband and wife wears the same ring as a symbol of their marriage.”


While smiling, Aapshow showed Lys his ring finger which had the same ring on it.


“Is it like that? hee….wait…marriage…sym-….sym-…Haa!?”


Finally, understand the meaning of Aapshow’s words, Lys’ face became really red again before saying something in a high pitched voice.




The surrounding customers heard the voice and thought, what’s going on? Gathering around them with the face filled with curiosity.


The two of them said “sorry for causing the disturbance” apologizing as they escaped from the place.


Lys escaped while she happily looked at her ring that Aapshow gave. Aapshow and Lys had the perfect coordination with their footwork and was able to escape the store quickly.


The two walked to the south by foot and insta-killed all the Frantic Bears they’ve encountered.


When Aapshow activated a Gravity field with a much weaker strength compared to the time when he was dealing lys, Frantic Bears fell to the ground as all their bones were crushed, leading to their immediate deaths.


After that, they arrived at the small village and used it as the center for their hunt.


The two exterminated Frantic bear one after another from the surrounding of the village such as the forest and the farm.


After killing 20 of them, they decided to stop since it will be hard to bring them all back to the town.


While the two were hunting they met a frantic bear which acted oddly.


It seemed to have realized that it could not beat Aapshow and lys, it fell to the ground on it’s back.


The bear was able to display its will to surrender.


“..Some way or another he really is gallant”


Aapshow decided to make this frantic bear his pet since Lys said she felt that killing the enemy who had no intention of fighting is degrading.


Aapshow activated the Trainer skill and registered the bear into the domination list, and bound the bear with


Berserk mode ban

Absolute submission

Just in case.


With these magics, it enabled the bear to move together with them inside the town.


But since the appearance of the bear will cause some problems, Aapshow created the large-scale Over All with the magic and made the bear wear it.


Now he looks like a bearman.


After some discussion with the lys, they’ve named him Saber.


[Tl: the aapshow named him Sabea but I thought Saber sounded cooler]


No one came back to the houses in the village till evening, so they decided to stay for a night here.


It can also be counted as a measure since they couldn’t just go to the inn and stay for a night there.


Aapshow expanded the barrier surrounding the house and when they woke up in the morning they found 17 dead frantic bear that fell for the trap.


Aapshow built the wagons using the forest’s wood by magic. He then filled the wagons after he completed building it with the catch he got from yesterday’s hunt, and the frantic bears which were killed in the traps today.


The wagons were pulled by the Saber and headed straight for the town.


But since there were just too many frantic bear heads, Aapshow activated the gravity reduction spell allowing Saber to pull the cart happily.


When we arrive at the adventurer’s guild, many people gathered around the cart.


“…Did you two hunt….this many frantic bears?”


While smiling to the female in the counter, Aapshow said.


“I’m just a little good at using magic”


With just today’s result Aapshow earned a good amount of money so,


“Now that I think about it, the houses near the south forest were infamous so no one seems to live there, but what’s the situation of the ownerships of the house there?”


Aapshow  asked the female in the counter.


“Around there, thanks to the frantic bears outbreak, all the settlers escaped. So it must’ve been theirs.”


“I’ve always wanted to make my base there and hunt some boars, so is it possible for me to like….. Buy the houses there?”


“Hmm, let me go check…..


Around there, if strong adventurer like you guys stayed then it would be helpful for the guild!”


After she said that, she went rushing to the inner part of the guild.


While they were having an idle chat with the adventurers and playing with the Saber after eating lunch in the guild’s dining place, the female in the counter came back rushing quickly.


“I checked in the office and found out that the place has been legally abandoned, so Aapshow-san can register for the ownership using your name. The registration fee will be handled by us so we are looking forward to your future accomplishments!”


Saying so, she showed a big smile.


The guild acted quickly since the place was near the frantic bear’s lair and if the adventurer who can deal with them made the base theirs then it will help them quite a lot with the elimination of the frantic bear.


“Then, let’s head back after buying some important stuff for the new base.”


Lys smiled and nodded towards Aapshow’s word.


-To be continued