Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 007 - Master

Aapshow told Fenlys


“You can go anywhere as long as you’re not going to fight humans.”


But Fenlys shook her head.


“Fang wolf tribe like me will live together with the one who we’ve recognized as a master…..and if we can’t be together with him, we can only die.”


Saying so, she stuck to me like a glue


As the sister of a brother who have sworn allegiance to the Demon King, she and Fenngarilu recognized Demon king as their master. But when she was defeated by the Aapshow, she acknowledged him as her new master.


Aapshow, who was summoned to this world and didn’t know anything about it, decided to travel together with her.


“Then, I will be in your care.”

“Me too, I will be in your care, master.”

“..N-no. umm, don’t call me that you know…..”

“Unn? Master is master, right? Are there any problems?”


Aapshow could only smile bitterly to her words.


The two decide to camp out for the night and go back to the city tomorrow.


It would be a bit problematic if the female Knight I sent earlier with the teleportation magic did anything troublesome. We might get entangled to it if we returned immediately.


That night.


Aapshow was sitting next to the fire since he was the watch for the night.


The sleeping Fenrys slowly woke up.


Fenrys had undressed all of her clothes and hugged Aapshow naked.


….Can you satisfy me with your human body?….If you can’t, then you can just die while on top of me.


Fennrys kissed Aapshow in the mouth as if she was trying to devour him. While french kissing him, she chanted many sexual type magic and applied them to Aapshow.




….Na!? .


All the magic she chanted had been nullified by Aapshow as they made a sound indicating the destruction of the magic which repeatedly resonated.


Adding to the fact that Fenrys would be dejected if Aapshow rejected the naked demon raced women who have a high pride, which in turn will make her feel shameful plus Aapshow had some affection toward her who is really beautiful, so he decided to accept her feelings.


Following his instinct, Aapshow chanted many high tier sexual type magic and poured them into Fenrys.


“Iya….this….no…too much….at once….”


To the unexpected situation, she turned bright red and her body unconsciously backed off a little bit.


Aapshow kindly, with affection, hugged her.




[TL: first time writing a description of sex scenes…..It was kinda fun XD]


The Next Morning


Fenrys who was feeling light headed thanks to the yesterday’s rough night, was sitting next to Aapshow naked.


Last night I don’t remember how many times my consciousness faded while being done by Aapshow.


But, now, I never want to be separated with him.


Following her thought, she hugged his arm and leaned on it before falling asleep peacefully.


A little before the afternoon, Aapshow teleported to the town together with Fenrys who had fully woken up.


They arrived at the town the moment when a huge army was about to leave for the forest.


“Yo-….you are Aapshow-dono?”


Inside the army, Aapshow heard the familiar voice, so he looked toward the direction where the voice came from.


In there, the female knight and her party, who Aapshow sent to the city using teleportation magic, showed up.


She seemed to have joined the army, and when she saw Aapshow, she approached happily.


She gave her gratitude for yesterday as she held my hand tightly while crying.


“I knew you would be able to survive meeting with that monster but…..”


When they saw the Fenrys behind the Aapshow, they became surprised as they immediately took on a battle stance.


“She was being controlled by the Demon lord’s subordinate at the time and she returned to being a normal human when the subordinate ran away.”


The female knight and her party believed my explanation and the two of them had a handshake saying it was good that she was alright.


“And what’s with the army? Female knight-sama, you also seem to be in it?”


“It’s for the subjugation of the yesterday’s monster and we were just about to leave. Plus the Hero-sama returned from the south”


Now that she’s said it when I looked at the back of the army, I saw the Blonde hero who I met in the castle riding on a white horse.


Even though Aapshow’s already changed his look with the magic, the situation still didn’t really feel good.


“But, I think there won’t be any monster in the forest since he already ran away?”

“It’s not that we don’t trust your words but…If we don’t subjugate it, it may stay and hide in the forest. There may also be some leftover monster in the forest, so we are going to advance still.”


Female knight feeling sorry bows again.




“If you don’t mind, Aapshow-dono can you join the army? If you-dono joined we would get another 100 man’s level of power.“


Feeling a bit sorry for the female knight who described my strength I said.


“Unfortunately…. I have already exhausted all my mana with the battle before so….”


Saying that we decided to go back to the inn.


The female knight said that she will come back to express gratitude properly after the subjugation mission.


When the female knight left, Fenrys hugged Aapshow’s arm and glared at the direction where the female knight went.


“What’s wrong?”


“…That woman, she was trying to seduce master….disgusting”


She said in a low tone as Aapshow smiled bitterly.