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Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 048 - Horse-san

Demon lord Yuiguard

He as a younger brother of Goul and forced himself on the throne, however, at the present situation his standing as a demon lord is shaky.


First, he came to his position without defeating the former demon lord Goul so many of the vassal’s and retainers does not approve of his strength and the ruler of the west region gold and silver fox refused to be his vassal and disappeared. — In reality, both of them were captured in some way or another by Furio’s group— this fact also fuelled his incompetence.


To recover from the shaky position he was in, Yuiguard ordered for an invasion of Cryroad castle which in turn caused a great calamity to the demon lord army and the army received the history’s first crushing defeat. Now many of the subordinates started showing obvious discontent toward him by ignoring Yuiguard’s orders.


The three who makes up the foundation of the demon lord army, the three devas


Snake Queen Yorumeet

Death horse Slape

Double-headed bird Fugy . Bugy


These three also had their own contempt against Yuiguard. However it is true that they are part of the fault that Goul abdicated himself from the throne, and so the situation became so that they couldn’t make any move even if they wanted to.


East to the Demon lord castle


At the present time, Death horse Slape was the one who oversees the protection of this area.


He is the oldest and most experienced in three devas, and so, he used to be the one to really be a leader like figure in the devas and gave final thoughts on matters.




Right now he became the scapegoat and was forced to take responsibility for the decision of taking Yuiguard’s side during the abdication of Goul, and soon after he came back from Hot spring trip he started to isolate himself inside the castle.


He noticed the sudden change of attitude so he requested to Yuiguard that he was going to oversee the protection to the East.


From then on, his daily lives rotated around patrolling the vast plain with his few trusted subordinates.


The order for return was never issued even after few days of not visiting the castle.


If it was the former demon lord Goul, if he didn’t show up in the castle for 2 days, Uliminus the direct subordinate of former demon lord Goul would’ve visited him and


“You stupid old horse! How dare you not show your face in front of Demon lord sama for two days straight nya? Stop wasting time here and come back nya! “


pestered him for a long time.


….I guess, it’s quite lonely to not be sought after…. I even miss that annoying Uliminus’s pestering.


Slape who was walking in a wild horse fom walking in the vast plain.


His subordinates who surrounded the place also turned into a horse form but feeling the depressed mood of Slape, they stayed far away from him.


“I should return after this last run”

saying so Slape accelerated and started running at great speed.


Subordinates thought of following him but seeing a great speed they decided to return to the cave which they use it as the main base.


…At certain city’s certain building’s certain room


“It was you? the human who wanted to help in our keikaku (plan)”


“I’ve already told you of our condition? What is your response to that?”


“fufu~n…You are quite a villain for a human. Interesting, I don’t mind cooperating with you”


“It’s good that you are a wise demon. Well, I’m going to pray that you are not a fool who falls from their own plan like some fox”


“It’s quite bold for you to say that. well, It’s fine then, My principle cares only about the result. As long as you provide some good results than I shall forgive you of the insult”


“Isn’t that the same for both of us? Oh well, I will do whatever you wish.  Since this is a way for me to fulfill my wish.”


“Then, I will ask you to gather at least 100 people for a sacrifice on the first mission.”


“fumu, I will fulfill that as soon as possible. Just give me some time”



East side of Demon lord castle


…for me to make such a mistake…this is a once in a lifetime blunder…..


Slape tried to get up with his bloody body but the damage was unexpectedly huge making it impossible for him to move.


That day, Slape made a longer outing than usual.

He who laid his step on an unfamiliar ground fell from the cliff.


Usually, he won’t have such blunder however, his mind was filled with many thoughts, and his heart was not truly in here allowing for an incident to strike him.


If he was in Death Horse form he could’ve run on the air and receive no damage, but unfortunately, he was in a horse form.


Slape received several hideous wounds and there are quite a number of bones broken.


The immobile Slape saw a number of a Frantic bear coming his way.


…They must’ve been lured by the smell of my blood…. I didn’t expect I will meet my end in such a place


Slape a War Hero couldn’t help but feel pity for himself as he closed his eyes awaiting his end.



…Few hours later


The Slape who opened his eyes noticed that he was still alive and floated out a dumbfounded look.


“Aa! this is great. Horse-san woke up”

In his sight was a female’s face which came out of nowhere.

“Hawawa. this is great-desu~. I thought you would never wake up desu yo~”


The little girl with an immature face hugged Slape and rubbed her cheeks while crying.


“Bily~ did the regain his consciousness?”


“Hai! Master-sama, He opened his eyes just now desuyo~!”


The female turned her head to the back while holding onto the horse -Bily the archer  - floated out a smile.


“I’ve already healed his injuries with the healing magic but I will check for the last time to see if he still has any problem. Aa, Bily can you bring us a water? I want to use it to treat the horse “


“I understand! I’m going now desu~!”


Furio leaned toward the horse’s ear after confirming Bily’s exit

“…I won’t ask who you really are, you can stay in here as long as you want. However, while you are staying here, It would be great if you interact with Bily in the horse form. She really loves horses you see”


Slape hearing the word scrunched his eyebrows.


…this man, he allowed me to stay while knowing who I really am?


..In a certain town’s bar


“fumu, this job is quite a good one”


“What is it Blonde haired hero-sama?”

“Look at this Allure, there is a guy who is recruiting a worker for an easy physical work for a short period of time.”


“hmm, a total of 100 people. It seems like I can join too since it is written that gender does not matter.”


“Umu, now go work for my part too”


“Ee~!?tha, that is too cruel~ “


“Shut up! Did you already forget that you were just under my graciousness by carrying you till here”


“Mou~, I understand…..”