Rebirth Online World

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Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 043 - Stealthily approaching shadow

….Princess Queen’s Office room in Cryload castle

Princes Queen was frowning as she looked at the region’s report.

She already knew of the perpetrator being former king on the incident in which a group intruded the castle’s treasury since the guy they captured confessed everything.

However, if they announce it to the public, we don’t know what kind of consequence it will lead since she herself is a blood related to the criminal.

Putting that in mind princess queen ordered for a capture of the former king and his group in secret, and punish them afterward.

But, former king’s group detected of the castle’s movement than escaped from the eyes of queen’s force, and continued their evil business.

The family conflict is on the whole continental scale.

…at a certain building’s room.

“You’re quite good to be able to find this place”

Former king spoke as he looked at Gold fox and silver fox who came to visit by themselves while leaning on the chair as always.

“Well, I have many ways to search up on wherever you go Kon”

“So, you must understand the consequence of betraying us right kokon?”

Gold and silver fox sister walked to his side and started laughing, kusu kusu.

“…What is your business here? I’m sure you didn’t come here for a chit chat”

Former king clicked his tongues as he looked irritatingly at the two.

He became angry just looking at the two because of the grudge of them lowering payment on the last job.

“Well, don’t be so cruel to us kon”

“I’ve brought a good info for both of us kokon”

Saying so the two touched the former king’s chin alluringly.

“Last time, when you intruded the castle you took another treasure with the treasure I asked for, and you are keeping it hidden with you right kon?”

“…the good is not in the contract. I don’t have any reason to hand it over to you people”

“that was not what we meant, we are saying we are buying that kokon”

a female fox henchmen came from the entrance area when Silver fox raised her hand and showed former king what she had in the bag she was carrying.

Inside the bag contained quite an amount of gold.

The former king who saw it showed a brightened expression.

“I’m sure you know it but this is a stolen goods from the castle so it is very hard to sell it on the public channel? Even we had to hide it in the sealed treasure box which was casted with Concealment magic.”

When a magic item is registered as a stolen goods in merchant guild, it will be searched using the search magic throughout the whole country by magicians in the castle.

And if the item were to be detected even once, it will be automatically pursued throughout the country, so it is very bothersome.

Especially it could be thought that the castle’s mages are frantically searching the good former king directly stole from the treasury.

“That’s why we are buying it kon”

“You see, we have someone who we want to take revenge kokon”

Saying so the two showed a bewitching smile to former king certain location in a certain road..

“Blonde haired hero-sama….we haven’t seen a single carriage coming”

“…true that I was thinking of getting a lift but I didn’t think no carriage came”

“Our food and drink supply is already getting low-desu~”

“…There is no other way but to walk”

“Wa, wa, wait for me Blonde haired hero samaa~….My leg got numb from all this walking and….”

“…too sloppy”

“A!? You don’t have to carry me on your back like this”

“If you really think like that then just shut up and rest on my back so that you can resume walking by yourself”


…Houtarou town in Sundry goods store UUGO

“This is today’s supply nya right”

Uliminus signed the document after checking the baggage that was placed in the storage room.

“”Hee, Compared to your shop’s scale, you got quite a lot of the supply”

Seeing this scene Furio was watching it.

Furio in his old word worked in the merchant as a person in charge of a baggage delivery.

So He can calculate or estimate the things like shop’s scale, ins and outs of customers and how much supply is required.

“Lately, I’ve been buying the supply by collaborating with other shops nya, since with this I can get a slightly cheaper price”

“As expected from Uliminus. You are already doing things like that, I’m honestly surprised”

“Re, really nya? Even if you praise me, nothing but a juice will come out nya”

Saying so Uliminus hummed happily as she skipped to the shop.

Furio who stayed behind stared deeply at one bag in peculiar.

…at Evening in front of Sundry goods store UUGo

“It’s in this shop right?”

The castle’s guard captain who was in front of Sundry Goods Store UUGO asked the several mages behind him.

“Hai, there is no mistake”

“The reaction is coming from inside this shop”

All the mages pointed at Uugo’s direction and answered it.

“Yoshi, I understand.

Everyone get into your position! We will surround this shop!”

Toward Guard captain’s word 100 or so guards answered and went into their formation, as they scattered around the shop to surround it.

“The remaining guys help me with the questioning of the workers.

As long as a situation calls you can forcibly capture them.

Understood! Make sure to not any escape!”

After confirming everyone’s nod, the guard captain took a step inside of the shop.

There existed two human shadows observing the scene from a far.

“It became interesting Kon”

“This is fun to watch Kokon”