Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 042 - HA HA HA

The gold fox shook the demonic suction gourd in which absorbed Varissa,

“Even though you are a from lowly human race, you can become a sacrifice to help in destroying Demon Lord Yugiuard kon”

Laughed with kusu kusu

The silver fox looked at gold fox for a while and returned her gaze back to Uliminus and

“Now, give me back the fan if you don’t want to become like her if so I might save your li”

And that moment the two’s conscious faded.

…wha, what happened kokon

Silver Fox who woke up noticed that she was lying down in front of the store.

Next, her was Gold fox who were also lying on the ground.

As if Gozaru was following their movement Gozaru showed himself from the shop.

Silver fox who extended her hand asking Uliminus to return the fan.

And Gozaru who approached them from the side punched the 2 and blasted them toward the outside of the store.

“Yo…you, For a mere Human race, what kind of power kon”

Saying so Gold fox pointed her demonic suction gourd toward Gozaru.

Uliminus who was looking at the scene while inside the shop.

…idiot nya…what kind of an idiot one must be to answer that after seeing the scene before…

“It’s Gozaru”

…There exist here nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

THe gold fox who were holding onto the demonic suction gourd showed a suspicious smile and


Called his name.

…idiot nya…what kind of an idiot one must be to answer that after seeing the scene before…

“What is it?”

…There exist here nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Uliminus held her head as she screamed in her mind.

Gold and silver fox showed a smug face as they looked at contempt at Gozaru.


Gozaru’s body wasn’t absorbed inside.

Toward the reality Gold fox and silver fox became astonished and

“Go, Gozaru!”

“What is it?”



“Gozaru! Gozaru Gozaruu!?”

“I’m asking ‘what’ already!”


At present an ex-demon lord living as a human

True name is Goul and Gozaru is his alias

Magic item demonic suction gourd only become effective with the ‘real name’.

..a few minutes later

Silver and gold fox were rolling on the street looking like a ragged cloth.

They were completely dominated by Gozaru’s overwhelming power.

“….wha, why is this guy so strong…kokon”

“…We can’t even fight back…against mere human race….kon”

Gozaru picked up the demonic suction gourd which was rolling on the floor while ignoring the moaning of the two and placed it in his mouth, then drank the content in one go.

Seing the scene, the two who were on the floor showed a dumbfounded look.

The content inside demonic suction gourd has a dissolving liquid powerful enough to melt the dragon’s scale.

And this human drank it without any care.

In front of the two who were perplexed, Gozaru spits out something from his mouth.

The thing that was spit out was a Varissa, who fell onto the floor.

“…Is your liver fine nya?”

Toward Uliminus’s question filled with concern

“Aa, it’s not a big deal, all I might feel is some annoying pain for 2 to 3 days”

Saying so the Gozaru

“I don’t need this anymore”

Crushed the demonic suction gourd he was holding.

Seeing the scene,

“O, our aaaaaaaaaaa”

“Ma, magic item noooooooooooooooooooooo”

The gold and silver fox sister shrieked while on the floor.

Gozaru approached Varissa who were on the ground without any care toward the two.

“Varissa, Are you fine? Are you alive?”

Varissa who were hugged by Gozaru opened her eyes slowly.

but , her eyes has been dissolved by the liquid and lost light, and many places around her body have been dissolved and melted.

“..Go, Gozaru-dono, I’m alive again…., that, I wish you don’t see my appearance in such a state”

“Why? You are beautiful as always?”

“What kind of idiotic…, I can’t see but parts of my face and body is melted right? I….”

“Even so, you are beautiful. If you are really worried about your outer appearance than”

Gozaru extended his right arm toward Varissa.

Next moment, Varissa’s eyes’ light returned and the dissolved body parts were healed.

“The appearance you were in, still had a Varissa-dono’s beautiful dignified heart?”

“..I beg you, please forget about that…It hurts me as a Woman”

Saying so Varissa hugged Gozaru by his neck.

In this moment,

The gold and silver fox sisters returned to their fox form and fled from the place.

…at that night in Furio’s household.

Thanks to Furio who came back Gozaru’s liver were successfully healed.

“The dissolving liquid already started melting your internal organs and it was quite dangerous”

Furio smiled bitterly while he ate dinner looking at Gozaru.

In front of his gaze Gozaru was eating as if nothing happened and

“Is that so? Fumu, surprisingly I didn’t know the things about my own body”

Saying so He laughed

Ha Ha HA

Varissa’s face turned red as she gazed at the Gozaru

And seeing her appearance Uliminus looked ill-humouredly at Varissa.

…Oh well, Today is not her fault I guess nya

Lightly sighed as she brought her chopsticks toward the side dish.

..Westside . Gold and silver fox group’s base

“…wha, what is this kokon?”

Silver fox raised her voice as she looked around the base speechlessly.

The base was build using the natural cave but, the mountain which contained the cave were completely destroyed.

“Silver fox sister…the truth is while you guys were in the town a weird warrior attacked and…

That guy was very strong for a single person and….he destroyed the whole mountain.”

Silver fox showed an astonished expression as she heard the report from one of the female fox subordinate.

“Where is he kon? Of course, you captured him kon right?”

“Tha, that…We were able to destroy his armour but he escaped afterward and…”

“Idiot! We were humiliated to this extent and you let him escape just like that kon!”

Gold fox screamed as she held her head in despair.

Using this cave as a base, the demon fox tribe gathered the magic items which were spread around the country and using it defeat the new demon lord Yuiguard and become the new demon lord.

But that ambition came to a deadlock, and the two held their head as they felt nothing but regret.

..At the same time in the certain forest.

“…we somehow survived…even that “insane one’s armour” broke ”

“Haiii, even though we destroyed that mountain which a mountain people lived completely”

“..We were a desperate ourselves, just leave it be. Rather, Allure”


“Next time when getting the item’s information make sure to investigate it more properly”

“Yessuu, I understand blonde haired hero-sama”
-to be continued