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Chapter 030 - True Demon Lord

…Few hours before Demon lord castle. Yuiguard’s room

The Tyrant Yuiguard, was listening to Fufun who finished with all the preparation.

As for now, Demon Lord Goul is winning slightly with his strength compared to the tyrant Yuigard.

“so, we will do the Evil god’s super hybrid ritual”

Evil god’s Super hybrid,

it is a ritual using, A place which surpasses the worldly power, and further away exists a Darkness world, and from there they bring in the wicked mana to improve one’s power by a large margin.

The same kind of cursed magic the dark grand magician Marissa used -Evil God’s improve ability-, and it is a superior one in which requires a sacrifice.

“But, that cursed magic, has a really fast duration wasn’t it?”

“yes, thats why we will be finished with the chant before hand. doing so just before the battle with Goul, we can make a ritual of giving the sacrifice and be able to fully utilise the magic duration to its fullest. …..whats left is all up to you Yuiguard sama’s power”

“I understand! I, Yuiguard shall surpass Goul and become the true demon lord”

To Yuiguard who laughed manically, Fufun lightly bowed.

Behind her, was a captured and brought in humans who will be used for a sacrifice, a male and female who is bound by the dark spider’s web, laying on the floor

nn! nnnn!! (release me! I am not a human who will die in a place like this!)

contrary to the unconscious woman, there existed a blonde haired man desperately trying to get free but even his mouth was restricted by the web so he couldn’t say anything.


Demon Goul’s Three Army God

  • Snake Queen YoruMeet
  • Death Horse Slape
  • Double-Headed Bird Fugy-Mugy

[I’m really sorry for the author’s naming sense……]

the three of them was gathered in one of the rooms in the castle and was discussing with each other.

the content of their discussion is about the message they got from Fufun about Yuiguard’s ascendance to the throne.

Abdicate the Demo lord Goul and do a ritual for a battle to become a true Demon lord.

the three army god had not a single though of betraying Demon lord Goul.

They didn’t take this seriously since they knew of the violent and selfishness of the tyrant Yuiguard.


“…These days the Demon Lord-sama been a bit too easy going…”

toward the Snake Queen YoruMeet’s word, the other three nodded in agreement.

the fact that Demon lord goes out of the castle to meet with a human sometimes, were a well-known fact.

“If it was a Demon lord from before, he would’ve just make him submit using force”

toward the words of Death Horse Slape, other three nodded in agreement.

“”Than, we should side with the tyrant’s side so that it will wake the demon lord-same’s eyes and turn back to how he was from before “”

with the double-headed bird, Fugy-Bugy’s word their course of action were decided.

the three does not think that Demon lord Goul will lose the battle.

Their thought was that after Demon lord Goul defeated Yuguard they can just re-swear their loyalty.

To make him understand that with his careless action, this kind of situation happened, so with this the Demon lord will truly wake up.


all the other direct subordinates also agreed with the three army god’s thoughts and showed a positive attitude toward the plan.

“that kind of thing nya! he won’t accept this nya! you guys are idiot nyaro!”

Uliminus strongly opposed the idea.

Even though she frantically resisted, the three army god restricted her since they though she will disturb the battle ritual.


finally at the demon lord castle . the throne room,

Demon lord Goul confronted with the tyrant Yuiguard.

“Big brother…no Goul! Your many foolish acts have made your subordinates abandon you and it made the evil god give up on you! “

behind the Yuiguard were a three army god lined up together.

and behind them

behind the throne was Fufun who already finished with the evil god Super Hybrid chant, and was ready to give the sacrifice.

“Goul! come lets start the ritual of battle to choose the true Demon lord! Your luck ends here!”

Yuiguard laughed loudly


in front of Yuguard was a Goul, whom though for a moment and raised his right hand.

“can I have a moment”

“wha…what? are you begging for your life before the duel”

“I have no such thoughts but..the thing you say the ‘folly’ of my doings, what were it?”

“You….at times like this dare to act like you know nothing!?

it is you who extended his hand for a friendship with a hero, and many times escaped the castle and played all you wanted!

Even for the invasion of the Humans, you gave them mercy by extending the march!

if this is not a folly, what is a folly! “

Toward Yuiguard’s words, Goul nodded with an agreement.

“…I see, that was a folly”

saying so Goul glanced at the three army god and the direct subordinates who stood around the Yuiguard’s side.

In that eyes were an obvious fury, and it showed that Goul was truly maddened this time.

Being glared at by such an eye, even the most veteran soldiers the three army gods felt their back get drenched with sweat.

I…I already knew it but…as expected of Demon lord Goul sama…..

the three army god while feeling immodest was feeling overjoyed

come, hit your anger towards Yuiguard!

and defeat him and declare yourself as a true Demon lord!

And order us to exterminate human race!

and if you do so, we will support you with everything we got!

Goul looked around and glanced at Yuguard at the last

Fufun was ready anytime to sacrifice them as he held sword pointed at the two.


Goul erased his anger and breathed in a mouthful of air than

“..I understand. I shall accept my punishment and abdicate from being a demon lord”

He took off the symbol of the demon lord, a bracelet and threw it to Yuiguaard.

“I’ve been in your care everyone, have a good stay”

saying so Goul disappeared as he teleported out.

and this is how a new Demon lord Yuiguard was born.

Because of a speechless result, Yuiguard and the rest were stunned not being able to comprehend what just happened.

even Fufun who held his sword to the sacrifice was not exempt.

now, the two human who was being pointed at with a sword was already unconscious.

The two humans were Blonde Haired Hero and Allure.