Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 027 - The Ending


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Devil who rules over light and darkness


Hearing the name of the one, Marissa’s face showed an astonished expression.


Only the one who, rules over every light and dark magic, are allowed to call him/herself this name and in front of this devil, any magic human uses has no meaning against it.


….no no no , impossible….this is outright impossible, even if its true me the Dark grand magician Marissa will,


“I don’t have any reason to fucking lose!!!”


From Marissa’s both arms a black aura birthed and it covered the Demon beast blonde haired hero’s laying body.


The Demon beast blonde haired hero who absorbed the aura grew larger in size and stood up than roared.


The aura surpassed the worldly limit and was very Vicious mana as it came from the World of Darkness, and such power poured inside the Demon beast, blonde haired hero.


“Motherfucker, you might be a fucking devil who are unbound by the wordly rule, I also threw away my humanity and became Dark grand magician. I don’t fucking feel like losing”

Marissa laughed hysterically as she sat on the shoulder of the giantified


“…A human who have fallen to despair usually talks a lot”

saying so Hiya extended her arms and


“however, it seems like you might have a bit of strength, I should use a little”


while she was speaking


“Hiya, we are done with our business here so let’s go back”


Behind her. a male’s nonchalant voice came, which seems to not fit the situation they were in.


And at the same time, the darkness magic Marissa activated onto the Demon Beast Blonde haired hero disappeared in an instant.


“oh…supreme one! I need to be punished for not being able to deal with it before the given time. Please give me a suitable punishment for this”


to Furio who appeared behind her, Hiya prostrated while looking obliged to do such, but to her Furio, while smiling bitterly held her arm and told her it was no need.


Seeing the exchange of the two, Marissa stood frozen while showing an astonished look.



It must be a dream

the magic…A magic which no human could use… and that man extinguished it with his single arm…wait…the power…in which I gained by throwing away humanity…with a single hand…


Hiya looked back at Marissa who stood there trembling with fear.


“at least let this Hiya finish the last move”


saying so held her hand up in the air and opened a magic formation.


“Demon get lost”

When she chanted that the darkness which was coated onto Marissa and Demon beast blonde haired hero were both absorbed inside Hiya’s hand.


After the Darkness coating fell off the Blonde haired hero and Allure who were mentally controlled got released fell onto the floor while being unconscious.


and inside Hiya’s hand were a black crystal which was created from absorbing the darkness coating present.

“You should feel honoured. To be able to live forever inside me as a part of my blood stream who is a slave of the supreme one.”

saying so Hiya swallowed the black crystal.


“Hiya, are you done?”


“Yes, Mistress-sama. I apologize for making the supreme one wait”


“can you stop with the supreme one thing? it feels a little embarrassing.”


“But, you are to me such person”


while chattering like that the group went in the town and disappeared.


to the scenery

The First imperial princess and her people regained back their senses as they were looking illusioned as if the whole thing was but a play.


“fi, first capture the Blonde haired hero! and have people search for those people”


Toward the First imperial princess’s order, the guards captured the unconscious blonde haired hero and allure.


Furio’s group were found eating in a restaurant and soon got a thank you from the first imperial princess herself.


“I would like to invite you Furio-sama as a true hero to the castle. Of course, we will gift you anything you want”


First imperial princess asked while her knees were on the floor, begging.


“I’m sorry but for me, this kind of lifestyle is the best”

saying so he smiled and hugged Lys who were sitting right next to him




The first imperial princess didn’t give up and begged Furio to become the true hero but in the end, she was unable to make him nod in agreement.


and at the time when she was begging

“If you really wished, I shall give my body….”

to First imperial princess who said so


“You…what the fuck are you showing amorous glance toward someone’s husband? aa?”

Lys (ex-demon) reprimanded her heavily and got a fierce look from her.


As for the Blonde Haired hero, after getting arrested, while he was being sent to the castle he escaped. Even though he couldn’t fight against demons, at least for a human he can be counted as one of the strongest one, so he and Allure disappeared from the guard’s hand.

of course, he became a wanted man throughout the kingdom and got a bounty.


……….18+…gets a bit sexual here…….reading is not advised…….


And inside the Devil. Hiya’s spiritual world,


“…Didn’t I die…is this a hell?”

“this is a spiritual world of the ruler of light and darkness….I captured your soul and restrained it here”


“Ha…Are you saying you won’t forgive me even after death? what the fuck are you going to do to me Marissa-sama? Aa?”

“You shall accompany me for a training”


“training the fuck? ….. wait, wait, why the fuck my arms and legs restrained? and where are my clothes…Oi!”


“I’ve gotten curious over the matter, since I’ve never done what the supreme one and the mistress does at night, they are on top of each other while making love.


“wa, wait a moment!? I’m a woman! you are also a woman ! I’m not into that sort of stuff, I am……that…crotch….”

“I am a devil who rules over light and darkness, I am a unisex being”


“n, no! that’s not the problem! that! Its way to fucking big for this! it won’t go in!”


“no need to worry. It seems like “it hurts only at the beginning””


“the meaning is different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Hiya? did something happen?”

“…No, there is nothing mistress”

“I see? then can you clean up the baggage?”

“as you command”


….to be continued