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Chapter 017 - Hero the Folly and Demon Lord’s Outrage


“Yaa, Gozaru. Welcome”


Today is the fourth time the Demon Lord Goul visited Aapshow’s house and Aapshow welcomed him with a bright smile.


Aapshow changed the setting to exclude Goul from being the target of the barrier so Goul was able to exit and enter anytime he wanted.


Demon Lord Goul came often to visit the house after his first visit.


The real reason for the visit was to meet Valissa the female knight but, she now knows that Gozaru is the Demon lord Goul so


“To, to, to, today I have to go wash the clothes in the river….”

“To, to, to today I have to go gather firewood from the mountain….”

And so on, she makes some sort of excuse and escape from Goul’s sight.


….A really hard worker.


However, the opinion the Demon Lord Goul has on Valissa gets better and better every day.


Meanwhile, the Demon Lord Goul started to take a liking in talking with Aapshow after several days of meeting together.


Aapshow and Lys both treats him as an equal or rather a normal guest in which they have an idle chat and enjoy the tea. Demon lord Goul felt tranquil toward the time he spent in this house.


“Demon lord-sama….toy visit that kind of man so often is too dangerous nya!”

Even as Hellcat Uliminus tries to stop him, he


“To that kind of powerful person, if you were able to conciliate him then won’t that be the best for us. ”

To the reply, she got “si, sir you were thinking that far ahead na” her admiration toward demon lord increased.


As a matter of fact, this reply was thought by Lys

“These days, My subordinates are noisy telling me to stop coming here to play…”


“How about you say this back to them?”




The news about the visits of some sort of Demon to Aapshow’s huse was known to the castle.


Aapshow received pleas from castle to join Bronde Haired Hero’s party but, because Aapshow held tremendous power which leads to Aapshow’s household to become under continuous surveillance


Hearing such a truth, the King became confused than panicked.


Contrary to the King’s reaction of the Blonde haired hero who were shut in inside the castle became really happy.


Blonde Haired Hero heard about Aapshow and wanted to have him as a subordinate but even after many messengers were sent to invite him, all seemed to be declined which made him feel mad.


But he thought that if he used the relationship the Aapshow might have to threaten him to become is an subordinate.


Next day Blonde haired hero brought an army with him and visited Aapshow’s house.


“Listen to me you commonoers of this place.

We already have seen through your connection with the person of the demon race.

Usually, I would persecute the likes of you but I shall bestow you upon with a chance.

Become my subordinate and fight against the demon lord, if you do so then I shall forgive your sin.

Not only that there will be plenty of rewards.


If you are going to decline then, leave this place with your family this instant!”


That was perfect….

Now I am able to gain one of the crimax level top 3.

[tlnote: a delusion the blonde haired guys has]


The Blonde Haired Hero was feeling drunk toward his graceful speech and brain.

Now I can have Aapshow as my subordinate.

And with this, I will defeat the demon lord using this power and become true Hero than I will become the legend of this country…


“Tha…That is too tyrannical! Hero-dono”

“Think about our convineient”


“…Ki! (glare of protest)”


Contrary to the Valissa and her party who shouted angryily toward the Hero, aapshow smiled toward Blonde Haired hero


“I see. It’s a pain in an ass but I guess we can move than”

Saying so he used the magic bag which hangs in his waist to absorb the field which Blossam plowed and the house.


“The situation calls for so are we ready to go lys?”


“Ee, I will follow husband-sama till I die”

Saying so Lys hugged one of Aapshow’s arm.


“Ma…Master-sama! Please bring this Valissa with you!”

“I Blossam will follow too! You can depend me on Farm works!”

“Hawawa!? Bi, Bily want to follow too—”

“..Me too!”



The pet frantic bear. Sabea with everyone else all asked Aapshow to bring them with him.


Aapshow confirmed it and,


“Than lets us go..hmm as for now we can go to that place”

Saying so he activated the Teleportaiton magic and disappeared from the place.



Later that day,


The blonde haired hero wasn’t able to realize the disappearance of the Aapshow and his group for a while since he was drunk with his imaginative dream but, he became frustrated and panicked as Aapshow select the “go away!” option.


Soon after he arrived back at the castle he ordered the King to search for Aapshow and he himself went back to being a hikikomori.


And the Demon lord Goul who got the news became outraged.


He ordered for the army to march through the Delibeza forest and continued on till norhermost part of the castle.


He purposely didn’t invade rather they sent the Demon’s presence toward the castle which made the castle and the town below it to be in a state of chaos.


…Dare to destroy my new hobby


Well, it’s not important to say but Demon Lord made an order to search for Aapshow in stealth.
To be conitinued