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Ex-Hero Candidate’s, who turned out to be a cheat from lv2, laid-back life in Another World

Chapter 013 - Uliminus

“…what does this mean nya?”

Demon lord’s close subordinate, Hellcat, Uliminus who came to investigate the Delibeza forest, was feeling perplexed at the scenery she was seeing.

The Delabeza forest is located in a south of the Demon lord’s castle, also the place closest to the biggest kingdom; magic kingdom Crylord’s castle.

This is why, Demon lord allocated the strongest person in the demon lord’s four deva, fang wolf, fengril and his subordinates. Their mission is a preparation for the future Hero’s attack and infiltrating the kingdom’s castle to collect data regarding the situation inside the kingdom.

But that Fengril stopped sending out his scheduled contact.

At first, Uliminus thought that it was his usual display of a lack of interest regarding the mission since he has an eccentric personality but this continued on even after a month.

Which made Uliminus notice something must’ve happened and so she came to investigate the matter.

Originally a place where the Demon lord’s army are garrisoned, the place surrounding the area gets poisoned by the strong Mana coming from the powerful monsters which were stationed by the Demon lord’s army and so the place becomes inhabitable for humans and animal since they get poisoned by the mana turning them to monsters or die, but this time Uliminus failed to even detect even a fragment of mana plus the forest became normal enough to the point of becoming able to hear a bird’s chirp.

She still can detect a beast’s presence to the south since they recurrently unleash a beast such as Frantic Bear and Cyclops however regarding Fengril and his subordinate the Fangwolf tribe’s presence could not be detected.
“Now that I think about it, lately the beasts we unleashed in the south seemed to be decreasing in a fast pace…..there must be some connection between that and this nya…..”
Uliminus decided to test out her theory so she started dashing toward the south.

..Situation of Swordswomen Brossam

“This is amazing”

Aapshow exclaimed while looking at the farmland located in behind of the house.

Thanks to Brossam’s plowing the farm every day, it helped revitalized the farm, plus it had grown to quite a size.
“Iyaa, the dirt in this place was really good, it really motivated me to do so much”
Saying so Brossam laughed wholeheartedly

….I feel like she should use the energy she had for training the sword but….

Aapshow couldn’t do anything but smile bitterly.

..Situation in Belano the Magician

For Belano who has a deathly small capacity for the mana, Aapshow created a magic ring which was enchanted with the magic which increases the mana capacity of the wielder.

When Belano tried using it, it really did increase her magic capacity,
but “….I…Feel sick”
Her body couldn’t withstand the sudden increase of mana inside her body, her stomach’s contents made a fierce reverse (vomited), then she passed out.

And right now Aapshow is lowering the rings setting to lower mana so that Belano can get used to it over time.

As a matter of fact, when Aapshow finished making the ring and was about to give it to Belano

“…You understand? Little brat. Don’t you dare wear the ring my husband-sama was benevolent enough to hand you down, in your 3rd finger(ring finger)”

Belano couldn’t help but turn blue as she was greatly pressured by the sudden deathly aura Lys unleashed.
..Present situation of Bily the archer

Bily who became strong enough to at least penetrate the outer hide of the Frantic bear thanks to the strength enchant engraved ring, she went out to the forest and was training while fighting against the forest animals but, Both her hand was trembling as she looked at the Single-horned rabbit, who was being aimed by her bow.

“Excuse me—-Lys-sama…..Should I really have to hunt that adorable rabbit–?”
“What’s wrong? Is there any problem with that?”

“Ano–it is too adorable and pitiful and—-Hauuu”


The training went nowhere against animals so it was decided that she has to train her archery skill with the tree.

Now, Bily sustained a huge bump in her head and it didn’t heal for approximately a week.

And she also got lectured by Lys

“….Understand? Little brat. The ring that Husband-sama was benevolent enough to hand(rest is up for you to decide)”

[Tlnote: yes literally the author wrote that]

..Present situation of Barissa the Knight

She was one and only one in her party who was actually showing progress.
Thanks to Aapshow’s training, her useless movements were fixed and her swords sharpness increased to a higher level.

If she keeps on with this even if A ranked Frantic bear is hard, at least she has the ability to defeat most of the B-ranked beasts.

But than slightly after I made such judgment her condition suddenly gotten worse.

For some reason, she started to appeal her powerlessness and started worrying about the look Aapshow gave.

Aapshow couldn’t figure out why and so he tilted his head.

But Lys knew exactly where this is coming from.
Barrissa started her powerlessness appeal right after Aapshow gave Belano and Bily a ring.

That bitch….it’s way too fucking obvious…you just want my husband-sama’s ring.

And soon after this, People in charge of Barissa changed to Lys and Barissa stopped her powerlessness appeal.

….What the heck is wrong with this group nya…

Uliminus who came to check on the situation from Delibeza forest was observing Aapshow and his party.

The four who is being trained is nothing much but
The problem is with the male who was training them.

Uliminus who was one of the Demon King’s unification squad had the ability to see the status of the opponent.

But, her power failed to see the man’s status even with her Overpowered power.

…..Such thing….it never happened to me even with the Demon lord nya….

Uliminus also understood that there was a powerful barrier surrounding the house, so she kept still and did investigation plus collecting important information.

…Should I try metamorphosing to the human and enter nya….and I could exterminate them all after seeing the opening so

While Uliminus was thinking such

“Ara? Aren’t you Uliminus? What are you doing here?”
Uliminus showed a panicked expression when she heard someone talking to her from the house’s direction.

And she was further dumbstruck after seeing the figure of the person who appeared.


There stood was a Fengril’s sister, Fenlys which made Uliminus be struck speechless.

to be continued……