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Chapter 012 - Guild, Hero and the Situation

Chapter 12 Guild, Hero and the Situation','

Changed Lees to Lys since soooooo many complaints

The guild buys our beasts that we hunted but, each beast have their own ranking and the price they give us depends on the ranking of the beast

A Rank … Frantic Bear, cyclops and etc.
Purchased price.. 10 million Belica (10 Gold coin)
B Rank … Black Spider . Lizard man and etc
Purchased price … 1 million Belica (1 Gold coin)
C Rank … Evil worm, Vampiric Bat, and etc
Purchased Price … 50 thousand belica (5 Silver coins)
D Ranks … Slime, Goblin and etc
Purchased Price … 10 thousand for 5 (1 Silver coin)
Many of the people who made the adventurer as their occupation hunts C ranks monster as their game.

This happened because all the monster above or B rank has a tough hide. So even if you were somehow able to defeat it, the weapons and armour you used will become unusable and broke, so even though the reward is high, they, in the end, spend most of the reward money to repair their weapons and armour.

This is why many adventures ignore or boycott hunting them.

As a matter of fact, Aapshow and his group already sold more than 100 A ranked beast body so they have more than 1 billion belica in their hand. And all of them are stored in his magic item, Magic bag but Aapshow and Lees both has little to no interest in extravagant lifestyle so the money kept on increasing.

Usually, if people hunted this much A ranked beast, the weapons and armour would become dull and damaged and will require paying for the repair but the two with the overwhelming magic attacks, overpower the enemy and insta-kill the beast so their weapons and armour don’t get damaged.

As a matter of fact, the guild deals with these expensive goods but A rank beast such as Frantic Bear is a bit special, first the meat is strongly valued by the nobles so it is dealt with a high price. Next, Bones, teeth, and nails are used for making weapons and used for the raw material for magic stone, so even if the guild purchased one for 10 million if it the body is processed then they can earn 4 to 5 times more profit from it.

This circulation is strongly controlled by the government and the guild so any individual or a merchant won’t be able to intrude in the system.

Thanks to the Aapshow and Lys’s hunt on A rank beasts everyday, and selling it in the guild, so the guild that Aapshow and Lee’s is registered in gave a result way over the top compared to the other guilds.

Of course, The Royal family won’t miss such an important information
“If there are such an adventurer present in our country they should contribute to our fight against the demon lord and help the Blonde haired hero by becoming his right-handed man”

And after such decree fell, the royal family using guild made a percussion toward Aapshow but,

“Sorry, but I have no interest”

And with a single sentence, it was denied

The actual problem lies in the royal family, to begin with, even though Aapshow was summoned as one of the Hero Candidate, just because the magician in the castle couldn’t notice his power, so they threw him away,

With all this said it is quite an impossible task to agree on it…..

As of now, he has hidden away his real name Banaza and is living with his fake name and a new look so the country wouldn’t be able to know who he really is.
Small fact,

The search type tracking spell the magicians in the castle casted onto Aapshow’s items, were negated before he changed his appearance so, the magicians knows that they lost him but they don’t want to get in trouble by reporting to the higher ups so they desperately hide the fact and are trying to find out the reason while searching for him.

And, the Blonde hero who became the hero is still hiding inside the castle not daring to step a foot outside.

After declaring that he won’t step outside unless the country’s army become strong enough to exterminate Frantic bear, the king and his subordinates are trying their best to meet the required condition but there seems to be no improvement till now.

The Hero right now is enjoying the tranquil life inside the room while enjoying life, in such a situation.
Demanding things like women, expensive food and etc all so that he can enjoy the life he had.

Essentially the king wouldn’t allow such heresy but because hero selected by the Goddess can be the only one to defeat the Demon King so they couldn’t just toss him aside plus they already nominated him as a hero officially so they can’t do anything to him.

Even if they successfully abdicated him as a hero, then who would become the new hero!? The royal family might get blamed for a responsibility, since this is the case, the King can only do nothing.

While the chaos is lingering around the country right now,

Aapshow and Lys as always are busying themselves with the hunt.

And Barissa and her party who can barely follow them are trying hard without giving up.

“But really….”

“Whats wrong Husband-sama?”

“…No, it’s nothing special but…..Even though we are hunting this much Frantic Bear everyday their number seemed to not decrease, its kind of mysterious”

“Aa, I know the reason for this, its simple the Demon lord’s subordinates are supplying the beasts to fit the certain number.”


“Ee, there is the Demon lord’s castle toward the south of this forest. So they supply and position the beasts so that Hero and his party won’t be able to come through here”

“Then, if I go further south from here I can meet stronger beasts?”

“Ee, beasts like the dragons and Phoenix, many kinds of legendary level beasts are positioned. However, if Husband-sama wanted to subjugate them then it won’t be that hard”

“I think you’re just overrating me right? I’m sure I’m not that strong….”

“No, with Husband’s power legendary level beasts are too easy and most likely even the Demon lord won’t be your opponent….”

“Oh well, I don’t really care about things like Demon king and Hero. As long as I can live together with Lys, I’m fine”

“Hu, Husband-sama, that is a bit too much, you see, how should I say it but……”
Hearing Aapshow’s words, Lys couldn’t help but turn bright red and look down.

To be continued