Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

# Template Novel87

Chapter 001 - chapter 1

*Cring* *Cring*

as the sound of the bell on top of the door rings, I entered the dimly light ‘dream clinic’. I wasn’t so sure at first because the store front was so suspicious. without any other ornament, it was a simple wooden door with a little window on it however I can’t take a peek inside. only a simple wooden shabby sign signing ‘dream clinic’ is my only confirmation if this is the place that I was looking for.

“Hello ! Is anybody here?”

I walked inside carefully since it was dark. the source of light is only a simple candle that is located far inside the room and placed on top of what seemed to be a counter. on top of the counter, a small bell as the one they used in restaurant or hotel reception is placed. maybe I have to ring the bell.


I waited for several moments but no one is coming.

*Ting* * Ting*

still, nobody replied.


“Yes, I’ve heard you! please stop being so noisy.”

from deep inside the room, a man comes out from the shadow and entered the illuminated area. it was a man, about 180cm tall and he wears a white doctor robe. underneath the robe, he wears a white shirt with black colored tie. her black long pants also contrast with his white pale skin. the most noticeable feature from him is his white colored hair that is surely didn’t come from aging. his face is so young as if he was still a teenager. lazily he come to the counter, put his hand on top of it and asked.

“So, are you ready for the operation?”

“Eh? what operation?”

“of course it is your operation.”

I really don’t have any idea about what he is saying. he is looking at me with his gray colored eyes and asked.

“Do you know what is this place?”

“Of course! it is the ‘dream clinic’ right?”

“Yes. and why have you come here?”

“I was curious about this place. they said that it was a place that can cure any illness however it seemed to me that it was just an urban legend. and after coming to this place. it seemed that the rumor was true.”

I said that cynically. of course who can believe a shady looking place like this as a place that can cure any illness. what’s more this young boy directly asked me if I was read for operation. really if this is a joke, it wasn’t even funny.

“You may think that this place is look suspicious, the doctor of this place which is me is just a boy, I was wierd for asking about your operation the moments you come here. but if there’s one thing that you should believe is that this ‘dream clinic’ is the place where any illness can be cured.”

“Lies. this is probably is a scam shop. where you are tricking any one who enter and said they need an operation. after that you will charges an enormous amount of money which will cause them to fall into debt. now, I will take my leave from this place before I fall into your scheme.”

actually I was searching this place just out of curiosity. if it’s like this, I will better leave. as I turned my body, I can hear a scary laughter from behind.

“huhuhu… you are so funny. let me ask you one thing. do you know why not anyone can come to this place?”

is this another trick to hold me from leaving?

“this ‘dream clinic’ has a special requirements for it’s visitor. we’re a specialized clinic that accepted only special patient.”

so this is one of those. the plot where they makes you think that you are special before luring you to use their service. it is widely used by sales to sell their items. especially health supplement and medicine.

“only those that is one step away from the death’s door can find this place.”

my heart tighten a bit when I heard that. what does he mean. am I going to die?

“As for you miss, you are free to go. however I will give you some advice. your illness is very serious and in several days you will pass away if you didn’t undergo a surgery. and let me tell you something. there’s no other place than the ‘dream clinic’ that can cure your illness.”

his joke has gone too far. after failing his scheming now he is scaring the costumer to believe in him. I absolutely will not come to this place again.

In anger I leave the suspicious,shady looking and scamming ‘dream clinic’. I couldn’t believe that this place is the real truth of the urban legend. with an angered heart I leave Shibuya and will not take a single step into this area ever again.