Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

# Template Novel87

Chapter 000 - Prologue


There is an urban rumor that is famous among the doctor and nurses in hospital near Shibuya.

somewhere in downtown Shibuya, there is a shady shop called ‘Dream Clinic’.

It is said that the man in that place claimed himself as a doctor and able to cure any sickness, even if that person is at a few step away from the death’s door.

“Is that ture?”

“Yes, I read it on the net just a few minutes ago.”

“that ‘dream clinic’, I wonder why no one is able to find it’s location.”

I was overhearing the two nurses that is talking on my side. I actually think that it was weird. why can’t no one find out this shop location?

“Sakura, how about we go there this Saturday?” (nurse A)

“Eh? sorry, I got something to do this weekend.” (Me)

“Don’t be like that, you never hang out with us, at least you can come with us this Saturday. as you heard before, we’re going to downtown Shibuya. we’re going to look for the ‘dream clinic’.” (nurse B)

“Come on Sakura, just this one time. it’s alright if you can only spare one or two hours.” (nurse A)

I have rejected their offer countless times since it was always mixed date arrangement. maybe this time I will go with them.

“Alright, I’ll try to make some time for you girls.” (Me)

“Really? that’s great Sakura-chan.” (nurse A)

“Finally we can hang out together.” (nurse B)

However I never thought that my decision that day changed my whole life.


I was already standing in front of the Shibuya train station. I am waiting for my sweet nurses friends.

“Sakura-chan, sorry we’re late!” (nurse A)

“That’s alright, so where should we start looking?” (Me)

“Eh? shouldn’t we eat something first or do some shopping?” (nurse B)

“Remember, I only got one hour for today to be with you.” (Me)

“Aaa.. that’s too bad. there’s a crepe shop that I want to visit today. and there’s a clothes at Harcoza that I wanted to buy.” (nurse B)

“the one at Harcoza? didn’t you said last week that the one in Aquvii is better?” (nurse A)

“Now that I think about it, the one at Kitakore is better.” (Nurse B)

“But Kitakore is at Koenji-kita Suginami while Harcoza and Aquvii is at Shibuya! and now we’re at Shibuya!”” (nurse A)

“Hey! cut it out you two! don’t you remember the reason why we go to this place?” (me)

” ‘Dream Clinic’ !” (nurse A and B)

“That’s right, so now stop wasting your time debating about some clothing store and let’s go straight to find the ‘dream clinic’.” (me)

After almost one hour searching, we couldn’t find any clue about that place. we tried to ask around to some shops and of course they are all saying.

“That was only an urban legend.”

“Sakura-chan, let’s end it for today.” (nurse A)

“Yes, I am tired. let’s go eat some crepe.” (nurse B)

“If you guys want, you can’t go ahead.” (me)

after that I leave the two nurse behind me. actually they just hinder me and slow my progress.

the night have come before I realized it. I might not admitted it but I am a kind of hard headed person. if there’s a job that I started, I will do it until the end.

When I was resting for a bit, I noticed a butterfly was flying. it was weird. for a butterfly to appear in Shibuya. unconsciously my eyes followed the butterfly. it was dancing in the air until finally it rested. it rested at a  weird looking sign.

“Dream Clinic”

is this the place that I was looking for? How can I not realized that it was in front of my eyes after all this time?