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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 009 - Chapter 9 – Dagger Arts (Tanya’s Story)

Young Master Larcus is a genius.

I have heard about the existences of some people who can immediately learn something by only seeing or hearing it once. I guess, Young Master Larcus is one of these people.

I read a few books to him after the day I have read the story of the Hero when he was still around 1 year-old, but, unexpectedly, he suddenly stopped demanding. I thought, he had lost his interest since he was still a child, but, after a while, I realized that he already learnt how to read, and started to read books continuously on his own.

The books here are gathered by Madam, so there are many books which topics are supposed to be hard for children to understand, such as economics and government systems, but he had read and comprehended all of them when he turned 4 years old.

When she is not treating anyone, Madam joins Master on patrolling the forest and also helps him on subjugating the monsters. Thus, she doesn’t have much free time to take care of the children, and depends on me for educating the children in addition to my housework duty.

I am the daughter of a former mediocre merchant, so until I am 12 years old, when he went bankrupt and our lifestyle got harsh, I have received quite amount of education, however, I feel that there is almost nothing I can teach.

Master saved me from being enslaved, so I am grateful to him. Thus, I want to help Master and Madam on the children as much as I can. I am glad that the sons of the Master are excellent, but I feel a little depressed about not being able to help them much.

Young Master Larcus started to learn the posture of sword starting from 3 years old. However, since his body is still small, he can not swing and use the sword very well yet. So I recommended him to acquire the skill, [Dagger Arts], which is easier to acquire since it doesn’t require much strength. Young Master Larcus was quite happy to hear that.

I started to learn the [Dagger Arts] as a technique for self-protection while I was a child, but then, I acquired it as a skill.

You can’t confirm your skills in a remote village, but, if you go to a temple in a mediocre city, you can confirm it for free, so I confirmed that I acquired [Dagger Arts] skill. (TL Note: I guess they can not see their status like Larcus. He has an unique skill, after all. So they are going to a temple to confirm their status.)

Despite having a smart head, instead of acting haughty about it, Young Master keeps working hard with his little body. It gives an extraordinary good impression to others. Kite-sama has a talent for sword, but he has no interest in studying at all. He has a rather violent personality. Since I am just a live-in maid, I can not scold him seriously, so I am rather in a difficult position.

We tried to practice [Dagger Arts] for a while, but it seems that Young Master Larcus doesn’t have high athletic abilities. His Stamina, Strength, and Agility are quite high compared to his peers, but he can not use the dagger very well for some reason.

“Dagger is effective when it was used flexibly, so please attack quickly and always move in a way to forestall your opponent. Do not slash using only your hand, please place your body weight behind it as well. Keep on until you can do it.”

I want him to at least learn [Dagger Arts] as a technique for self-protection. I am glad that he doesn’t throw a tantrum even if he can’t do it properly, but that level of perseverance is not something a child would have. He doesn’t give up even if he is annoyed. He just keeps practicing silently until he can grasp the basic posture.

My [Dagger Arts] is at level 1. If he keeps working hard like that, I won’t have anything to teach him eventually. It is quite depressing, but, at least, I could teach him something, even if it is only for a short while. If Young Master Larcus becomes a successful civil official or merchant in the future, he won’t lack any story to tell proudly when he reached an old age.