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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 008 - Chapter 8 – Training Starts

I turned 3 years old. Finally, I was allowed to play outside of the house by my own. Today, I followed Kite since he said that he would introduce me to his friends. It seems that he, who is already 7 years old, is a leader-like figure amongst his peers.

“Guys, this is my little brother, Larcus. Take care of him.”

I feel a little bit of haughtiness from him.

Indeed, he is quite stronger than his peers, since he takes the training from Surges every morning. However, what I feel, is not just because of that, there is also another reason behind it. After all, there are lots of children who thinks that they are also remarkable people just because their parents are one, and I think that Kite is also one of them.

Since my father is a muscle-brain, I don’t expect much from him. Tanya, too, would not dare to scold Kite since she doesn’t have qualification for it. But, even though she is quite busy, my mother should still educate him more properly.

Or at this rate, he will grow up to become a selfish person.

It seems, that we will be playing a Hero pretence game today. Honestly, it is mentally painful to play that game in my current age. Even my Mentality value dropped by 3 points. I shall avoid these gatherings from now on. It is much better to just swing a wooden sword on my own. Well, I shall ask Surges to teach me at least the standard posture to hold a sword.

“Big brother! I am still not competent enough to join your group. It doesn’t seem like we can train together unless I become strong like you, big brother.”

“I see… So it was still early for you. Then come back after you become strong like me.“

“Okay. Understood. Wait for me.”

I am glad that he is simple as a 7 years old child.

Since Surges trains every morning before going to patrol around the forest, I joined him on the next morning.

“Father, yesterday my big brother and his friends were playing Hero pretence game. They all seemed quite strong, so please teach me [Sword Arts] as well!“

I should prevent him from seeing through the level of my mentality. (TL Note : I guess he means he purposely asked it like a children in order to prevent him from seeing through his real mental age. )

“I see. So you want to learn [Sword Arts] as well, Larcus. Of course I can teach you, but I have a condition.”

“What is it, Father?”

“You are not allowed to skip a single day starting from now. If you skip even a single day of training, I won’t teach you anymore.”

“Okay. Thank you, Father.”

So, the training started at that day. It seems that the first objective is to learn the basic, the posture of sword, thoroughly by continuously repeating it.

Even when Surges went to patrol, I kept training until my Stamina, Strength, and Agility values were completely depleted. Then afterwards, I train in Fire and Earth attribute magic at the outskirts of the village until my MP was nearly depleted.

There is an illustrated book about vegetations in the bookshelves. It contains informations about edible wild grasses, the wild grasses that can be used to make potions, and also the way to mix them up to make potions. It seems that there is also a [Mixing] skill. Theoretically, if I have enough ingredients and keep practicing on it, it seems that I can easily acquire it. Thus, after the sword and magic trainings were finished, I started to make preparations like searching for medical plants, or gouging out the trees in order to make a wooden pot for mixing the plants.

These books are gathered during Chris’ Adventurer times. There are illustrated monster books that contains informations such as the weaknesses and inhabiting places of the monsters, and the books that contains informations about main customs of every nations. They are quite useful and practical. Knowledge is a power too after all. I want to learn every single knowledge that would be useful.

Currently, my main objective is to build up my power by digesting every single useful thing

(TL Note: I decided to change “Spirituality” to “Mentality” because it sounds better.)