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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 007 - Chapter 7 – Grasping the Circumstances

As I spend my time doing nothing besides learning magic and reading, I finally turned 2 years old. I learnt the Wind and Water attribute magics however it is impossible to practice magic indoors. Because, on the day I used Fire magic indoors, a strong power, which I thought it could have burned down the entire house, was released. And, since getting water or soil inside a room would be trouble, I then decided to learn Wind magic as a beginning. At first, I had some unexpected difficulties with activating Chakra, and I could only create a gentle breeze. However, one night, as I opened the window and tried to practice while facing towards outside, it was a big success. I am glad I did that. (EN : you opened the window, and you can be better in Wind magic. Wow Author-san, wow…)

There was a trick to the activation of Chakra. Just simply pouring your magical power into the chakra point won’t activate it. First, you must assume the chakra as a windmill. Then, imagine applying your magical power to the windmill impellers, and the chakra starts to rotate. I think, the faster the rotation and the higher the amount of magical power that passes through, the higher the level of the magic that will come out.

I was curious about the strength of my magic, so I tested my Wind magic on a 1 meter long tree, and it easily collapsed after only a single strike. Until now, my family still couldn’t figure out that it was happened because of me, and just kept marveling about it (EN : I don’t think that marveling is the right word for this). Knowing that the Wind magic was only at level 1 yet it has so much destructive power like this, I actually find it quite scary.

Unfortunately, it takes too much time to cast. First, you gather the magical power in your whole body, activate the chakra by rotating it, then gather the magical power, that passed through the chakra, inside your palm and fire it. The whole process takes about 40 seconds. Unless you have something to protect you, it doesn’t seem like you can use it in an actual battle. I need to find a way to decrease its invoking time, but I still can’t come up with a definite solution for it. What I can think of for now are:

  1. I can increase [Magic Manipulation] level and hasten the flowing speed of my magical power.
  2. I can make a habit of constantly circulating my magical power in my whole body through my chakra, so I can always keep it active.

However, both of them are quite hard to achieve as of now. Especially the second one, because keeping the chakra in a constant active state without concentrating yourself is an impossible task. Assuming that it is a windmill, unless you hit your magical power directly on the impeller, it won’t rotate properly. And if you don’t concentrate on it, you won’t even get the feeling of actually having a wildmill-like part in your body. Anyway, I should first get accustomed to the magic.

I tried to use Water magic on a heavy rainy day. And I feel like I can use Earth and Fire magic soon if I grasp the trick to them. However, the chakra structures of the Space-time, Light, and Dark seem quite different, so I still could not activate them at all.

While I keep learning magic smoothly, I finally grasped the surrounding circumstances as well. My father and mother are former Adventurers. My father is the second son of a farmer family, but he didn’t take over his family business and became an Adventurer. My mother is the third daughter of a poor noble family. Since she had a very beautiful appearance, she predicted that, most probably, she would be sold to someone as a concubine. She didn’t want to end up like that, thus she immersed herself in studying. After she learnt magic and trained in swordsmanship, she then ran away from home and became an Adventurer.

After a short while, my mother and father met with each other, and Kite was born. So, they needed to settle down somewhere peaceful. Then they became the guards of this remote village. Here, they can make a living using their skills that they polished during their Adventurer times.

Mother works as a healer using her Holy (Light) magic. And father patrols around the forest, hunting the monsters, he also makes protective weirs on rainy days. And apparently, when there is no guest to heal, my mother also accompanies my father.

Considering my mother and father’s skills, they certainly are wasting them in this remote village. However, it seems that they had saved up quite amount of money during their Adventurer times, so we don’t particularly have any issue with money.

Apparently, this Collet Village is at the west border of Arnaldo Kingdom and in the territory of Colonise Viscounty.

Arnaldo Kingdom has the Forest of No-Return in the west of the Collet Village, and in there, are the Elf settlements. In the northwest, there is the Dwarf Kingdom that rules over the mountain zone. In the north, there is the Felix Empire. In the northeast, there are the Forest of Beastmen and the Lahr Empire. In the east, there is the Free Ocean Cities of Sarajek Union. And in the south, it’s surrounded by the ocean.

As of now, there is no hostile country. However, the demi-human races, such as Elves, Dwarves, Beastmans, are captured and enslaved here. And there are also frequent skirmishes with other human countries.

The governing system is a typical feudalistic. The noble families can freely rule over the lands they possess to some extent, and the lands that they possess can also affect their political power. (TL Note: I guess he means that the more land you possess the more powerful you are. )

Approximately 250 years ago, among the demon race, a Demon Lord appeared and declared war against the human nations. However, he was defeated by a certain Hero-sama. After that, the activities of monsters and dungeons gotten livelier which made some human nations quite busy with dealing with them in their internal affairs, so, currently, some regions are excluded from the skirmishes amongst the human nations.

Since you can get monster cores and raw materials when you kill a monster, there are many Adventurers, but it seems that magic users are quite rare, so they are always welcomed to the parties everywhere. I don’t plan to take over the family business, so I shall aim to be an Adventurer for now. I should also start the weapon training when I grow a little more.

However, I should stay quiet about having the memories of my previous life. I can’t predict the reactions of my parents if they find out about it. I should study a little more about the religion, customs, ethics or etc. of this world before thinking about it. I might be expelled, or, in the worst scenario, I might even be accused for being the son of the devil, and then executed. I should think more about it after I had enough power to protect myself.