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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 005 - Chapter 5 – Structure of the Magic

Six more months passed after that. And as I had planned, I finally acquired [Magic Manipulation] skill, and [Appraisal] also raised to level 2 while its MP consumption became 2. However, since there is the possibility of being found out, I decided not to use [Appraisal] on my family.

Moreover, even though level of [Appraisal] increased, the amount of information that I get about a person didn’t change. Although, the amount of information I get about the wood of the ceiling increased, that doesn’t make me happy at all.

And, even though I acquired [Magic Manipulation], I am still unable to use magic. Using my imagination as a template, I attempted to transform my magical power into fire or something countless times, but I couldn’t do it at all. I wonder if there is another principle to do it?

I can’t open the door unless I stand up. I am already nearing to 1 year old, so it is not weird to stand up anymore. Thus, I want to try going to that room with bookshelves inside. I don’t know how to read yet, so I hope there are some explanation books with illustrations about magic. Even if there isn’t any, I can at least memorize the letters.

When I reached the room with bookshelves inside without a problem, I saw about 20 books inside. I picked up some books randomly, but all of them were handwritten, and, although there were some encyclopedias with illustrations about many subjects, there weren’t any textbooks or picture books that the children would read.

(My thinking was naive. You can’t just suddenly read unknown letters even if you want it. And the civilization here is still at the medieval age level, they wouldn’t have any printing technology yet, so the books are precious goods here. There is no way there would be any book for children. When you think of that, the amount of books here should be considered quite a lot for ordinary folks.)

It seems that Tanya noticed that I wasn’t in my cradle anymore.

“Young Master Lar, where are you?”

She was looking for me. Just in time, I will have Tanya read them

I intentionally called her name as something like “Ta a ta” so that I wouldn’t pronounce it perfectly.

“Young Master, how did you get out of your room? Huh? Book?”

It seems that Tanya noticed that I was holding a book.

I said to her in the most innocent way I could do.

“Ta a ta, lid dis!” (Tanya, read this!)

I think it would be weird when an 1 year-old child like me would say something like that, but it seemed like Tanya didn’t think that way.

“Then, shall I read the story of the Hero of Light defeating the Demon Lord?” (TL : Demon Lord or Devil King? Which one do you think is better?) (EN : Both? Like Demon King?)

Is this a world where the Heroes and Demon Lords exist?

Before I realized, Kite had come as well. And it seems that he, too, wants to listen to the story.

I am interested in the content of the story, however, my real goal is to learn how to read, thus I took my position on the top of Tanya’s laps so that I could see the letters.

Content of the story was quite ordinary. It ended in about 30 minutes.

Suddenly a super strong man appears along with his 4 friends. An Holy Magic user whose job is healing, a quick-witted archer, a magician who use all kind of attacking magics, a knight who can endure all kind of attacks when he was clad in his Fighting Spirit(Battle Qi?), a swordsman who can cut anything using his dual swords (There is some kind of contradiction between the knight and swordsman?). They start a journey in order to defeat the Demon Lord. On their way, they defeat a Dragon and add it to their ranks. They ride on the Dragon and go to the castle of the Demon Lord. After they kill every enemy they encounter there, they finally defeat the Demon Lord. It was quite a cliche story but I guess that is how a legend would be.

If that is a real story, I would like to know the details.

There was scene in the story which a magician was using a powerful ice magic (spell?), and in that scene, there was a part mentioning “chakra activation”. Thus I reflexively interrupted the story and asked questions about it, but Kite insisted on listening the rest of the story as soon as possible, so she promised me to tell about it later.

If I summarize what Tanya told me about it after the story;

  • Humans have organs called “Chakra” and there are 7 of them.
  • Each Chakra has its own magical attribute and your magical attribute was decided upon whether you can activate the related Chakra or not.
  • When you pour your magical power (TL Note: I wonder if we shall call it mana?) (EN : I think Magical Power is fine, as it shortens into MP) into that Chakra, your magical power wears that attribute and you cast related magics(spells?).
  • The whereabouts of the Chakra organs are the same as what was told in Yoga philosophy on Earth ( Abdomen, genital area, navel, heart, throat, brow, parietal lob).
  • The attributes from the lowest part to highest part in orderly manner are like that; earth, water, fire, wind, space-time, darkness and light/holy.

“Young Master, did you really understand it? Anyway, if you are interested in magic, you can ask your mother, okay?”

She said that, and then left to prepare the meal.

I finally understand the way of learning magic. From now on, I will make her read books in this room and learn magic.