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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 004 - Chapter 4 – How I Pass My Infancy Days (2)

After 4 months, I finally acquired the [Magic Perception] skill. Now I know that I can circulate my magical power inside my body like my blood.

During this 4 months period, my [Appraisal] skill did not level up even though I kept using it. I guess my [Hardworking Talent] skill is obstructing it.

My MP used to increase by 1 point everyday at first, however, it is now only increasing by 1 point after 9 days. It is not so efficient when you don’t know what you are doing after all.

The growth rate of my other stats are even slower compared to my magical power, but that might already be the best you can possibly get with a body in growing state. Still, I don’t know whether it is because of my training or master bonus of [Merchant] job, I started to crawl after 3 months. Since they would suspect me because it was too early, I didn’t show it to others yet, but it might be the time now.

Other than my stat improvements, I also can somehow understand the daily conversations now. So, I want to move around inside the house and gather more information.

First of all, I want to find out what the job of Chris is, by making use of my crawling. So, I enthusiastically broke out of my cradle and headed towards the partly-open door. However as soon as I got out of my room, Tanya saw me and held me up into her embrace.

“Wow! So you can already crawl! Madam! Madam!” (TL : I guess it fits for Okusama.)(EN : perfect)

Tanya started to head towards Chris while shouting. On our way, I also found a room with bookshelves inside.

Accidentally, I finally reached my goal, however, I lost my enthusiasm.

Chris was still in the middle of casting recovery magic on a guest that looks like an hunter. A huge cut that requires at least 3 stitches was healed instantly by her.

I guess, because I have learnt [Magic Perception] skill, I could vaguely feel the flow of Chris’ magical power. It felt like the magical power in her whole body was gathering inside her palm. I remember the time when I was born too; it seems, it doesn’t require particularly any chantings, however, it takes quite amount of time to concentrate the magical power in her whole body onto her palm.

After she finished her treatment, Chris faced towards us.

“Tanya, please be more quiet when there is a guest. I may not be able to cast my magic very well when my concentration is distracted. So, what is the matter?”

“Please forgive my reckless behaviour, Madam. I was a little excited because Young Master Larcus crawled.”

“Ah, already? That is quite early.”

The old man who looks like an hunter interjected.

“If I remember right, little Larcus is four months old, right? Indeed, it is quite early.”

“I am really sorry, Rabbids-san.” (TL : I want to keep this man’s name as Rabbids because it sounds funny :D)

It seems that the old man who looks like an hunter is called Rabbids.

“Nevermind, the treatment was already done perfectly, and any parent should be joyous about this kind of growth rate. Moreover, he is a very cute baby boy after all.”

Rabbids said this while peeking at me.

And then, after he spoke some congratulatory words for a while, Rabbids left.

“Please forgive my previous actions, Madam.”

“Nevermind anymore. Just be more careful from now on. I can’t concentrate on casting my magic when someone talks to me after all.”

“Understood. However, Young Master Larcus is quite mysterious. He rarely cries at nights. And even when he cries, there is always a reason. I have never seen a baby as docile as him. “

I don’t know whether it is because my body and my mind are not familiar with each other yet, but when I am hungry or I let a leak(Pee?), my body will cry on its own.

I keep trying to hold it in (crying), and because of that, the time I can hold it, is getting longer. Not crying at all is also weird, and when I try to cry myself, I am somehow encountering a resistance. I think, I have no choice but to accept it. However, it is really hard to accept the shame, that I have to go through, every time I let a leak. (TL : He means the changing of diaper.)

“His growth rate is quite fast. And he is also a mysterious child. It makes you think that he is a prodigy, right? I thought that letting the doting parent role to ‘that person’ was enough, but…”(TL : I know there is no flow here but that’s what she says here.)

That person she meant, is Surges. At every opportunity, my father keeps saying that I would be a famous Adventurer or a Prime Minister in the future. He always says such things that makes me want to retort. An Adventurer and a Prime Minister are completely different professions, you know? Alas, I am pretty sure that he is gonna say stupid things again when he comes back and hears about this tonight.

Chris always emits a calm and refined air. On the other hand, Surges only seems like a complete muscle-brain person.

Chris gathered her magical power inside her palm when she was casting magic. So, I am pretty sure that I will need to learn a skill such as [Magic Manipulation] in order to cast magic in the future. After I learnt [Magic Perception], I started to feel that my magical power was gathering on my eyes when I used [Appraisal]. If I increase the magical power gathering in my eyes, level of [Appraisal] might rise and it also might have some connection with gaining [Magic Manipulation]. I think, Magic is cast when you gather your magical power into one point by using [Magic Manipulation], and then transform it by using your imagination or something.

I don’t know whether this deduction is right or wrong, but, at least, I already got some results from my deductions until now. (EN : I think, he meant that he got [Magic Perception] after deducting that Chris can see him using appraisal on her.)

And also, if it is possible, I want to check those bookshelves, that I saw before, in order to confirm my deduction.