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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 003 - Chapter 3 – How I Pass My Infancy Days

My mother, Chris, is not at home very much. Even when she is, there usually are lots of guests coming into the home, so the task of raising the children is mainly entrusted to Tanya.

My father, Surges, is always out during the daytime. Even though our house doesn’t seem to be a shop, I still couldn’t grasp the reason why so many guests are coming or what kind of job my father does.

My big brother, Kite, always runs around the house. He even sometimes meddles with me, and honestly, it annoys me.

In order to learn their language, I always try to eavesdrop on my parents’ conversations; however, I still can’t understand it.

Since it will affect my life from now on, I also need to grasp the social status of my parents in this world. For that purpose, I tried to use [Appraisal] on my parents. I don’t know if it is because the level of my [Appraisal] is low, but I still couldn’t get their stats or skills.

So, the first one was Tanya.

Name Tanya Migra
Age 37
Job Housekeeper
Level 3

I think, this should be the normal level of ordinary people around.

But surprisingly, the appraisal result of Surges was like this.

Name Surges Crybird
Age 34
Job Master Swordsman
Level 39

He is a “Master Swordsman” and his level is 39! I wonder what my father does for making a living?

And the appraisal result of my brother, Kite, was like this.

Name Kite Crybird
Age 4
Job Jobless
Level 1

Oops, I found someone “Jobless”.

I concentrated on the word “Jobless” and an explanation appeared.

[Job, Jobless] : The lumps of every existing possibilities. You can be anything you want for sure.

An extremely unacceptable explanation was displayed.

(It ‘s pointless to complain about the system of this world. Probably, I got an explanation like before because I was still jobless even though there were many available jobs for me.)

I came up with a forced explanation and dropped the subject.

And I once appraised Chris as well.

Name Chris Crybird
Age 29
Job Holy Knight
Level 35

(So my mother is a “Holy Knight”. I don’t think you can easily become a “Holy Knight” like that, and also her level is 35, which is quite high.

This room is not so gorgeous, but since we have a Housekeeper, it doesn’t seem like we are poor either. And my father seems formidable too. So, what kind of people exactly are they? I am more puzzled now. )

While I was thinking about such things, Chris came towards me while murmuring some things and then held me up in her arms with a puzzled face

(Crap! Did she notice that I appraised her? It would be weird if an one week-old baby could appraise someone after all. I-i must cover it up somehow! )

Then I performed an innocent baby act with all my might.

Chris talked something to me for a while with a puzzled face, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. After a while, she left the room while wringing her neck back to me.

I realized something from this.

Except for Chris, the others couldn’t notice me when I appraised them. Chris can use magic and my [Appraisal] consumes MP. So from those facts, I came to the conclusion that the people who can use magic has [Magic Perception] skill.

Currently, I can not feel any magical power, but I will definitely be able to learn [Magic Perception] skill in time since I have [Hardworking Talent] skill.

Naturally, there are not enough people here (EN : What? What’s with the people?), but since evolution of [Hardworking Talent] depends on the total skill level amount, the more skills the better. So from now on, when Chris is not around, I shall appraise while trying to concentrate on feeling the magical power around me. I can’t move my body, since I am a baby anyway. So I have a lot of spare times, trying it should not be a waste.

However, my current magical power is too low, so it usually runs out after a few appraisals. After that, I usually stay in a sound-sleep state for nearly 8 hours, which is extraordinarily inefficient. That also makes Tanya and Chris concerned about me. Therefore, if I drain my Strength or Stamina just like what i do with my Mentality, their Current Values should decrease and their Total Values should increase. I think pushing against the bed or flapping my legs should drain them. (EN : watchout! we got an overly manly baby here)

Then for now, I shall pass my days in the cycle of draining my Strength, Stamina and Agility, and then appraise before sleeping

Even so, I am actually quite bored. I really want to learn to speak and read.


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