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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 029 - Chapter 29 - Time of Departure (Part3)

Afterwards we were attacked by three more Goblin groups. Each group had around 10 Goblins. During those attacks, Medea and I also joined the battle with our magics and repelled them. It was going smoothly until now but finally what I feared the most happened. The Main Street has been broken through. More than 300 Goblins was rushing towards the Lieber’s Mansion. I said they would be fine before but I wondered if Surges and Chris were really fine?

“Rabbids-san, you focus on the ones who would attack from sides or rear gate. Give introductions to the females who are being hunted and drive them away.”


Rabbids-san gave a response with a nervous voice.

I started the preparations for my magic as I stared at the front gate.


Goblins who saw the females with immodest outfits started to rush towards them without even blinking their eyes. When they entered the range of our magic, Medea and I defeated several of them with our Wind attributed magic. Five of them fall over because they stumbled on the defeated Goblins but when they were stepped on by their kins afterwards, they stopped moving. It was more effective than I expected but on the other hand, some of the Goblins could still break through with the momentum thus we had to face them head on.

When a Goblin was about to attack Kite, I finished the preparations of my next magic and fired it off. When I saw the Goblins who stumbled on the corpses of their kins and fell over, I came up with the idea of creating little ramps on the Main Street using Earth attributed magic. I managed to execute that plan and they started to fall over one after another. They were amusingly falling over and stopping moving when they were stepped on by their kins. However it was only only at the harrasment level thus it wasn’t effective enough to affect the general situation.


Several minutes passed. Medea already used up her MP and was resting mentally. And also Goblins finally woke up from their excited state and started to detour the front gate.

“Kite, Larcus, around 20 Goblins started to detour the front gate and head to the sides.”

Rabbids-san reported.

Damn it. Was Surges and Chris really defeated? If they didn’t come soon, we wouldn’t be able to hold up anymore.


Don! Don! Tto!


Sounds of Goblins smashing their bodies to the barriers were resounding. There were nobody who could support the barriers except for females and children. Thus it was only a matter of time before they were destroyed.


Furthermore, the worst possible situation happened.

Some of the Goblins broke into the Cystea’s home. Cystea’s family was one of the founding members of the Collet Village thus their house was at the center of the village where also Lieber’s Mansion was located. Thus it was visible from our location.

I could clearly hear the gasping sound of Kite.

And then Cystea jumped out the window holding her sobbing younger brother in her embrace. However there were Goblins waiting there as well.


Kite’s scream resounded around.

Just at that moment, unfortunately I had fired off my Fire attributed magic and created a gap between Goblins. Thus Kite abandoned his position and started to run towards her using that gap.

“Kite, wait!”

Kite probably didn’t hear my voice. He kept on running while shouting the name of Cystea.

After she glanced back at me who was dumbfounded for a while, Tanya replaced Kite’s position as a vanguard. However Tanya was not capable of standing the pressure of the Goblins.

“Step aside, Tanya. I will act as a vanguard.”

“Young Master, please you concentrate on your magic. Young Master can defeat his enemies the most efficiently with his magic. Young Master is someone who will accomplish great things in the future. Please survive no matter what.”

I had heard the words of “Young Master will accomplish great things.” from Tanya after a long while. I had figured out Tanya’s true intentions from these words. She was definitely planning to die.

I wanted to at least create a barrier around her thus I started the preparations of casting Earth attributed magic.

Meanwhile, Kite had arrived at the front of Cystea’s house safely. He was swinging around his sword crazily and killing the Goblins that swarmed around Cystea. Cystea had sat down and tried to cover her body with her ragged clothes.

“Kite, thank you.”

“No need to thank. How could I call myself man if I couldn’t protect my bride?”

2-3 Goblins attacked again. The moment one of the Goblins smashed down its club, Kite moved and cut off its throat and faced the remaining two Goblins. This was a movement which was naturally performed thanks to his warrior instincts that were formed by his continuous repeated trainings.

However even though the Goblin died, his club didn’t stopped falling down. And where it was falling…


Cystea emitted a mumbling sound after her face was smashed down with the club.

A desperate facial expression appeared on Kite face as he turned around. Even I could clearly see it. Kite was distracted by the sight behind him. But one of the Goblins thrusted his rusty sword at Kite’s back without missing the chance. Furthermore the other one landed its club on his head. Kite collapsed beside Cystea.



Tanya was distracted by Kite’s collapse for a second. She was already lacking the required ability and strength thus Goblins didn’t miss Tanya’s opening and pierced their swords into her stomach deeply.

“Young Mas…”

Before she could finish her words, sword and clubs rained on her and turned Tanya into a lump of meat.

“Kite! Tanya!”

My screams resounded around.

Currently there were many emotions whirling around inside me such as hatred, grief or dread. All kind of negative emotions were crowded around.

I was feeling hatred towards the Goblins who killed two of them. I was feeling grief for the deaths of those two. I was feeling fear for Medea and myself because it might have been our turn to be killed next.

Because of the torrent of my extremely emotions, my five senses were numbed. I could hear the crushing sounds of the barriers, I could hear the screams of the females and I could hear the sound of the approaching Goblins’ footsteps but they were like coming from a far distance. However I knew this feeling.

It was the same feeling when I first used the Darkness attributed magic. Currently my magical power was wearing the Earth attribute but I started to pour my magical power into the Darkness Chakra without a care about it.

I was aware of what kind of spell it was going to be just like that time.


I projected it before both of my palms and I fired off the Darkness attributed magic as black laserbeams. The black beams penetrated through their bodies and created an unusual phenomenon at the Goblins in that straight lines. I started to turn my body around in order to kill more of them with the lasers but after turning around about 15 degrees, I was out of magical power.

(TL Note: Wow! Ironman appeared!)


The Goblins that were hit by my magic started to pull their faces out of dread and emit sounds similar to shrieks. They stopped moving, knelt down powerlessly, started to stare at the empty space with unfocused eyes and drools from their mouths. And then they started to gradually petrify in that state and in the end they turned into dust and disappeared into the thin air, only leaving behind their Monster Cores.


Apparently Goblin King was also hit by my magic. Thus Goblins fell into the confused state and started to be flustered. In this state, even females can repel them.

I heard Surges’ voice. Apparently he was still alive.

When I looked towards there, I saw a person. He had a horn grown from his head, had wings behind him and had pointy ears. His ears were more pointed than an Elf. He had lost one of his arms and blood was dripping from his wound. He must be from Demon Race.


I lost my consciousness after that since I was out of magical power.


In my hazy consciousness, I recalled the prayer for the deaths which mother had chanted in the past.

(Oh mighty God Shiva who rules over the death! These people lived and died like that. They became souls and departed to God’s realm. Cover up their sins with their merits and bless them in the other world.)


(I wish a safe trip for both of you. Tanya, thanks for everything you’ve done for me until now. Kite, be happy with Cystea in the other world.)