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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 028 - Chapter 28 - Time of Departure (Part2)

Surges threw away his spear and immediately started to rush to the point where weir was destroyed while unsheathing his sword. However, there were nobody who could fill up the opening left by Surges. There weren’t any reserve corps anymore. The current situation was like trying to close a hole on a ship made of mud. Even if you were to close one hole, there would be another hole leaking water. Now it came to this, Collet Village would certainly sink.


“Larcus, Medea, the Magic Users are useless in the melees. Immediately go to the Lieber’s Mansion and made everybody there go into the house. Kite, you guard them on the way. The rest of the people, retreat to the Main Street and form a defensive formation there.”


This time, Medea obediently complied the instruction which was given with an unusual expression and an unusual angry voice. Main Street was the popular nickname of the largest street in the village which connected the main gate opening to the Koru Thread direction and the main gate opening to the forest direction.


And beyond that Main Street, there were Lieber Mansion which all the females in the village gathered in. Of course, the Goblins would probably trample other roads or the farm fields first before reaching there.


When we arrived at the Lieber’s Mansion, Tanya were waiting at the main gate. Furthermore, there were weirs around the Lieber’s Mansion as well. And it could house around 100 villagers if it were to come to it.

“Larcus-san, how is the state of the battle?”

“Weirs were broken through. I think that Goblins will come here in awhile.”

I guess they heard me. Because various honest human emotion sounds such as shrieks, sobbings sounds, angry voices started to echo inside the mansion.

“I don’t want to be violated until I die. I will kill myself.”

Goblins would capture and violate the females of other species until they die. The violated females would get pregnant of the Goblin’s children and they would give birth to them in a week.

There were nobody who could protect them. Everybody knew what was the best choice amongst the choices they had. Even if they could get away from here, they had no assets. Thus they had only three choices; dropping dead somewhere, getting eaten by the monsters or getting enslaved. Which choice was better than dying here?

“Cystea! Where is Cystea?!”

Kite realized that Cystea wasn’t here and started to shout bitterly. I checked it out as well and she was indeed not here. Come to think of it, there were only around 80 people gathered here.

“Calm down, Kite. Goblins only recently invaded the village thus she is definitely still alive. She must have hidden somewhere. What if this place were to be attacked, when you left to search for her? Since there would be nobody as an advance guard, it would fall in no time. Wait here.”

And I added in my heart.

(Here is not necessarily safe either.)



“Even if you could save Cystea, if everybody here were to die, how would you explain it to Cystea?”

“Yes, that’s right. Thank you, Larcus. You, too, are really a capable man in a sense. You are always calm and precisive. You are wasted as my younger brother.”

“What is that all of sudden? You are weird.”

“What do you mean by wei-”

I continued by interrupting Kite’s words.

“You spoke as if you were going to die soon. Well, if you die, I will take Cystea so you can be at ease, Niisan.”

I purposely talked with a loud and sneering voice. Glances of the all females gathered on us and apparently Kite also realized my intension. He answered back with shouting voice.

“Like those lowly Goblins could kill me! If you die, I will take Medea, so you can be at ease!”

“There is a Lolicon here… Medea, you must absolutely stay away from Kite-san!”

“I will beat you up thoroughly after this was all over.”

“If we can both survive this, I don’t mind it.”

Some of the females started to laugh as well.

Some of them even recovered from their panicked states. Alright, there was hope. It was still too early to sink into despair.

“Everyone, please listen to me. There are only around 300 Goblins remaining. There are around 100 people here so if each person can defeat 3 Goblins, it will be over.”

Purposely I announced the number of people here more than it actual was and the number of Goblins less than it actually was. I stopped talking there and waited for the responses of the females.

“We will die anyway. Then let’s die fighting.”

“That’s right. It is shameful to give up before even trying anything.”

Many of the females responded back.

“I have a plan that will bring us a certain victory against them. The ones who want to survive, stand up and take a weapon.”

Of course I don’t have a plan that will bring us a certain victory against them. but I majestically declared that with an extremely confident appearance.

“Can we really survive this?”

“Of course we can. You must have all heard the rumours, right? I am the “Mass-Killer Devil.” I will massacre all of the Goblins.”

If I really had that power, I wouldn’t be cornered and retreated here but apparently there were nobody who had noticed that.


“I will announce the plan. If this mansion were to be attacked from every direction, we wouldn’t be able to protect it from every direction since we don’t have enough manpower and weapons to do it. Thus it would fall in no time. Therefore we lure the Goblins to the front gate so that we will make them attack from a single point. Then we will ambush them there. How will we lure them to the front gate? We will leave the gate open and I want around 10 people to stand at a place in a front of the gate where they can be easily seen and pretend to quiver from fear with an immodest(sexy?) outfit. What controls the Goblin are the lower parts of their body so they will definitely rush to the front gate. (TL Note: He means they are controlled by their instinct.)

Kite, Medea and I will stand at the gate and buy some time for him(Surges) to annihilate the Goblins. Don’t let Goblins to invade while Medea and I concentrated our minds on magic preparations, Kite. Please some of you gather around Kite and help him. Surges is not someone who would be killed by Goblins no matter how high their numbers are. It might take a while but he will definitely annihilate them all eventually. Tanya, I am leaving the people selection to you.”

“Yes, please leave it to me. Should I join the female group that will lure the Goblins as well?”

Saying that, she pointed at the location for the Goblins to be lured. Tanya was currently 48 years old. I thought that Goblin would prefer younger ones and I didn’t want to use Tanya as a bait.

“Tanya has [Dagger Arts] skill so you should be in the group that will fight.”

“Larcus-san, you didn’t think something rude and said that, right?”

“There aren’t many females who have battle skills. That’s the only reason why I said so.”

Tanya bowed me and started to select people.

(TL Note: Women… They have all age complex…)


“At battle formation, I leave the front to you, Nii-san. Never push yourself and try to defeat them all. Only think about getting not killed. If you were to fall, this plan would also fail. Medea and I will fire magics from right and left sides simultaneously. We will sign with voice when we fire them thus be careful and don’t get swallowed up by our magic. I want other people to fill up his right and left sides between the magic attacks of mine and Medea’s. Never allow an opening around Kite.”

The main gate of Lieber house was as wide as that two people could pass through with ease at the same time. Since Surges wouldn’t be defeated no matter how many Goblins surrounded him, we might survive this if we could protect this place by placing Kite at the center.

“Medea, drink a Mana Position.”

I instructed Medea as I drank up a Mana Position I got from Surges before. This was not the time to pay attention to its taste but it had a sweet taste. It was actually very delicious. It recovered 100 of my MP.

“Kite, is Larcus alright?”


“What is the matter? And what is the current state of the battle?”

“I am out of arrows thus I came to replenish it. Honestly, the current state of the battle is bad. All of the weirs has been broken through. It turned into a melee combat. In this case, Goblins have the advantage since their number is at the higher side. They probably will come here soon as well.”

Rabbids-san answered with an exhausted expression.

“I see, Rabbids-san. You can’t use your bow in a melee combat. Shall we fight here together then?”

“Are you planning to drag the females into it by fighting here?”

“Where else do you think we can fight? Or would you like them to die without fighting? Or else would you like them to run away? If there were anywhere for them to run away, I wouldn’t mind it though. Besides the females also want to fight.”

“You damn conceit brat! If I can land a blow to the Goblins, I will stay and fight as well.”

“We won’t land only a blow, we will annihilate them all.”

“You are really a conceit brat.”

“Well then, Rabbids-san, please climb on the roof and while firing off your arrows at the enemy, report the state of the enemy as well.”

“Leave it to me.”

After giving a single response, Rabbids-san climbed on the roof swiftly.

“Five Goblins came. They probably detoured the Main Street and came here.”

Rabbids-san reported.

“If there are only 5 Goblins, we can use them for practice. Rabbids-san, please don’t fire off any arrows.”

When Goblins saw 10 females with ragged clothes (It was done by Tanya) sitting and quivering from fear, they started to rush towards them after they made a strange scream. They were like racing to be the first with each other.

“We won’t use magic. We will test the coordination between Kite, Tanya and Hiles.”

Hiles was the female who volunteered to fight this time. Her constitution was quite good. I guess she forged it during the farmworks. When Goblins were 3 Li away from the gate, Kite, Tanya and Hiles appeared from beside of the gate in a triangular formation. Kite was in front of the Goblins while Tanya and Hiles were at the rear of the Goblins.

Goblins lost their balances due to Kite’s sword and taking advantage of it, the two behind the Goblins violently thrusted their swords towards the Goblins swiftly. Goblins had only rushed towards the females in excitement. They had no battle tactics or skills thus they were killed in the blink of the time. It went better than I expected. More precisely, Goblins were dumber than I expected.

“It is as you saw. You don’t need to fear from these dumb Goblins. Even you can fight against them sufficiently.”

Females cheered joyfully! They gained hope to survive.

“You are amazing, Larcus Onii-chan.”

“Larcus-san really surprised me. I am quite amazed that you could think of something like that in such a desperate situation.”

I accepted the praises of Medea and Tanya but the real fight would start when the large army of Goblins break through the Main Street and rush towards here. They could attack from the sides or rear entrance if they were to use a tiny bit of wisdom.

“It starts from now on.”

I murmured softly and steeled my mind.