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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 027 - Chapter 27 - Time of Departure (Part1)

There was nothing unusual at the previous day. We did morning training, entered the forest and hunted the monsters.


We returned home, trained until the sunset, had dinner and went to bed. Nobody could feel anything unusual.


However, it was the morning of the next day.


“Goblins! A Goblin herd… no, a Goblin army is advancing towards the Collet Village! Their numbers are around 500… no, more likely around 800!”


When the voice of the guard was heard, the inside of the village turned chaotic. There were even screams here and there.




“Firstly, Kite, Larcus and I will be going to the front lines. Chris, you walk around the village, collect and organize anyone who can fight. And then take all the women and children to Lieber’s Mansion. It is the sturdiest place in the village. Tanya, you go to Liber’s Mansion and asked them to send someone to the Koru Thread and request reinforcement. Medea, you go to Lieber’s Mansion with Tanya and stay there. “


“Surges-san, I can fight as well.”


“There is no time to discuss this. Hurry up and go!”


“I understand.”


It seemed like Medea would follow behind us. She answered with a determined tone. Probably it was useless to try to persuade her anymore. Goblins were the killers of Tanya(Medea?)’s parents. (TL Note: I guess author made a typo here. Raws say it is Tanya but I guess it should be Medea.)


“Father, I don’t think the reinforcement would make it in time.”


“Indeed, they will not make it in time but they are needed for the reconstructions and food supplies after we drove away the Goblins, understand? It will probably be a long battle. We will go after we took everything we will need such as food and water.”




Five of us said at the same time.




With the additional immigrations for the last 10 years, the population of the village became around 300 people. Around 110 of them were men, around 130 of them were women and around 60 of them were children. Furthermore, it was a comparatively new village thus there were no old people. There were weirs around the village to defend against the monsters but they were created for the purpose of preventing the livestocks from escaping on the Earth and their solidity was not high enough to be used in a large scale fight or a war. Thus I bet they would be broken through in no time.




As their duty of settlers, the men would take training from Surges once a month in order to defend against the monsters in vicinity. However their power level was lower than me who was a 10 year old child with Level 1 [Sword Arts] skill.




Normally you could certainly say “Collet Village will be annihilated.” But Collet Village had Surges and Chris who were at inhuman level. It was still early to give up but if they were to destroy the weirs and invade the village, there was no doubt that would be a devastating blow for the village.


When we reached the gate of the village and saw the assaulting Goblins with naked eyes, Surges exclaimed with a surprised tone.


“There is no way we could fail to notice so many Goblins in the forest. What is going on here?”


“When they assaulted the Elven village, they had assaulted there with such a large number as well. It must be the same trick.”


“Did you figure out that trick?”


“ I didn’t. But even if I did, it wouldn’t make these Goblins disappear. More importantly, there is no way Goblins would have such a wisdom thus there must be a mastermind behind this. If you were to focus on only these Goblins, even you might be done for, Father.”


“Don’t speak nonsense, prepare to cast magic, Larcus.”


“Yes, I understand, Surges-san.”


Medea suddenly cut into our conversation and answered.




The voices of Kite, Surges and mine was overlapped.


“Father, we don’t have time to drive her away now. Medea can use Level 2 attributed magics as well thus she will be useful in the combat.”


To some extend, I had predicted this thus I calmly commented on the situation.


“Do whatever you want.”


Surges said with a shouting voice somehow happily.


Today, I might die. I spontaneously thought that if I were to die, it wasn’t so bad to die besides Medea. Medea was becoming more and more beautiful each day. I had only seen her as my sister until now but maybe it was because I felt the death on my neck, I started to see her differently.


Medea and I started to cast “Arrow Protection” spell on ourselves, Surges and Kite but we didn’t have much time. My MP was 445. The MP consumption of the four attributed magics at the Level 2 was around 10 for each cast and it would take 40 seconds to cast them. Normally I wouldn’t be able to fight more than 30 minutes but Surges gave me several Mana Positions so I could fight for a long time.




Currently there were around 30 villagers gathered. The weapons of the villagers were spears. They were going to fight by thrusting out their spears from the openings of the weirs. They could fight sufficiently as long as weirs standed still but once the weirs were destroyed, they would be at a disadvantage in the melee since they couldn’t be used for the tight turns efficiently.They also had some daggers but they didn’t take any dagger trainings thus they wouldn’t be able to use them for the fight.




With an earth tremor, battle cries of the Goblins were echoed.


Hunter Rabbids killed one of them at the vanguard. That was the start of the battle.


Goblins also fired arrows back to us as a reply but since the structure of their bows were crude, they didn’t reach us.


A little while after that attack, Wind attributed magics of mine and Medea’s cut off the throats of 5 Goblins. After that attack, we retreated back. By the time we invoked our next magic, Goblins would be clinging to the weirs.


“Honey, I brought around 50 people. The remaining 30 people will come in a while.”


“Good, immediately make them line up in a formation with spears in their hands.”


Chris had arrived with a reinforcement at that point. It seemed that somehow they could form a defensive formation using spears with that many men. If the remaining 30 men would serve as reserve corps and fill up the openings in the defence, we could hold up somehow.


“Thrust your spears simultaneously.”




The villagers responded loudly when they heard the encouragement of Surges. None of them had anywhere to go if the village were to fall. Thus morale was quite high.


The weapons of the Goblins were not as long as the spears of the villagers so most of them amusingly died with a single thrust from the villagers at the beginning.


However, the ones who stabbed it too deep and couldn’t take out their spears or the ones who missed to stab at vital points let the advancing Goblins get closer to them.


“If you can’t take out your spears, retreat back and take another spear. The reserve corps immediately fill up that opening.”


The instructions of Surges flied around but the three men who couldn’t execute those instructions lost their lives. In order to fill up those openings, I invoked the Fire attributed magic I have been preparing and killed around 5 Goblins.


Furthermore, because I was invoking the magic from inside of my palms, I needed to move to the front lines in order to aim properly.




Goblins rushed towards the weirs without a fear for death. Some of them hit the weirs with their bodies and someone of them tried to jump over the weirs by stepping on the bodies of other Goblins. Their numbers were few but there were some Goblins who could use magic as well. They had moved to the front lines and somehow managed to hit the weir with their magics. It was now a matter of time before the weirs were destroyed.


While the villagers were incompetently thrusting and abandoning the spears they couldn’t take out, taking advantage of that incompetence, Goblins finally managed to jump over the weirs by stepping on the bodies of other Goblins. Moreover they did it at the two different points simultaneously. Some villagers were killed since their behind became defenceless but the reserve corps whose numbers were quite few killed the Goblins that could enter the inside of the village.


However, at another point, the corpses of the Goblins obstructed the spear thrusting formation and taking advantage of the delay of thrusting, Goblins rushed into that point and one part of the weirs were finally broken through after the perseverance of 30 minutes.


There were still around 400 Goblins.


It was a desperate situation.