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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 025 - Chapter 25 – To the Forest

It has been a little more than 2 years since our trip to Koru Thread. And I became 10 years old now. This past 2 years has been quite peaceful. No monster attack occurred and nobody tried to bully Medea.

Well, I heard that there were rumours flowing inside the village about the incident that I had punished the three idiots with Darkness attributed magic (Actually I had turned them into disabled people once) for bullying Medea.

They were unpleasant rumours such as that I was a sadist who enjoyed to torture the three people who bullied Medea, that I was strong enough to annihilate the Goblin herds that would show up around the village by myself because I was always training and that I would laugh evilly after I massacred the bandits mercilessly. The most popular nickname I had was “Hardworking Devil”. I wasn’t playing with other children thus these were just rumours made up by the children. But I was glad that there were no idiot amongst them who would try to bully Medea because they all knew I was strong.

For quite some time, Kite has been patrolling around inside the forest thus except for the morning trainings, fundamentally only Medea and I would be training. It would be only two of us. I don’t know if it was because she had grown up in an environment that she wouldn’t play around, Medea would always accompany me with my trainings.

In the these past two years, although my body had grown in size, my level didn’t increase. However my stats increased smoothly. I have been consuming my magical power every day thus it was increasing 1 point every 8 days as usual.

Currently, I was learning [Archery] from Medea and she was learning [Dagger Arts] from me.

Surges finally permitted Medea and me to come with him to the forest for patrolling after we reached the age of 10. Furthermore, Medea originally had grown up in the forest and she had [Presence Perception], [Spy] and [Archery] skills thus there was no problem with her coming with us.

Today was the day I would go to the forest for the first time.

“Nii-san, how often do you encounter with a monster inside the forest?”

“About once every two hours.”

“Then most of them must be Goblins, right?”

“Yes, most of them are Goblins but we also encounter with other monsters such as Demon Wolves, Orcs, Ogres, Slimes and Sneak or Insect type monsters. The strongest ones amongst them are Ogres. Their skins and fleshes are quite hard. The sword cannot pierce them. Even with magic, if your magic is Level 1, you need to cast several times to injure them. Father said so. And for Snake type and Insect type monsters, if you can’t notice their ambushes, you will suffer greatly.”

Kite answered my question by also adding important points.

“Enough of the idle talk. Let’s go!”

Surges lead us to the forest.

I realized something. I was an hindrance here. Everyone else except for me acquired [Presence Perception] and [Spy] skills. They were all walking without making any sound but I was making sound while walking and could not notice the approaching enemies at all.

Kite tried to console me by saying that he was also like me in the beginning as well but it was still mentally quite hard. We encountered a Goblin herd consist of 10 Goblins, a Demon Wolves pack consist of 7 Demon Wolves, a spider monster and a giant ant type monster but I couldn’t hunt even one of them and I ended my first day as an hindrance.

I felt extremely mortifying. I had fallen into a mental state of cutting myself from outside world. After a while, I came up with the idea of practicing [Presence Perception] skill thus I started to go for a stroll in the nights.

I had the shackles of the Unique Skill called [Hardworking Talent] thus there was no way for me to acquire them easily. So I tried to grasp the circumstances around me without relying on my eyesight and concentrated on walking without making any sound as much as possible starting from my daily life.

After 6 months, I could finally acquire [Presence Perception] and [Spy] skills. I could patrol around inside the forest without being an hindrance now.

Furthermore, thanks to my night strolls, I could also acquire [Night Vision] skill.

Afterwards, 3 more months passed. I could raise my level to 5. And because he almost reached the age of adulthood, the departure day of Kite finally came.



Name Larcus Crybird
Age 10
Job Warrior
Level 5
Exp Point 1214
HP 46/46
MP 445/445
Strength 48/48
Stamina 47/47
Agility 46/46
Skillfulness 57/57
Mentality 200/200
[Calculation Ability] Level 3
[Negotiation Arts] Level 2
[Biology] Level 2
[Botany] Level 2
[Composition Writing] Level 2
[Science] Level 1
[Management Ability] Level 1
[Multiply Language] Level 1
[Handicraft] Level 1
[Argiculture] Level 1
[Housework] Level 1
[Cooking] Level 1
[Mixing] Level 1
[Dagger Arts] Level 1
[Sword Arts] Level 1
[Archery] Level 1
[Hand-to-Hand Figthing Arts] Level 1
[Buckler Arts] Level 1
[Night Vision] Level 1
[Magic Perception] Level 2
[Magic Manipulation] Level 2
[Magic Invocation Reduction] Level 1
[Fight Polishing Arts] Level 1
[Magic Granting] Level 1
[Earth Attributed Magic] Level 2
[Water Attributed Magic] Level 2
[Fire Attributed Magic] Level 2
[Wind Attributed Magic] Level 2
[Darkness Attributed Magic] Level 1
[Light Attributed Magic] Level 2
[Presence Perception] Level 1
[Spy] Level 1
[Appraisal] Level 3
[Status Management]  
[Hardworking Talent]