Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Destination of Crybird

Chapter 024 - Chapter 24 – Myths of World Creation (Gossips)

The next day we returned, I started to read the book about the Myths of World Creation to Medea so that she could learn the letters.


“The world, come into existence.” The Creator God, Asura, wished so. And then this world, Ryguil, was born.

The Creator God, Asura, created the other Five Gods and ordered them to govern this world rightfully.


The God of Magic, Soma, covered every nook and corner of Ryguil with magical power,

The God of Sun, Indra, constructed the Sun in the sky and brought the day and night to Ryguil,

The Goddess of Earth, Lakshmi, created the earth and dropped it on the Ryguil which was only covered with sea and magical power so that animals and other creatures can live on,

The God of Spirits, Vasu, created the Four Great Spirits and bestowed wisdom to Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, (TL Note : I know it doesn’t make much sense but that’s literally what is said. Maybe it will make sense in the upcoming chapters.)

The God of Life and Death, Shiva, bestowed the Death to the all living creatures and created a cradle(precept?) for souls.

The Creator God, Asura, was satisfied with Ryguil thus he created Human Race, Demon Race and Spirit Race such as Elves and Dwarfs, put them down on the earth in order for them to live and left to somewhere.

Nobody knows where The Creator God, Asura, went. Along with this God’s disappearance, his facial appearance disappeared from even the memories. (TL Note: In other words, since he disappeared right after the creation, nobody knows how he look like.)

The remaining 5 Gods created subordinate Gods and kept on watching over Ryguil via them.