Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Destination of Crybird

Chapter 022 - Chapter 22 – Family

The next morning, after we had breakfast at the inn, firstly we departed to visit the Temple.

It is said that the Creator God of this world, Asilah(Asura?), gave birth to five Gods;


God of Magic, Soma

God of Sun, Indra

Goddess of Earth, Lakshmi,

God of Life and Death, Shival(Shiva?)

God of Spirits , Vasu


And the he created this world with them. Generally Temples would call those 6 Gods as the Six Great Gods and worship them all.

If you were to go to rural areas, you could see many patterns such as worshipping the only one of them or worshipping the subordinate Gods of these Gods. And it seemed that none of them would be considered heresy unlike Earth. There were also some legends about descending of those Gods in the rural areas like here.

Since Temples generally would be in the center of the city, we could easily find it.

“Honorable Priest, can you please help us on our status checkings as well as job changings and publishing Identification Papers of these three children?”

“Yes, of course. Please follow me.”

A good-looking male Priest who looked around early 30s guided us to a place with a crystal.

In this country, Priests didn’t have any political powers. In the first place, the Six Gods were the creators of everythings. In other words, they also created other creatures such as monsters or Demon race thus they were definitely not the Gods of only the Human race. Still, the reason why it was the object of faith was because Status Checking, Job Changing and Publications of Identification Papers could not be done without the special skill of the Priests. Thus they were need because of their practical functions.

On the top of that, the faith in this world had many individual variations thus the important ceremonies such as marriage or funerals would just be consist of prayers which would indicate that they always remembered the existences of the Gods.

“Please look down into this crystal one by one.”

We began to look down into the crystal by the age order starting from Medea.

“How was it?”

Chris asked us three children.

Firstly Kite answered.

“Just like the father said, my [Sword Arts] skill became Level 2. And then I also acquired [Spy] skill.”

“It is quite amazing for someone at your age having Level 2 [Sword Arts] skill.”

“Uh, is that so?”

Kite answered with a little blushing face.

“As for me, [Sword Arts] and [Dagger Arts] skills were each Level 1, [Magic Manipulation] and [Magic Perception] skills were each Level 2, and amongst the four attributed magics, Wind was Level 2 and the rest were Level1. I also aquired Light attributed magic. As for skills, [Calculation Ability] was Level 2.”

By the way, I couldn’t confirm my Unique Skills at the Temple. Apparently they were hidden skills.

“Your magic types skills are at an average Adventurer level.”

Chris said that with a stiff expression.

“I guess I inherited the mother’s talent.”

Of course, I didn’t disclosed all of my skills. I kept hidden some of them. Ever since Medea came to our house, I didn’t have the courage to disclose the secrets that would clear up the suspicion towards me anymore. I don’t think it would be likely but if they were to say “You aren’t my child.” and throw me out, I would die instantly in this world. I didn’t want to take such an unnecessary risk.

Chris was still staring at me but it was Medea’s turn now.

“As for me, [Archery] and [Presence Perception] skills were Level 1, [Spy] skill was Level 2. As for skills, [Magic Manipulation] and [Magic Perception] skills as well all of the four attributed magics were Level 1.

“As for someone at your age, it is extremely amazing, Medea.”

“Thank you very much.”

The evaluation of Chris must have made her happy thus Medea thanked with a happy expression.

“Then it is now time for the Job Changing. Kite can become [Warrior], Larcus can become [Sorcerer] and Medea can become [Magician]. “

Chris introduced the jobs but there were no other options for us thus we changed our jobs to what she said. (I had previously changed my job to [Jobless] using my [Status Management] skill])

The Identification Papers were very simple. Only informations of name, birthplace and birthdate were written on them. However they were something published by the Temple that had a natural standing thus they could be used in every nations. Besides, they were some kind of magical tools so it was impossible to alter their contents.

We finished our business in the Temple and went to the shopping.

We firstly went to buy Medea’s everyday clothes. In this world, the clothes were generally made of a plant which resembles the linen. There were also the ones made of cotton or silk but they were only worn by upper class people. Besides when they were colorful, their prices were skyrocketing. And even the ones that were called “cute clothes” were not amount to much. Thus there weren’t many options to choose.

I had assumed that it would be like the shoppings of women at Japan but the shopping ended disappointedly fast here. Including the clothes she would wear when she grew older, we bought 3 clothes and two hats for hiding her ears, one for the winter and one for the summer. Medea seemed quite happy because of that. By the way, the hats were worn by the upper class people as well but they were also worn by the females with some affluence in order to protect themselves from the direct exposure of the sunlights.

Afterwards we had lunch. We all ate a kind of sweets that look like Castella which was popular in the Imperial Capital. Not only it had an absurd price such as 2 Silvers Coins for 5 pieces(It was 4000 Yen for each person), the refinement of the sugar inside it was also rough thus there were many lumps of sugar all over it.

Probably the ones that were sold less than 100 Yen at the convenience stores in Japan were more delicious than this. However I think it was because of the reasons such as that I was eating something sweet after a long while, that I was eating it in an another world and that I was eating it with my family, I felt like it was the most delicious meal I had ever had.

“I am really grateful to you about today. You even let me eat something so delicious.”

“Don’t mind it. It is a rare occasion for us as well. Besides it also serves as a welcome party for you, coming to our house, Medea-chan.”

“I am really glad that Medea-chan was taken under the care of the Master and Madame. Of course, I am also glad to be taken by them as well.”

“We are also glad to have you with us, Tanya. We are thankful to you.”

“Why, thank you very much.”

“Now I remembered, Mother. Kite said to the daughter of our neighbour, Cystea, that ‘Even if a Goblin King were to attack the village, I would protect you.’ Because he gave her such promise, he said that he wanted to inherit father’s job and stay in the village.”

“Y-Y-You! Where did you hear that?!”

Kite stood up with a force and the chair he sat fell down back.

“I was just joking…”

When I said that apologetically before Kite’s extremely flustered behaviours, he fixed his chair and sat down with a red face.

“Un, goho, goho, I am planning to be an Adventurer.”

His character was now different from his usual one. I felt pity for him so I didn’t retort any further.

Chris pretended that she didn’t hear about Cystea and continued to talk about some other matters with a pity for Kite in her eyes.

“That’s right, you are going to be an adult in 4 years thus you should properly start to think about your future, Kite.”

“Yes, yes, you are right, Mother.”

Kite answered with an unnatural tone.

“Well then, apparently everybody finished their meals so shall we choose a present for Cystea-chan? This matter also concerns Kite-san’s future after all.”

Everybody bursted into laughters except for Kite after Tanya’s finishing words.

Despite the Tanya’s proposal, Kite insisted that it was not necessary so we headed our next destination, Adventurer purveyor shop.

As for bows, swords and shields, Kite and I already had good quality Elven products but there were still protector type equipments such as armors, gauntlets and shin guards as well as travelling tools that an Adventurer needed such as camping tools, canteens, durable backpacks and mantles to buy.

Of course, there weren’t any protector equipments made for children so we planned to buy armors and suchs for the next time but the gauntlets and shin guards for adults which were made of leather could be twined around and be worn even by the children. Thus we bought them.

The other necessary tools except for protective equipments were only bought for Kite since it was still quite early for me and Medea. Kite was already patrolling around inside the forest with Surges thus he could need them any time soon.

We could swiftly purchase anything we needed thanks to the advices of Chris and the shop clerk, a 40 years old gracious old man.

I advised Kite with a low voice before we left the shop.

“Nii-san, if you are serious about Cystea, you should buy a present for her as Tanya suggested.”

“Should I?”

“Of course, you should. There shouldn’t be many people in the village who could come to Koru Thread. She would be delighted if you were to buy some stylish occessories from here. Right, Tanya?”

“That’s right, Kite-san.”

“Did you buy everything you needed?”

I interrupted when I heard Chris’ inquiry.

“Wait, Mother! I want to look for some books. Medea, you are also interested, right?”

“Yes! I want to learn how to read as well.”

Medea answered.

“Nii-san, you are not interested in books. So you wouldn’t be coming with us, right?”

I made it sounded like something uninteresting and Tanya also followed up.

“That’s right. I am not interested in it either. Kite-san, shall we return to our inn then?”

I would feel worried about what Kite would pick for her but since Tanya was also with him now, he wouldn’t buy anything funny.

Apparently Chris saw through our plan to do something sneakily.

“I see. Shall three of us go to the bookstore then? I am leaving Kite in your hands, Tanya.”

“Yes! You can count on me, Madame.”

Kite didn’t realize it but two of us were conversing with each other in whispers surpassing our laughters.

“By the way, are you really going to the bookstore?”

“Yes, can’t I?”

Medea asked with a surprised expression. I guess with her current age, she wouldn’t understand it.

“Of course, I am going. I hope to find some magic handbooks, the illustrated encyclopedias more detailed than the ones in our house or mixing recipes. “

“Such things normally wouldn’t be sold in such a small town. Even if they were sold, we wouldn’t afford to buy them since they are quite expensive.”

“I see. How disappointing. However it is fine even if I could only see them.”

Paper existed in this world as well but as far as I confirmed, they were all used for handwritings and they were extremely expensive. Their average prices were around 10 Silver Coins.

The books at the only bookstore in the town were grouped into the three categories; Hero Tales, Myths of World Creation and Specialized Books.We bought a book about Myths of World Creation for Medea and a medical recipes book for me which I could find after a long search. We totally paid 20 Silvers Coins for them. The 20 Silver Coins were disturbingly jangling but their sizes were ¾ of the 1 Yen Coins in Japan.

We returned to inn at evening and had dinner together.

“Today was really fun. Thank you very much.”

Medea thanked everybody.

“Medea-chan, you don’t need to thank us for it. We are family after all.”

Hearing Chris’ reply, Medea murmured with teary eyes.

“I think I will never forget about this day for the rest of my life.”

“Yes, that’s right. Today was really fun.”

I also made an agreeable response for Medea as well.

And thus our happy day had ended like that.