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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 021 - Chapter 21 – To Koru Thread

3 months passed. No Goblins appeared at the outskirt of the village and nobody came to bully Medea afterwards.

During these 3 months, Medea acquired Earth and Water attributed magics. She even started to participate in [Sword Arts] trainings with me. The content of the training basically was that Medea would attack and I would defend against her using my shield. Medea’s [Sword Arts] gradually started to take form but I still couldn’t acquire [Buckler Arts] and [Hand-to-Hand Arts] skills.

Today was the promised day to go to Koru Thread for shopping. We properly got permission from the Village Head, and decided for the person who would stay behind at the village. The person who was going to stay behind at the village was naturally Surges, who was our village’s pride and the highest war potential. Surges also wanted to come along with us but it couldn’t be helped when you thought about the safety of the village.

We were also planning to visit the Temple for status checking and job changing in addition to the shopping. Because I had the unique skill [Status Management], I could causally do status checking and job changing by myself but the ordinary people were incapable of doing them by themselves.

I didn’t tell my family about my unique skill so I had to visit the Temple for status checking as well. However I heard that only the owner of the status could see them thus I was feeling relieved. I had many skills that normal people didn’t have so it would create a commotion if they saw them which would be troublesome for me.

Our schedule for the shopping this time was to reach Koru Thread in 2 days, to finish the shopping during the day and stay overnight at Koru Thread and then to come back to the village in 2 days. It was a small trip. There was a large river called Ikea River between Koru Thread and Collet Village so we would have to get on a ship as well.

Carrying our luggage would be normally troublesome but my parents had acquired a magical bag during their Adventurer times. Its size seemed like a normal backpack but since Space-Time magic was casted on it, this bag could contain stuffs weighed around 300 Golls(Approximately 450 KGs). Its manufacturing method was being kept as a secret but it was said that you could manufacture it if you were capable of using Space-Time magic and had the related raw materials. It could be bought for around 10 Gold Coins.

The currencies which were used in this world were the main three types of Copper Coin, Silver Coin, Golden Coin as well as Half-Silver Coin which was worth half of a Silver Coin and then Half-Gold Coin which was worth half of a Gold Coin. If you would convert their values to Japan Yen, their values would be 100 Yen, 10,000 Yen and 1000,000 Yen from Copper Coin to Gold Coin.

“Honey, I am sorry but I am leaving the village’s safety in your hands. I will finish our business and come back as soon as possible.”

“Okay. Be careful on your trip.”

After those husband and wife exchanged words, we departed. The lands between Collet Village and Ikea River was a remote area where people recently started to immigrate. The only transportation method was using a ship so even though you needed to be on guard against monsters, there weren’t any kind of bandit groups.

“Medea, will you be able to walk until our destination?”

“I used to search and hunt preys all day along in the forest thus I think I will be okay.”

Kite asked Medea. It felt like they became quite open to each other.

“I wonder what kind of clothes we will buy? You are also excited about it as well, right, Medea-chan?”

“I hope we will find many cute clothes.”

Tanya and Chris were quite happy about having a little girl in the house where there were only boys before. They were quite excited about dressing up Medea like a doll.

I don’t know if it was because she was dotted on very much, she was a little in that mood as well.

“What is our budget, Madame?”

“Even though there is a budget for the boys, there is no such a limited budget for Medea.”

When we heard the speech of our real biological mother, Kite and I exchanged glances without saying anything and shrugged our shoulders.

“What? You have a problem with that?”

“No, Honourable Mother. Medea is the precious treasure of our house. We brothers are satisfied even with the leftovers.”

“Good. I am glad that you know your positions.”

We responded Chris in a little sarcastic manner but she answered back jokingly without feeling agitated at all. Medea acted bashful but I think she was actually happy.

This was the first time for Kite and Medea to go outside of the village, so they both were in high spirits. (TL Note : Did Larcus go outside of the village before?)

Without encountering any peculiar trouble, we arrived at the harbouring area. Ikea River was so large that I couldn’t even hazily see other side of it. There was no bridge over it. The ship usually halted at the Koru Thread side of the river but there was also a fixed sailing to our side every morning. Because of that, even though there was nobody living in the harbouring area, there were many huts and you could use those huts for free.

We had arrived at around 4 PM. Thus in order to kill some time, I took out a fishing rod from the magical bag and I went to fishing with Kite. This was my first time doing it in this world.

“Nii-san, what are you planning to do when you became an adult?”

In this world, you are considered as an adult when you reach the age of 15. Kite was currently 11 years old. He was going to have to stand on his own feet 4 years later.

“Hmmm. At first I was planning to become an Adventurer. But I started to think of staying at Collet village and inherit my mother and father’s jobs.”

“That job requires someone to hire you. Thus in this case, Colonise Viscount should hire you in order for you to take this job, right?“

“Come to think of it, you are right.”

Kite had inherited the genes of the father splendidly, he was a muscle-brained person who was poor at reading, writing and calculation.

As for the father, he was poor at memorising things but I don’t know it if it was because of his extremely sharp instincts, I could not recently get the impression of a muscle-brain from him.

“Firstly you have to prove your strength. Thus you have to show your strength and make a name for yourself as an Adventurer if you want to settle down there in the end.”

“What are you planning to do then?”

“I will become an Adventurer. And if it is possible, I want to go to the magic academy in the Sarajek Union. “

The Free Ocean Cities of Sarajek Union. It was a federation which was formed by a group of City-States in the east of Arnaldo Kingdom where our Collet Village belonged to. It was under control of a group of merchants who could single-handedly carry on the all trades with the Gurajiru Continent in the south. Its straight line distance from Collet Village was around 250 Leads(Approximately 750 KMs). It would take months to reach there.

Its central city, Sarajek, had all kind of informations and knowledge as well as many famous schools. Magna Magic Academy was the top school amongst them. And it was said that If you could graduate from there, it was guaranteed that you would become an Imperial Court Magician regardless of your previous social status.

Kite, who can not use magic, was listening to me with a puzzled expression.

“Can’t you already use magic?”

“The only usage of the magic should not be just to defeat your opponent and there should be other usages for it as well. That’s how I think.“

“Is that so?”

There are many things I don’t know very well such as Darkness attributed and Holy magic as well as the Space-Time magic which I didn’t even have a slightest idea about how to use it. No, in the first place I didn’t even know what the magical power really was. I acquired Darkness attributed magic recently. That was an incident that caused me to start inquiring about the origins of the magical power. I didn’t know how much knowledge that academy had but I wanted to enroll it if I could.

“Since I want to become an Adventurer, I will need a dependable advance guard. You, too, want a dependable rear guard, right, Nii-san? I would like to form a party with you.”

“I agree. Then we will include Medea too.”

“Yes, we will include Medea too.”

Afterwards, Kite caught a fish that looks like a carp but I had nothing. That fish was cooked for dinner but it was stinking like mud thus everybody ate it with doubtful expressions on their faces. It was normal for the river fishes to smell like mud, after all.

Next day, the ship arrived and we boarded on it. The shipping fee was 2 Silver Coins for each person. When you convert it to Japan Yen, it would make 20,000 Yen which was quite expensive but since there was no other way, it couldn’t be helped. Because it was his first time to get on a ship, Kite was quite excited at first but he was now suffering from motion sickness. I think it was because she was afraid of people, Medea was hiding behind me with a hat covering her ears completely in order not to be detected by the Boatman.

Afterwards we travelled smoothly and arrived at Koru Thread at the evening. Chris took an inn which she stayed many times during her Adventurer times and we went to bed early.