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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 020 - Chapter 20 – Darkness Attributed Magic

Afterwards, since the monster core can not be burnt, I burnt down the Goblin using [Fire Attributed Magic] and picked up its core from the ashes.

Since we went through such an incident, we ended our training for today. Besides I had bathed in the Goblin’s blood thus I wanted to go back home, wash up myself and change my clothes as soon as possible. By the way, there isn’t a bathing culture in this country(village?). They would just wipe their bodies with a wet piece of cloth which is soaked into the hot water.

When we went back home, Tanya asked with a surprised expression.

“Young Master! What happened?! What happened to you?!”

“A strayed Goblin appeared at outskirts of the village so I defeated it.”

“What did you say?! Are you injured?!”

“No, I am alright. I am not injured. More importantly, can you please prepare hot water and clean cloths for me? “

“Yes, I am preparing right away. Please stay outside until then, Young Master.”

This was a little harsh comment but even I thought that my outfit looked terrible so I obediently complied.

I reported to Surges and Chris that a Goblin appeared at the outskirts of the village

“It is probably one of the Goblins who got separated from the herd during the retreat from that battle. In the winter, the number of food sources for Goblins such as fruits and animals decreases thus similar incidents might happen from now on. Chris, please stay in the village for a while just in case. Kite, come to the forest with me in the place of her. It is about time for you to gain some real combat experience.”

“Yes, you can count on me, Father.”

“Yes, I understand, Honey.”

Both of them acknowledged it.

“By the way Larcus, how did you defeat the Goblin?”

“I cut off its head using my sword. By the way, the sword you gave me is quite sharp.”

“I am surprised that you could defeat it using only your sword arts. With your current strength, you should have been blown off when you exchanged blows with it. “

“I got help from Medea to create an opening and I cut off its head with a single hit using that openning.”

“I see. I am quite impressed that Medea could provide support calmly without panicking at all.”

If I were to say that I acquired [Fight Polishing Arts] and used it in an actual combat, not only they would become suspicious about me, Surges would scold me about it as well. It seemed that Medea, too, didn’t want them to know that all she did was to cry without helping at all, so she started to look downward with a slightly red face. I think that my parents thought that she felt bashful because of their praise but I guess actually, she remembered what happened that time and felt embarrassed about it.

“In this case, we should go to Koru Thread after everything calmed down a little, right?”

“That’s right. I am sorry for causing inconvenience for you but please wait for a while for the shopping, okay?”

“You are not causing inconvenience for me at all. I am already appreciated for letting me live here. And that’s more than enough.”

“Medea-chan, you don’t need to be so formal towards us. We would be happy if you could think of us as your real parents.”

“Thank you.”

After she heard Chris’ words, Medea thanked with a less formal tone.


What is more, after I defeated the Goblin, I gained experience points for the first time. The amount of experience points that the Goblin provided was 10. As I thought, you can’t get experience points unless you defeated a living creature that has magical powers in its body. According to the books I read, it was written that one could level up by absorbing the magic source of the monsters he defeated. Thus in the cases such as that you wounded it but the final blow was delivered by someone else or that you wounded it fatally but it escaped and died away more than 30 Li (Approximately 54 meters) from you, you don’t get any experience points.


The next day, we resumed our training at the same place with the previous day’s. Medea continued to make effort in order to acquire Earth and Water attributed magics.

When I acquired [Sword Arts] Level 1 skill, [Warrior] job became available for me. When I change my job to [Warrior], it provides a 1.5 times correction on the proficiency rate of sword, axe, spear and shield skills and as well as Strength and Stamina stats.

Still, I thought it would be quite hard to increase the level of [Sword Arts] skill so I decided to practice a hand-to-hand fighting art that I had seen in a hand-to-hand fighting manga back in the Japan.


By the way, when I learnt Holy Magic, I also mastered “Magician” job. As the mastering bonus, my MP increased by 4, my Agility increased by 1, my Skillfulness increased by 1, my Mentality increased by 3 and I acquired a skill called [Magic Invoking Reduction].

While the [Magic Invoking Reduction] skill is active, the flowing speed of the circulating magical power inside my body becomes faster and the magic invoking time can be reduced by 25% at Level 1. When its level becomes 5, I will be able to invoke the four attributed magic spells in 20 seconds.

Firstly, I started with basic jabs. Since there is no enemy who wouldn’t move and just stay still, in order to improve my footwork, I started to circle around while punching. When I got used to it, I started to occasionally launch one-two punches as well. The foundation is the same at the every sports. Maintaining your body axis, decreasing the leg muscle strength loss and turning it to power is the point here.

After taking a break, this time I kicked to the front with my dominant leg. As I kept the forms of low, middle and high kicks in check carefully, I continued to kick. If I could blend my kicks into my [Sword Arts], I could catch my human opponents by surprise.


I had taken a toilet break and left the area for about 30 minutes. When I came back, Medea was surrounded by 3 boys. They were around 12-13 years old.

“I heard that she was an Half-Elf. But with that ears, she looks more like someone from Demon race.”

“Whether she is an Half-Elf or Demon, it doesn’t change the fact that she has a sullied blood. My father said so.”

“Then shouldn’t we kill her here?”

One of them started to kick Medea mercilessly.

“S-Stop it.”

Medea murmured weakly.

“I can’t hear you.”

One of them grabbed Medea’s hair tightly and pressed her face into the streamlet nearby.

At this rate, they would really kill Medea. I was dumbfounded because of this extreme cruelty. I was feeling a precise killing intent and a murky dark rage for the first time ever since I came to this world.

At this moment, the darkness Chakra in my brow, which wouldn’t react no matter how much I tried, started to react. I instinctively learnt what kind of magic, the Darkness attributed magic was. However I still couldn’t control my emotions. No, my killing intent was actually still keeping on expanding and was being repainted by the Darkness attribute. My magical power was raging around inside my body and searching for a pitiful victim to vent on.

“What the hell are you bastards doing?!”

“This guy is the second son of Crybird-san. He is covering up for Demon race. He is no different from her.”

They let go of Medea and started to come at me.

It was convenient for me since they got away from Medea. I wouldn’t want to drag her into it after all.

“Then you are also planning to kill me as well just like Medea? In that case, I will kill you all before you kill me!!”

They faltered for a second when they heard the word “Kill” but they still kept on coming at me.

“What bullshit are you spouting?! Do you really think you can win against three of us?”

Indeed, when you thought about it, there was no way for a 7 years old kid to win against 3 kids who were around 12-13 years old.

They got encouraged by those words and started to come at me with tightly grasped fists.

“I don’t just think I can win against you, but also I think I can kill you as well!”

I fired my Darkness attributed magic at those three after those words. Its appearance was just like a black water vapor but its effect was fiendish. It ruins the people’s mental states and turns them into the disabled people. It causes all kind of negative feelings such as feeling of defeat, fear, grief and despair. After they received Darkness attributed magic attack, they have fallen into a confused state. They started to make shrill screams, tear off their bodies and then finally stopped moving. Their eyes were out of focus, there were loose salvias coming out of their mouths and an ammonium-stinking liquid was leaking out from their lower bodies.

I was also dumbfounded before the extreme result. I wasn’t planning to go this far. No matter what, I would never thought I would fire a magic that really disables people. Besides, my repeated “I will kill you.” words were just said out of anger. I didn’t really mean it. When I thought about calmly, I felt like my way of thinking was sized by the Darkness attribute as well.


“Onii-chan! Onii-chan!”

I recovered when Medea pulled my clothes but I still had an uncomfortable feeling.

“Medea, aren’t you scared of me?”

“Onii-chan did it to protect me. Why would I be scared of you?”

“I see.”

It was probably my overthinking but no matter how good your impression of someone was, when you saw him doing such cruel a thing, you would be scared of him.


“Leaving those three as they are would be bad. So I shall turn them back to normal.”

After I casted on them a Holy Magic spell that heals the mental state one by one, I casted on Medea, who was kicked before, a Holy Magic spell that heals the physical wounds.

When those three opened their eyes, it seemed like their memories about the recent incident was a little vague but I still gave them a warning.

“I will forget about what you did today. You, too, forget about it as well. Understand?”

“Yes, we understand!”

They were awfully obedient. As I suspected, the mental healing spells might be increasing the dependency on the caster. Until I gain a proper knowledge about it, I guess I should avoid casting spells that affect the mental state as much as possible.