Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Destination of Crybird

Chapter 002 - Chapter 2 – First Job

(Firstly, since magic exist in this world, I want to learn it somehow, but I don’t know how to learn it. So… for now, I want to be graduated from being the “Trash of the Society”. I wonder, if there is any job that I can acquire…)

Merchant : Requires [Calculation Ability] Level 1.

Craftsman : Requires [Handicraft] Level 1.

Farmer : Requires [Agriculture] Level 1.

Cook : Requires [Cooking] Level 1.

As soon as I thought about job, these four explanations appeared in front of me. Explanations are displayed quite easily, so I shouldn’t think about the term “Jobless” even by accident. Otherwise, my Mentality

value will reduce instantly.

(It ‘s rather easy to get a job. Now I can stop being “Jobless”. My previous job was similar to a “Merchant”, so I should choose the job “Merchant” for now. )

Since I was unfairly called “The trash of the Society”, I hurriedly changed my job to “Merchant”, but as soon as I changed my job, a window appeared with many messages on it.

Job “Merchant” was mastered.

As the mastering bonus, HP increased by 1, MP increased by 1, Strength increased by 1, Stamina increased by 2, Agility increased by 1, Skillfulness increased by 1, Mentality increased by 2 and an additional skill “Appraisal Level 1” was acquired.

Conversion to the job, “Civil Official”, is now available.

(What is this? Is everything so easy like this in this world?”)

My curiosity was piqued, so I concentrated on my job “Merchant” and an explanation appeared.

[Job, Merchant] : It applies 1.5 times growth correction on [Calculation Ability] and [Negotiation Arts]. Mastering conditions : [Calculation Ability] Level 2 and [Negotiation Arts] Level 2.

I don’t know the education level of this world; however, if the education level is not so high, then reaching “[Calculation Ability] Level 2” might be quite hard. That would be reasonable. I learnt a new skill too and the mastering bonus is quite good. I wonder if there is another job that I can master quickly… ) (EN : I wonder, can he even master multiple jobs?)

Unfortunately, it seems that, mastering conditions for the jobs; Craftsman, Farmer and Cook are to have 2 or higher levels at each of their respective skills, and for Civil Official is to have 3 or higher level for its respective skills. (EN : so, he just used the ‘Explanation’, but didn’t show it to us. )

When I look at the explanations of each jobs, it seems that each of them provides 1.5 times growth correction for either its related stats or skills.

(If it is possible to have a growth correction for stats, it means that you can increase your overall power without even leveling up. Indeed, it would be weird if you wouldn’t be able to increase your strength when you do weight training. When I look at my stats, my Mentality, which provides correction on all type of magics, is abnormally high, so I want to learn magic as soon as possible. If I could consume MP, I believe that I could get some improvement on it but…)

When I concentrated on my new skill “Appraisal”, an explanation appeared.

[Skill, Appraisal] : It can appraise anything by consuming MP. The contents that can be appraised depend on the Appraisal skill level.

(Good! Just what I wanted!)

When I thought “Appraisal” while looking at the ceiling, a window appeared.

The ceiling, made of conifer wood, of the Crybird premises in Collet Village.

(It consumed 1 MP. By the way, I had heard the word “Collet” from my parents before, so it was the name of this village.)

After that, I kept on appraising until my MP becomes 0 which caused my consciousness to become dim, and then I fall asleep.



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