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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 018 - Chapter 18 – Family Conference


Even though my family lives in such a remote village, they are unexpectedly quite wealthy. They both were first-class Adventurers. Thus they had earnt quite amount of money. They have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives even if they don’t work at all. When Chris got pregnant, they needed a steady place to work and live peacefully. That’s why they are living here. Basically, there is no big-shot class monster in the forest in the west because of the Elven village’s existence in the forest. It might still be a life-threatening job for an ordinary person but it is not dangerous for Surges at all.

Thus with their current wages, it is a very simple matter to take care of Medea.

And they did a very good job by taking Medea under their cares from my point of view as well.

I, who only had brothers, had grown up to an adult with a strong longing for a sister. Even after I graduated from school and started hunting jobs, that longing still firmly existed in my heart without fading away slightest bit.

Everybody who has a real sister always says “My sister is just cheeky, she is not cute at all.” but is this other world is a real world? No, it should be a fantasy world since magic exists here.

In other words, Medea is an Half-Elf step-sister of mine in this fantasy world.

In the past when I was still on Earth, I had such an existence only in 2-D worlds, but my friends who are also in the same boat with me always tried to persuade me to give up on it. However I guess they, too, didn’t want to give up and actually they, too, always longed for it just like me.

Medea is that existence everybody gave up on and longed for.

When I imagine the scene of Medea calling me “Onii-chan”, a smile naturally forms in my face.


“gufuu, gufuu” (TL Note: I couldn’t quite get this sound effect. :D)


For some reason, my family is staring at me as if they saw something funny. Is there a grain of boiled rice on my face? (I have never eaten it in this world though.) When I check my face with hand, I can’t find anything unusual.

I see! My smiling face is the one that is funny!

When we returned home, Tanya had prepared the dinner and was waiting for us as we predicted. As expected from Tanya. There was one more chair around the dining table. Good job!

“Welcome back. You took quite a while. The dinner is ready. Would you like to eat immediately? “ (TL Note: Tanya always speaks very politely however I don’t know how to express this politeness in English. So just imagine that she speaks very politely. :D)

We offer our prayers before the meal and Surges starts to talk.

“Medea is officially our daughter now. Lieber acknowledged it as well. “

“Well then, we need to do some preparations. It seems that we should go to Koru Thread for shopping.”

(For more information about “Koru”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koru?oldid=488284766 )


Tanya suggests that. Koru Thread is a central city with a population less than 10000 in the Colonise Viscounty which Collet Village belongs to.

“Father, if you are going to Koru Thread, I want a sword as well.”

It seems that Kite’s greed was stimulated.

“Nii-san, taking care of Medea’s needs has the first priority. And the child clothes we have all are for males, but after I heard the talk at the Village Head’s house, I started to want something as well.”

While showing an apparent concern for Medea, I also expressed my demand.

“There are some weapons we received from Medea’s uncle, Nasr, as a token of gratitude about helping Medea and Elven village. These are excellent weapons which [Magic Granting] was casted on. It seems that they were used by Medea’s grandmother and grandfather. Since there was nobody who uses them now, he gave them to us. “

Chris took out two swords, two small shields and two bows while saying this.

“Wind attributed magic was casted on each of them. There are lightweightness and sharpness effects on the swords, lightweightness effect on the shields and power enhancement effects on the bows and their arrows. We will split them between you.”

““Thank you very much, Mother.”“

Elven race has longevity thus each of them conducts long researches and studies. As a result, the items that were crafted by Elven people are high in quality. Besides, Elven race is excelled at magic. So there are many cases they cast magic on the items. And it is very popular amongst the physically weak Elven people to cast Wind attributed magic on armours. I unexpectedly got my hands on high quality armours.

“Where will Medea-chan stay?”

“As long as I can sleep, anywhere is fine.”

Tanya asks but Medea answers immediately without any reservations.

“Shall we empty and clean up one of the storage rooms for her?”

Surges answers immediately.

“However where will she stay until then?”

“She can stay at Tanya’s room. You wouldn’t mind it, right, Tanya?”

“Yes, of course I wouldn’t. I would be worried if she would stay in the same room with boys, after all.”

“Medea-chan, do you know how to read and write and how to do calculations?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then, shall we firstly start with your studies on these areas? Or do you have anything else you wanted to do?”

“Is really it okay with you for me to stay for free without any work? If there is any work I can do, please feel free to ask.”

It seems that Medea is a little perplexed because of the extremely good treatment.

“There is no need for you to work for now but we want you to become someone who can stand on her own when you reached the age to work. We, husband and wife, are just hired bodyguards here. So we can not bequeath you any lands. Thus your job is to become someone who can make a living for yourselves.”

Surges explains the reason why she doesn’t need to work.

“I can use magic so I want to do magic training.”

“Come to think of it, Medea is current 6 years old, right? When did you become capable of using magic?”

“It is only recently that I became capable of using magic.”

“Normally you would be called genius when you became capable of using magic until the age of 10. That’s something amazing, Medea.”

“Is that so?”

Medea answers dumbfoundedly. Probably, she didn’t have anyone to compare herself to and wasn’t praised before.

“I want to teach you but I have to be on patrol during the day. Larcus, please you teach her.”

What? Did I tell them that I could use magic before?

I tilted my head when I heard Chris’ words.

“What? When did you become capable of using magic?”

“Just recently.”

It was only Kite who asked with a surprised expression so I passed off his question like that. It seems that other family members already know about it. When did they learn it?

Well, it only means that I don’t have to train secretly from now on.

“I understand, Mother. I hope we will get along well, Medea.”